23rd December 2011 - On behalf of the UFOterritory team i would like to wish everybody a safe and merry christmas!
A big thanks to Janene who keeps the site going when i lose the plot!!!
Thanks to the media and witnesses that have followed the site and helped getting the TRUTH out there!
Its been an exciting year as the UFO sightings are increasing and well 2012,what does it bring to the world as there are lots of prophecies around!Lets wait and see what happens and have trust and love in what we do!
cheers and be good!

Alan Ferguson(ufologist)


22nd December 2011 - Editors Note: It would have been good if this guy elaborated more on the Interaction they had with these objects that were not that friendly!
I visualise that they engaged these objects with tracer rounds as well as aircraft.Wouldnt surprise me if a few Aircraft have even been shot down due to the interaction as its been an ongoing process for over 60 years! AAR stands for After Action Review.
Alan Ferguson(ufologist)

In Afghanistan I have seen different objects that looked like an octagon and spheres of light.
The spheres would show up after we had contact with combatants. They are always at ground level and in the area where fighting took place.
They are a dull light when they come down and become brighter when at ground level and are about the size of a small car.
They are not usually noticed until on the ground, and there is always radio interference when they are around.
That is how we know when they are in the area. The octagon objects are dark in color; between dark grey and black. They are not seen during the day, usually in the early morning hours until dawn.
They are large, with no lights and no sound, always around the base; never anywhere else.
We always engage the two different objects. The AAR is conducted with both military and civilians. There are never written reports submitted.
I was with a man that saw one of these objects and that is why I’m sending you this. I'm not sure why they are here, but the interaction we have has not been friendly.
If you could find something to prove the military knows about these things and get it out there you would be doing a great service.
Good luck.
Thanks to MUFON CMS system.


21st December 2011 - Soon after Kenneth Arnold’s famous 1947 Mt Ranier sighting of nine shiny flying objects moving like “saucers skipping on water,” it appeared Australian skies too were being invaded by flying saucers. From 1950 to 1954, reports of fantastic sightings and encounters appeared regularly in the nation’s newspapers. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) soon took the problem of unknown objects invading our airspace seriously, with one high-ranking RAAF official even commenting that he believed objects seen in the sky over Melbourne “have an interplanetary source.”
In March 1949, a group of 23 “experts” met at the federal government’s newly-established Aeronautical Research Laboratory (ARL) to discuss the growing number of flying saucer sightings from across the country. The attendees included, among others, members of the British Interplanetary Society, Royal Aeronautical Society, Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, and the RAAF.
With more and more members of the public seeing strange things flying in the skies, it wasn’t long before past and present RAAF personnel were claiming their own encounters with these flying saucers. The Canberra Times reported on 14 June 1950 that a former RAAF flying instructor, Mr Fred Betts, witnessed a flying saucer after the object was brought to his attention by his 4-year-old son.
“The object was moving in a south-easterly direction at speed of more than 1,000 mph. It was travelling at a terrific height and left behind a vapour- like trail of about 100 yards.”
Betts reported that the unidentified object revolved at a terrific speed and was bronze on top and silver underneath.”I had enough experience during the war and as a civilian pilot to know that it certainly was not a plane.”
Then, on 15 December, another report appeared in the same paper of a “flying ball” witnessed by ex-RAAF navigator John Mundy over the beachside suburb of Coogee in Sydney. Mundy reported that at 6.55pm the previous evening he saw a “white-hot flying ball with a tail” appear about 75 degrees above the horizon. The obect flew straight and level from south to north for about 12 miles, accelerated and then disappeared. Despite the fact that Mundy, an experienced navigator, stated the object accelerated before dissapearing, an offical from the Observatory said that what Mundy saw was probably a meteor.
When you see a flying saucer
In February 1953, a committee was established to investigate the continuing spate of sightings.
“If you should see a ‘flying saucer, or even something like one, you should immediately notify the Australian Flying Saucer Investigation Committee,” Melbourne’s The Argus announced in its article When you see a flying saucer … which appeared on 25 February. The committee, while having “no political, military, or official affiliation,” had as its chairman Mr D.K Thomson, a former RAAF pilot.
“We’re attempting to approach flying saucer reports with intelligent curiosity. We have no preconceptions whatsoever. Each report will receive careful and impartial consideration. ‘Significant sightings’ would be referred to experts in physics, aeronautics, meteorology, and other sciences.
“So far I haven’t seen a flying saucer, or anything like one,” the former RAAF pilot turned flying saucer investigator admitted to The Argus.
We’ve investigated hundreds of reports since 1947: RAAF
The Australian Flying Saucer Investigation Committee wasn’t the only body investigating flying saucers, however.
In January 1954, the RAAF finally broke its silence on flying saucers, making its first official statement. It revealed that the Air Force had investigated hundreds of reports since 1947.
One of those earliest sightings was apparently reported by one of its own. In 1947, RAAF Flight Sergeant Leslie Bastin and his daughter, Jean, witnessed a “pewter type metal structure, with a domed top and slightly less domed on the bottom, with a flange around the centre of it,” hovering over the gully behind their home at Lawson in the Blue Mountains. They watched the strange craft for around half an hour before it silently and quickly departed. Australian UFO investigator, Bill Chalker, interviewed Jean years later. Recollecting the sighting, she said she was sure her father had reported it to his RAAF superiors.
A high-ranking RAAF spokesman, while commenting on the RAAF’s offical statement admitting to its interest in flying saucers, made some refreshigly frank admissions, especially for a millitary official.
“We are anxious to get to the bottom of the reports. We have an open mind, but who are we to say the public is just seeing things,” he said. “We do not know if we are the only planet with life on it or if there are better brains in the universe than ours. We should be flying into space ourselves within 100 years.
“Our investigations show that 10 per cent of the people reporting to us have definitely seen something. Many of the reports correspond and many of the people making the reports should know what they are talking about — especially pilots.”
“Each report is investigated by an RAAF intelligence officer and 24 questions put to the person making the report are tabulated in a two-page report …”
The RAAF spokesman went on to say that the Air Force treated all reports confidentially and that cases would not be published in order to avoid copycat reports.
Two more sightings: An interplanetary source?
The Cairns Post, while reporting the RAAF’s official statement on flying saucers on 9 January 1954, also included the two latest sightings:
“Meanwhile Melbourne’s spate of flying saucer reports continued today when two more were reported. The first was from Mr W. Allen, manager of a Malvern shoe store. He said that he saw a shining circular object passing over Malvern.
“’Giving out a red vapor, the object headed toward the bay at about 2,000 feet. It seemed to be between 20 and 30 feet in diameter.’
“A Department of Civil Aviation officer said that only one aircraft was in the area at the time. It was a DC3 which would have passed over St Kilda on its way to Tasmania. The radar at Essendon picked up nothing.
“The second report — not received until late today was from a North Kew woman. The woman who asked that her name should not be published, said she arrived home about 3am today and went outside to cool off before going to bed.
“’I saw what I thought at first was a large yellow star,’ she said. ‘I also thought I heard a whirring noise, but I could have imagined that.’
“’The saucer was low in the sky and stayed in the same position for some time. It was like a star with lights radiating out from underneath it.’
“The woman woke her 17-year-old daughter, who produced a telescope which she focussed on the object. The girl described the saucer as being like a balloon or a big electric light globe. Something like a lighted platform appeared to be let down from it as she watched. Then the saucer faded away over Heidelberg.”
Commenting on these latest Melbourne sightings, the RAAF spokesman said he personally believed “objects seen in the sky over Melbourne have an interplanetary source.”
RAAF pilot sees flying saucers, picked up on radar
In December 1954, flying saucers would cause further headaches for RAAF officers. According to The Sydney Morning Herald on 16 December, the Nowra Naval Air Station went on alert to watch for unidentified flying objects after a RAAF pilot had reported two flying saucers three months earlier.
“Officers at the station said this today during an inspection of the station by the Minister for the Navy, Mr J. Francis.
“Apart from admitting that the objects had been seen, naval officers told journalists accompanying Mr Francis that investigations into the incident were ‘secret’.
“The station still has not established the nature of the objects seen three months ago. The pilot who reported the objects was flying a Sea Fury at night in the Goulburn area.
“He said the objects were lighted. They travelled faster than his aircraft [220 knots] and passed him, flying close to his aircraft at about 15,000 feet. While inflight the pilot reported the objects to the Nowra station by radio.
“Radar operators then tracked the Sea Fury and did locate two other objects in flight.
“Inquiries later established that there were no aircraft flying in the area at the time. The pilot has since made a full report on the incident to senior officers at Nowra.”
This incident was investigated by Bill Chalker and the Sea Fury pilot, Lt. J.A O’Farrell was interviewed by famed US UFO investigator Dr Hyneck on his visit to Australia in 1973. For more on this case, check out Bill Chalker’s report.
RAAF finally loses interest in UFOs
Between 1950 and 1959, the RAAF investigated more than 400 sightings and a further 1,300 sightings between 1960 and 1980. Over the years, many of these reports were made available to UFO investigators on request.
But the RAAF’s interest in the phenomenon appeared to wane, at least publicly, over the years. Finally, in January 1994 RAAF Wing Commander Brett Biddington, on behalf of the Chief of Air Staff, informed civilian UFO groups around Australia that: “The number of reports made to the RAAF in the past decade had declined significantly, which may indicate that organisations such as yours are better known and are meeting the community’s requirements. Therefore, the RAAF was not going to investigate or collect any more public reports from that date on.”
With the closure of the RAAF’s UFO investigations, did the Australian Government also lose interest in the UFO phenomenon? Not necessarily. Apparently, there is evidence that other government departments continue to investigate Unusual Aerial Phenomena (UAP) or Unusual Aerial Sightings (UAS), and that Department of Defence (DOD) policy documents addressing UAP and UAS are still in use today.
RAAF Flight Sgt sighting
The Sea Fury Incident
Wikipedia Australian Ufoolgy
flying saucers raaf

20th December 2011 - In the summer of 1979 my then girlfriend Barbara and I were returning from visiting friends. It was 1:00 AM and we were on Route 80 heading to Denville.
As we were climbing the hill just before Denville, we both heard a female voice on my CB radio. The woman was hysterical and screaming, asking for help.
I immediately got on the radio and asked her what the problem was. She screamed that she was being chased by lights over her car. I asked where she was, and she stated she was driving on Route 80 West in Rockaway. I seriously thought she was drunk or pulling a prank. When we reached the top of the hill we saw her car on the other side of 80.
Above her car was what I can only describe as a globe of white light the size of a basketball. My eyes then were drawn to the dozen or so lights that were flying behind the car or standing stationary along the side of the highway, about 20 feet or so off the ground.
The globes lined up and flew away. It was at this time my car died. Barbara began to scream as I pulled to the shoulder, and what I did not realize was that she was not screaming about the car dying or the globes.
She pointed to her side of the car out the window, screaming for me to look. I opened my door and looked over my car to the north.
Perhaps a mile away and a thousand feet up was a ship moving west slowly, and it was the size of a stadium. It was oblong in shape. There were white lights all along the sides of the ship that were moving in a circle counter-clockwise in a pattern, and on the bottom was another circle of colored lights moving very fast, also counter clock-wise.
In this bottom circle were globes of light entering from different parts of the sky and others were leaving from this circle and taking off at speeds only seen in science fiction movies.
We saw lights come and go, stop on a dime in midair and make 45 degree turns while flying. We watched this mother ship for at least 5 minutes as it headed east. When it was out of sight, my headlights came back on.
I was able to start the car and we drove into Denville. We went directly to the Denville police station and reported what we had seen.
The officer on duty stated to us that there had been a lot of calls and that they had cars on the highway looking checking it out. Here’s the oddest part:
I worked for a large retail store at the time in one of the larger malls. Several months after the incident I was informed by my supervisor that someone was at the courtesy desk to speak with me. At the desk was a man in a dark suit.
He was very pleasant and he stated he had a few questions regarding what I had seen on the highway that night. I told him what had occurred.
He stated that it was routine that these things are looked into and stated that because Picatinny Arsenal was so nearby, that perhaps it was military aircraft on maneuvers. He was polite and soon left.
When I returned to my desk I realized, “What the hell, I never told anyone about the incident other than close family members, and how the hell did anyone connected with this know where I worked?”
Furthermore, I never gave my name to the police when we reported it, they never asked.
KENS NOTE: Jack Nicholias is one of MUFON's New Jersey investigators. He was the investigating officer back in 1979 and now he is a Chief of Police. Jack e-mailed me yesterday with some additional information.
Yes, I was the investigating officer, but I think they were confused in which HQ they went to, it was Mountain Lakes and the object, silent was traveling west just above route 46 heading towards Denville.
What the article does not state was later that week (weekend) several objects were seen in the sky west of our initial location, towards Rockaway which would have put it over Split Rock Reservoir.
I (a young patrolman at the time) and my sergeant witnessed them.
It turned out several days later, that an officer or two saw the same objects in the sky. Back then we just did paperwork on the sightings and called it in to an 800 number somewhere in Oregon.
When I read this article in the magazine I contacted them and they did a follow up. Back then we had numerous sightings in the Wanaque Reservoir area around Butler and our area of Morris county. Funny how things work out later in years.
Special thanks to Weird New

19th December 2011 - UFO Disclosure in Germany
A German citizen has won his first battle in an effort to view a UFO report created by the Scientific Service of the German Parliament (aka Bundestag).
After attempts by the Bundestag to block the document's release, the Berlin Administrative Court has ruled that the German citizen has the right to read the document as requested.
The Bundestag is appealing the decision, sending it to the Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg for a final decision. Germany has claimed that they have never officially investigated the UFO phenomenon.
However, other European nations, such as Britain and France, have not only held official investigations, they have released thousands of previously classified documents. This is what has inspired German citizen Frank Reitemeyer in his quest to seek out Germany's X-Files.
He told the Berlin court:
"I want to know facts and it bothers me that in France, England, USA, Canada, the citizens can see the UFO files, and I am not informed as a German from my German government. It is therefore such a glaring discrepancy... In France, a citizen is automatically informed by his government because the government provides the UFO files to the website of the space agency, so officially on the government side, anyone can view the documents free at home."
The document in question is titled, The search for extraterrestrial life and the implementation of UN Resolution A/33/426 on the observation of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life forms.
Reitemeyer knew of its existence due to the efforts of a UFO disclosure organization called Exopolitics Germany. President of the organization, Robert Fleicher, says a draft of the document was discovered in 2009.
A freelance journalist, Lower Saxony, had contacted Fleicher asking him for some convincing evidence for UFOs that he could show a member of the Bundestag, Gitta Connemann, who he was about to interview.
Fleicher sent them Exopolitics' usual UFO briefing documents along with other files. Saxony said that Connemann was very impressed and promised to look into the issue further.
A few weeks later she forwarded the UN report to Saxony, who then sent it to Fleicher. Fleischer shared the document with the media, and excerpts were printed in the German newspaper, Welt Kompakt.
The document reviews materials that Germany had sent the UN in response to a UFO resolution passed in 1978 intended to create an "agency or a department of the United Nations for undertaking, coordinating and disseminating the results of research into unidentified flying objects and related phenomena."
The initiative was sponsored by the Prime Minister of Grenada, Sir Eric Gairy. Huffington Post reporter, Lee Speigel, aided Gairy in his effort by arranging audio visual UFO evidence for the presentation to the United Nations. Although the resolution passed, few countries chose to participate.
The document also contains information as to whether or not the German government conducted official UFO investigations during the Cold War.
Andreas Schutz of the German Center for Aeronautics and Astronautics told Weltz Online that he has never heard of the German government investigating UFOs in relation to aliens, but says it is plausible that they did take reports on unidentified aircraft during the cold war.
However, Munich physics professor Herald Lech replied: "I am convinced that German ministry officials have never dealt with UFOs."
For now the decision lies with the Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. The Bundestag claims that Germany's freedom of information laws do not pertain to their office of Scientific Service and that their copyright laws allow them to keep the documents private.
Although the Berlin Administrative Court disagreed, no one is certain whether the Supreme Administrative Court will uphold that decision. Thanks to the Huffington Post and researcher Steve Budner.


15th December 2011 - This was taken around 9:00 PM on what used to be the outskirts of San Antonio.
There was cloud cover, so the sky was dark and easy to notice this object slowly dropping out of the clouds. It seemed to have one central glowing ball and three to four smaller versions that rotated around the lower half.
I was on a hill and you can see the tree line below on the first photo.
By the time the second photo was taken, it begins to disappear into the tree cover.It was totally silent.
These were the only two photos I could get focus on before it was out of sight.
My apologies for the prints on the film. NOTE: This area is also less than two miles away from an Army installation, Camp Bullis. (Camp Bullis Military Training Reservation is a 27,990 acres (113.3 km2) U.S. Army training camp located in Bexar County, Texas, just northwest of San Antonio, USA.)
My first thought was it was a helicopter turning toward me because of the sudden, direct bright light and descent from the cloud cover.
It was in no way frightening, however, it was a heart-pounding experience to say the least; seeing something you can't explain with rational thinking.
I'm hoping this post might facilitate others to comment if they were in this area in 1998.
Photos scanned - CanoScan LiDE 70

texasa texasb

13th December 2011 - We were visiting Cadillac Mountain for the last time before we left Maine.
We took a picture on a rock and upon examination of the vacation photos for the purpose of finding pictures for a Christmas card, we spotted a very small, disc-like object in the sky that no one saw that day.
Camera - Canon PowerShot A1000 IS
thanks to www.ufocasebook .com


12th December 2011 - I spent the weekend with Tom Reed at the Tennessee MUFON Nashville/Murfreesboro Conference and heard Tom’s story of abductions and spoke with him privately and feel he is telling the truth regarding his family - brother Matthew, mother Nancy, and grandmother have a documented history of multi-generational abductions that would span over fifty years, and five states. This case file is one of the largest and most detailed, multi-generational abduction cases in the history of MUFON. Investigator - Steve White and Max Mitchell are responsible for investigating the case and providing much of the information. They picked me up at the Nashville Airport for the conference.
Before, during, and after these abductions, neither Thomas nor his family members would have their memories fully blocked, they were wide awake, aware of what was happening, and allowed to recall almost all of what took place during the abductions.
Thomas is convinced this was there indoctrination period, which was why the family was able to recall so much of it so clearly. These clearly remembered experiences with multiple family members would add first and second person verification and view points. Thomas would be the first to search and locate the earlier landing areas where his and his brother’s initial abduction occurred.
This case has been investigated for over twenty years by MUFON, various police investigators, and UFO abduction groups. In this case, most of the family members share the same blood type, O Rh negative, and A Rh negative. Thomas has taken and passed a polygraph and undergone age regression hypnosis in 2010 at the Knoxville Hypnosis center to aid in additional memory recovery regarding the 1969 abduction, but almost all of the information is recalled without hypnosis.

Thomas and Matthew Reed’s first abduction started with orbs in the spring of 1966, with the orbs appearing in their shared bedroom. The orbs seemed solid like glass, but without density, the balls were not luminous but resembled a shiny hole in the air that you could not see through with a bluish outer ring. The orbs had direction, one of the orbs moved slowly to the left of the window then along the south wall of the room just below the ceiling. Thomas felt as if they could see, and were watching him, he closed his eyes hoping when he opened them, they would be gone, he did this several times.

Within days, the first abduction occurred. Beings now known as Grays, who glowed softly like they were ghosts, appeared in their room. Thomas recalls light and in seconds the boys were outside their home in a field along a tree line on the edge of his family’s property. Thomas recognized the path as Thomas and his mother would ride their horses along it often. At this point, the Gray's illumination ceased and Thomas could see their structure, and what looked like a mask or the headgear, which they kept on at all times.
They came to a small clearing on their right side; they could see the craft and a being standing to the right of it. Thomas was first in a line ahead of his brother and the Grays. When they were within twenty feet of the craft, Thomas turned his head to see Matthew, but he and the beings were now gone. Thomas became fixated on the being standing to the right of the craft and said he was summoned to walk towards him, as calm came over him.
The being raised his arm and lightly placed his right hand in the center of his chest. Then Thomas was standing in a bright, narrow hallway with Matthew on board the craft. It was at that time they would be separated. Thomas was taken to a room about forty feet in diameter.

A being stood next to a large screen that appeared to be part of the wall. Thomas was with the tallest gray who placed his hand on Thomas' left shoulder. Two other figures stood at assigned tables, while the fifth was with four-year-old Matthew. The taller Gray would communicate with the others, who would control the images on the screen, just in front of Thomas.
He was then shown images of a willow tree and visuals of what Thomas feels to have been a galaxy. The controls that the Grays used on these tables resembled Braille and were bronze in color. Something seemingly similar was also imbedded in a chest panel on their attire, and was used to control and communicate.
Matthew, the younger of the two brothers, would be kept back about 15 feet from this room in the hallway, Thomas turning his head repeatedly to make sure his brother was still there. Matthew was standing to the right of what Tom felt was the being assigned to him, just before he was removed out of his sight.
The craft had smooth, white hallways and no chairs. There were five beings on the craft, the main Gray who seemed to have befriended Thomas, made him feel important; the interest was in Thomas' biological make up, Thomas was important. This would be Thomas' indoctrination.
Matthew was in an entirely different part of the craft, but the boys would be returned home together. The next day, Thomas arrived home from school, he took his horse, Thunder, from his mother's stable and with clear memory within an hour would locate where the craft had landed within a quarter mile of his house.
In 1966 Thomas was abducted for a second time; he was in conversation with his brother in the bottom bunk moments before he was abducted. Matthew first saw the flashes of light, heard the rattle of hinges, and then he was talking to an empty bed. Matthew watched much of the Grays abduction process, as well as after the abduction, before he was abducted himself.
The Grays moved silently from room to room they also had a soft, white glow about them while a now referenced and referred to, Reptilian supervised. Matthew would run and hide behind his mother’s bed. Within seconds Matthew would see an illuminated Gray hovering at the bottom of his grandmother’s bed just feet away. Matthew states he froze in panic. The Grays lined up and left the room together, but the Reptilian scanned the room before he followed the others.
Matthew woke his mother to look for Thomas when a door slammed behind Matthew. Now Matthew was also gone. Nancy and the grandmother were frantic, they searched the grounds, hours passed, and then in an instant the boys were in the driveway, pale and frightened, just staring at each other, eyes locked. Nancy immediately takes the boys inside, sits them at the kitchen table.
With wet towels, blanket, and juice, she cares for them. Nancy gives them aspirin. The boys finally fell asleep together on the sofa in the living room. Nancy watched over them the entire night. Thanks to Thomas Reed, Steve White, Max Mitchell, and UFO Casebook. The case will continue in next weeks files.


reedhouse tomreed


9th December 2011 - Uploaded by on Dec 3, 2011

Huge cloaked UFO next to Mercury on SECCHI HI1-A on 12/01/11, appears when a CME hits it. Go to SECCHI and record this before it disappears.


8th December 2011 - Editors Note: I would like to thank Kenny and Simone on there submission of a UFO Report that has been spotted scooting across the late afternoon skies of Dundee Downs in our UFO Hot Spot Top End of Australia! This object described sounds simular to what Gary of Humpty doo spotted around a year ago and at the same time of evening as well! These people dont want the publicity but felt compelled to contact me to clarify what Simone had witnessed and i thank them as the more people that come forward after seeing something that they cant explain helps to get the message out that these things are real and not just a party prank like Sceptics think! Weather Balloon has been ruled out as the object looks nothing like one.
This is what the couple had to say:

My wife saw something this afternoon just on dusk. A silver elongated object, it never reflected the last of the sundown and was very hard to see. Moving at a constant fast horizontal speed directly over our house, no noise, and not sure of height but seemed to be very low at about 300 feet and the size of a basket ball. We are at Dundee downs and don't smoke the weed or Drink!

Editors note: I left this quote in the report just to prove that we are not just crazy people off our dial up here that are seeing these craft in our skies! People all over the Top End are witnessing these unknowns in the skies!

This object was nothing like my wife has seen before, she described it as if it didn't want to be seen, because if she took her eyes off it for a second it was very hard to locate
again even though it was going in a straight line. Traveling in a northerly direction it was heading out to sea. The object was visible for only a minute or two before it was lost in the trees. Just to clarify, when my wife described the object as being the size of a basketball, this was its approximate physical size, flying low about three/four times the height of the tallest trees which are about 18-20m. We will be keeping an eye out for more and will keep you posted.


7th December 2011 - Editors Note: I wonder about this video but like always i will put it out there for YOU to decide.
pity there is no sound and we dont see the craft shoot off into the sky!
Alan Ferguson.
Uploaded by on Nov 26, 2011

"I was driving along I-10 tonight and saw the most amazing thing". This is the UFO video of the century. There is no disputing that this thing is weird. Thanks for the exclusive footage "my new friend"



6th December 2011 - My theory is that alien visitors have helped the development of humans. We humans and the world’s ancient monuments are evidence for this theory. Genetic evidence indicates when humans left Africa all known people on Earth had dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair. Michael Holick, a professor Boston University School of Medicine who indicates when our ancestors left Africa they adjusted their skin tone to allow in more sunlight to get more Vitamin D. Essentially, from two million years ago to less than 100,000 years ago, the ancestors of all people alive were from Africa.
Genetic evidence indicates that light-skin-related mutations arose recently, and spread fast through Europe and Asia. The theory suggests that the reduction of game meat, fish, and some plants from the diet resulted in skin turning clear many thousands of years after settlement in Europe and Asia. This theory is supported by a study into the SLC24A5 gene which found that the allelle associated with light skin in Europe may have originated as recently as 6,000–10,000 years ago.
According to scientists a whole series of fortunate mutations explains white skin, blue and green eyes and blonde hair. I have personally seen alien visitors and chased their extraterrestrial craft, so my experiences have provided insight into the likely actual situation.
A team of daring Chinese researchers, digging into the ancient mysteries of the origin of their country, has come to the inescapable conclusion that an interstellar, supreme alien race used much of the northern and western Chinese regions as massive Earth bases. Hundreds of strange pyramids cover parts of China and former Tibet. The data has been kept secret mainly because the alien race was blonde, blue eyed, with white skin. It seems logical that this alien race mated with the humans on Earth at that time. The ancient Chinese writings reveal this theme. Thanks to Gordon James Gianninoto
Nine university scientists gaped upwards at the gigantic, prehistoric pyramid that they determine was built some 10,000 years ago. One such base may be the astonishing pyramid structure that sits near the apex of Mount Baigong in the western province of Qinghai, the Xianyang pyramid. The Chinese pyramids look similar to those in Egypt, Mexico, Peru and on Mars. According to ancient Chinese legend, over one hundred pyramids discovered in China are the legacy of blue eyed blonde aliens.
Scientist Dr. Carl Sagan in his book, "Intelligent Life in the Universe" indicated Earth had likely been visited by extraterrestrials numerous times. He states, "Sumer was an early--perhaps the first -civilization the contemporary sense on the planet Earth. It was founded in the forth millennium B.C. or earlier. We don't know where the Sumerians came from. I feel that if the Sumerian civilization is depicted by the descendents of the Sumerians themselves to be of non-human origin, the relevant legends should be examined carefully." (Page 456)
He goes on to ask, "What might an advanced extraterrestrial civilization want from us?"......He answered his own question by stating, "One of the primary motivations for the exploration of the New World was to convert the inhabitants to Christianity -- peacefully if possible -- forcefully if necessary. Can we exclude the possibility of an extraterrestrial evangelism?” (Page 463)
Evangelism essentially is a method of bringing a belief system to others," The Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary states, Evangelize is to preach the gospel, from 'Greek eu, good and Angelos, a messenger, to instruct in the gospel, to preach the Gospel, also to convert to Christianity. The sacred writings of most religions clearly claim that Angels or extraterrestrials brought their religious beliefs to Earth.

Sumerian brick tablets found all over what is today is Iraq; also tell the story of extraterrestrial visitors and how they brought civilization to Sumer. They explain the visitors taught them to build Ziggurats.
Kenneth Larson writes, “The reason why I found it so interesting concerning your reported ancient Chinese pyramid layouts in your website at
and my strong interest in the ancient Great Pyramid complex near Cairo, Egypt is that there seems to be a basic mathematical-engineering design pattern to the pyramid layouts on the Earth's surface.” My research books and drawings try to show how the entire Earth exhibits intelligent mathematical design patterns and grid patterns, and the designs relate to key UFO sightings and the primary American West design patterns and layouts, etc. One key site is the Great Salt Lake, Utah, settled first by Mormons on July 24, 1847, with related key UFO report sites. Joseph Smith said, “The Earth obeys the laws of a celestial kingdom and the glory of God is intelligence. Hence, the celestial kingdom laws seem to be designs and grid patterns as well as scientific and mathematical precepts and designs based on the pi value.” My 38 published books are in the Los Angeles Central Public Library and the Library of Congress, Washington DC. Also, the planet Mars seems to show similar pyramid plan view units. Thanks to Kenneth Larson
Egyptian pyramids were supposedly built by Egyptians in about 3000 BC, as attempt to imitate the stars in the Belt of Orion. They were not exactly at the correct angle to match up with the pyramids unless the location of the stars is traced back to the belt when it was exactly aligned with the pyramids in 10,500 BC. Allegedly no civilized humans were living on the earth at that time.
The Great Pyramid is so huge and so perfect it us unlikely we could construct it today using the same specifications. Each giant Stone ranges from 1 to 20 tons in weight, and the Great Pyramid was built with well over 100,000 stones. But the Egyptians had no machinery, engines, helicopters, or construction equipment, so it is doubtful they could have built without technological help. The stones came from quarries 500 miles away. Just cutting the stones is extremely difficult, getting the to the building site is a monumental task and how did they place 20 ton stones perfectly hundreds of feet high The top of the pyramid is 481 feet high. A ramp would require as much material as the pyramid. If the pyramid stones were cut it into foot square blocks, they it would reach two thirds of the way around the world. The Great Pyramid lies on 31 degrees north by 31 degrees west. The pyramid is the center of all of the land mass of the whole earth! I examined the interior of the Great Pyramid and there was no writing or hieroglyphics and it seemed more like a power station than a tomb.
Sitting next to the Great Pyramid is the Sphinx with the body of a lion with a human head. At one time the Sphinx likely had lions head that was perfectly proportioned for the head of a lion, not the human head. This human head looks tiny sitting on top of the lion body and was likely carved out of lion’s head. The Sphinx was also built in 10,500 BC, probably to celebrate the constellation of Leo the Lion rising directly behind the sun. When I visited the Sphinx, it was obvious there are signs of water erosion all over the Sphinx again going back to the same time period. The Egyptians kept very careful historical records but there are no records of them building the Great Giza Pyramid.
Ancient Egyptian scriptures reveal the Tep Zepi, or the First Time when the “gods came from the sky” came down to Earth and raised the land from mud and water. Ptah (Gods of Heaven came to Earth from the Celestial Disk) installed as Egypt’s first Divine Ruler his own son RA.

They flew with flying “boats” and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of pharaohs. It is likely that a very advanced alien race came down and altered our genetic pool. Most ancient writings repeat the same theme that gods or extraterrestrial visitors came to make humans in their image.
Professor Paul Davies, from the Australian Center for Astrobiology at Macquarie University in Sydney, believes a cosmic greeting card could have been left in every human cell. The coded message would only be discovered once the human race had the technology to read and understand it.

According to the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the peoples of the Caucasus Mountains in Russia refer to “Caucasian." The term Caucasian race has been used to denote the general physical type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia (Middle East), Central Asia and South Asia. Historically, the term has been used to describe the entire population of these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone.
For 20,000 years during this closing ice age - called the Upper Paleolithic period - a term referring only to the type of culture that existed amongst these early Homo sapiens - our ancestors, the White race's ancestors, lived as hunter gatherers in Europe.
Their physical remains and artifacts from this time are plentiful - and what is really amazing is how far spread out they were. This first race of people with whom we can claim a genetic affinity, were what is called the proto Nordic racial type - tall, light hair and eyes.

In certain isolated areas in Europe you can still find perfect living examples of this racial type, and they differ only slightly in height from modern day Nordics.
This great proto Nordic race lived in a broad band spanning from Spain right across Europe all the way to central Asia and even to the Pacific Rim, where skeletal remains have been found as well. In Siberia and Asia they were eventually absorbed by the Mongoloid races and the same happened in the Pacific Rim - for example the Ainu people of Japan - that society's highest class - are very clearly crosses of Mongoloids and Whites. They differ substantially from the rest of the Japanese population

The first great White Egyptian civilization was in fact predated by about some 3000 years by the great Sumerian civilization - another population whose racial make up was predominantly Mediterranean with a Nordic ruling elite. This civilization, founded between the two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, even built pyramids - called Ziggurats - of their own long before the Egyptians apparently stole the idea from them. By this time the modern day Nordic racial type had fully developed, and it may come as news to some of you that original large Nordic concentrations were not in fact in Scandinavia, but in modern day Ukraine and South Eastern Russia (hence Whites are mistakenly called Caucasians - after the Causacas mountains).

The town of Kiev, was for example one of the biggest Nordic cities, dating from about 7000 years ago, and had a population of 20,000 - huge by standards of the time. These Nordics slowly crept westward, invading and re-invading Western Europe for a period of nearly 6000 years, finally resulting in the establishment of a new Nordic heartland in Northern Europe.
These original Nordic tribes had stone buildings and worked bronze and copper. How much of this metal working skill was passed South to the Middle Eastern civilizations remains a matter of debate. However, what is for sure is that successive waves of Nordic tribes started invading central and Southern Europe in earnest about 6 400 years ago, and caused the Mediterranean civilizations (the "Old European" civilizations) to topple. Nordic tribes occupied large regions of Turkey, Crete, Greece and Southern Europe and Italy. The invading Nordics did not kill the largely Mediterranean populations of these areas - obviously feeling some type of racial kinship, but instead just ruled over them.

Some Nordic tribes migrated into the Far East - as far as China, where some Nordic remains have been found in burial chambers. These Nordic tribes also invaded Egypt, but were in turn occupied by a Semitic invasion - the Hyskos, who wee only expelled after 100 years of their rule. In the Arctic, the /Inuit never developed light skin, although most Asians do have light skin. It is generally thought the light skin is the result of mutations.

According to Faye Flam staff writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Penn State professor of Biological Anthropology, Mark Shriver and colleagues isolated a genetic mutation that contributed to European’s having white skin, a mutation that in zebra fish leads to the absence of the characteristic stripes. Mark Shriver indicates, there is apparently a ten percent of human genetic variation between Scandinavian versus West African races. Although we are similar there are obviously differences in skin color, hair and often eye color. There are also differences in illnesses among races. African-Americans have more diabetes, prostate cancer, and hypertension, while whites have more dementia and osteoporosis. I encourage these experts to look at the evidence for alien visitation, because it solves many scientific anomalies.

I realize this has been kept secret at the highest levels of government. Prince Philip and various high ranking personnel have revealed the well kept secret.

carlsagan pyramidsegypt reconstruction


5th December 2011 - Me, my wife, daughter and my one-year-old were driving to I-50 towards Vacaville, California, to drop off my daughter to my mom so she can help her grandma in cooking for Thanksgiving Day this coming up week.
We were driving West towards San Fransisco, and passing through the city of Davis.
It was very cloudy outside like it was going to rain, but not a drop landed on my windows, but there were very dark clouds.
My wife was sitting on th passenger side of the car and my daughter was sitting in the back. My wife was seeing something coming out of the bottom of this dark cloud and she said, "Look at that light falling straight down towards that building."
My daughter saw it very clearly. I suddenly glanced toward my wife's window and saw an orb-like, very bright white and blue strip of light falling down from the cloud like it was going to hit the buildings.
But then it suddenly made a quick turn left and up about a 45 degree angle, and straight back up to the dark cloud.
It was gone in a flash. We asked ourselves if we had seen such an amazing sight. I was very excited, but my wife was very scared, as it was her first time seeing such things.
But me and my daughter have seen these before and I have been seeing UFOs since I was a kid hovering over the cliff of my backyard in Daly City, California.
But this object was a sight to see, and we were both wishing we had a video camera.
I asked my wife, "Now, do you believe me, since you have seen it with your own eyes?
She was stunned and a little shaken, and she said,"YES!"


2nd December 2011- Extracts from James Fox's "i know what i saw" movie.This was one of the guys that was keen to come to Darwin for our proposed UFO Symposium but due to a lack of local interest the show never eventuated!
Alan Ferguson.



1st December 2011 - Andrew Potts, Sun Community Newspapers
IT'S light Jim, but not as we know it.
The Gold Coast Hinterland this month was the setting for what the state's premier alien hunters are calling one of the strangest UFO sightings on record.
Queensland's UFO Research Centre is investigating an anonymous report from a local resident about a three-hour close encounter of the "first" kind in the skies above the city on November 18.
The Friday night started out like any other when the Varsity Lakes woman went outside for a cigarette and observed the Leonid meteor shower.
After counting more than 18 of the celestial objects she noted a "large light'' in the northern sky which she says was "strobing and flashing".
Just moments later the object was joined by two other lights to create a triangular formation which, she says, was both red and silver in colour.
The report shows the objects performed "impossible" manoeuvres in the sky and would "sparkle" as they moved through the clouds, creating an "atmospheric phenomenon."
The woman finally went into her house after being bitten by mosquitoes. It is understood she was not probed by or had any contact with the object.
The Research Centre's Dr Martin Gottschall said typical UFO encounters lasted mere seconds.
"Colour changes are normal, especially when UFOs use clouds as cover while they conduct surveillance," he said.
Dr Gottschall said people should keep a camera with them at all times.
"If they film something unusual it could be a rewarding experience," he said.


30th November 2011 - Scientists have found the best evidence yet for life on Europa. Analysis of the moon's surface suggests plumes of warmer water well up beneath its icy shell, melting and fracturing the outer layers. The results, published in the journal Nature, predict that small lakes exist below the crust. Any liquid water could represent a potential habitat for life. Scientists have long suspected that a giant ocean, roughly 160km (100 miles) deep, lies beneath the ice crust. The discovery of shallow liquid water by an American team makes a space mission to recover water from the moon much more plausible. The shallow lakes also means that surface waters are probably vigorously mixing with deeper water. "That could make Europa and its ocean more habitable," said lead author Britney Schmidt from the University of Texas at Austin, US, who analyzed images collect by the Galileo spacecraft.
Boris Rodionov, a tenured professor of Microphysics and Cosmophysics of the State Institute of Physical Engineering, stated that Europa, "was inhabited by an ancient and technologically advanced civilization." Russian astrophysicist Boris Rodionov claims to have proof of the existence of "a highly developed extraterrestrial civilization on Europa. A portion of the surface of Europa appears to show tubes and structures. Through the use of sophisticated photographic analysis the scientist managed to make out the contours of what he calls pipes, tunnels and spherical domes.
Note: I live on a lake and watch cracks in the ice every year. Some of the thinnest lines may be cracks on Europa but the tube or tunnel like structures are thousands of feet wide, some are estimated to be 40 kilometers wide. The likelihood of warming lakes makes it much more likely life exists on Europa.
The photo clearly shows--according to Rodionov--that the lines formerly considered as mere fissures by the scientific community actually cross over each other like a knot of expressways.

According to Rodionov, the variety of "pipelines" and "tunnels" have a diameter similar to the "Chunnel" that crosses the English Channel. "There are 100 kilometer Europa segments, as well as other pipelines having immense junctures or orifices between them."

Similar tunnels, structures have also been found on Mars, and near 10,000 year old pyramids in China. It seems likely alien life frequently use tunnels or pipelines for transportation, water and containment of the atmosphere.
It appears Europa is tilted on its axis slightly as it orbits Jupiter's with its strong gravitational pull creating powerful heat waves in Europa's ocean. With surface temperatures as cold as minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit, Europa's surface is covered with a thick layer of ice. , If there is volcanic activity on the sea floor the liquid ocean beneath the ice could be a recipe for generating microorganisms that live without sunlight. Tidal wave action could be the dominant heat source in the oceans of Europa warming the surface.
Arizona State University professor Ronald Greeley. Although Europa lies five times farther from the Sun than Earth, he notes it may offer a home for life. "Europa is unique in our solar system," says Greeley. "It's a rocky object a little smaller than our Moon, and it's covered with a layer of water 100 miles deep holding more water than all the oceans on Earth, he explains. Greeley adds that Europa also has the two other basic ingredients of life -- organic chemistry and a source of energy
europa marstubes



29th November 2011 - Scientists determined that mysterious signals received in 1957 were transmitted to Earth from an advanced alien civilization. Decades have passed while security analysts and dedicated cryptographers struggled to decipher the enigmatic messages from a completely unknown, distant alien culture.

Now, in 2011, the National Security Agency—one of the United States' most secret intelligence gathering organizations—has released under protest (forced by order of a U.S. Federal Court judge) stunning information about intelligent life in the universe.

But as usual, the non-curious, inept, doltish mainstream media completely ignores it.
NSA analysts marvel at strange messages
Twenty-nine lengthy transmissions were received and verified as being "of extraterrestrial origin." According to some in the intelligence community, this hot potato was given the highest priority and assigned to "goggle-eyed geeks" tasked to find out exactly what the enigmatic transmissions said.

Speculation among some of the NSA spooks about what the mysterious messages said allegedly ran the gambit from sarcastic guesses they were just some garbled alien radio commercials (an inside joke that drew nervous laughter from some of the analysts) to those that were convinced the messages—coded in some unknown mathematical progression—conveyed the basics of unlimited energy, star travel, or even time travel.

Allegedly, those that subscribe to the latter theories have absolutely nothing to support their belief.

NSA forms crack teams

According to researchers who have analyzed the document [available for your inspection as a downloadable PDF at the end of this article] an NSA specialist named Dr. Howard Campaigne was given the responsibility of choosing a cryptology team to work on cracking the alien messages.

The task was compartmentalized and many who worked at the NSA had no idea that such a project—or even the messages the team focused upon—existed.

The entire project was strictly enforced by secrecy and conducted under the auspices of the Official Secrets Act and all participants took National Security oaths.

Only those deemed crucial to the success of the undertaking were allowed access to the secret under the provisions of a well-defined need-to-know heirarchy.

Private researchers stumble upon 'great secret'

The project allegedly had been in the works for decades when some in the UFO community who were bombarding government agencies and the United States Air Force with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests about UFO sightings and activities stumbled across a potential bombshell.

Although many of the documents they received were heavily redacted with page after page blacked out, several separate documents that were released from the NSA contained snippets of information—clues—that some sort of alien message had been intercepted during the late 1950s.

The investigations struck paydirt when an obscure reference to an internal report (NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1) about a cryptology team tasked to decode messages obtained from outer space (meaning from outside the solar system) was discovered.

NSA fights release of supersecret ET documents

After several years of intense effort to dislodge the now identified report from the NSA, the explosive document was reluctantly downgraded from one of the highest secret classifications to an unclassified status and scheduled for an October 21, 2004 release to the public.

The date came and went without the document being released.

Tenacious lawsuit wrenches massive secret from NSA vaults

Eventually, Peter Gersten, a lawyer from Arizona, sued the intelligence agency demanding its release—along with other documents—under the auspices of a strict interpretation of the FOIA law. The case dragged on until a federal judge found in favor of the plaintiffs and ordered the NSA to release the documents.

Release of NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1

Quietly, under court order, the NSA released the section of NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1 stipulated by the judge. The agency tucked it away in an obscure corner of their Internet site.

The document concerning the extraterrestrial contact contained only one of an unknown number of other reports/articles written by the team working for Dr. Campaigne. The FOIA document was incomplete: only pages 13 through 23 were released with some slight redaction. All other pages were missing. No other reports were included, although the pages released clearly refer to other articles written by the team describing their efforts to break the alien code.

This release may well be the smoking gun that researchers have searched for during the last 50 years. It sheds a very strong light into the darkest corners of the U.S. intelligence community's massive coverup of UFOs, ETs and other unworldly events.

It's unambiguous to say the least. If the NSA's own authentic document, meant "for your eyes only" internal distribution is to be believed, alien intelligences not only exist, they contacted us more than five decades ago.

That means they know we're here.

Famed physicist Stephen Hawing remarked in 2010 that if an extraterrestrial race ever discovers us it might not be a good thing. It could spell the end of the human race.

The word is most of the alien messages have still not been translated. If they ever are let's hope the full message does not turn out to be like that famous episode of the classic Twilight Zone television series, "To Serve Man" about aliens arriving on Earth.

In that chilling story, U.N. translators that translated the alien's language discovered the book the ETs always carried with them was a cookbook.

The title of NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1 report is a bombshell: Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages.


arecibo nasa nsa copy

28th November 2011 - The Russian navy has declassified its records of encounters with unidentified objects technologically surpassing anything humanity ever built, reports Svobodnaya Pressa news website.
The records dating back to soviet times were compiled by a special navy group collecting reports of unexplained incidents delivered by submarines and military ships.
The group was headed by deputy Navy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov, and the documents reveal numerous cases of possible UFO encounters, the website says.
Vladimir Azhazha, former navy officer and a famous Russian UFO researcher, says the materials are of great value.“Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes.
"So UFOs tend to stick to the water,” he said.
On one occasion a nuclear submarine, which was on a combat mission in the Pacific Ocean, detected six unknown objects. After the crew failed to leave behind their pursuers by maneuvering, the captain ordered the sub to surface.
The objects followed suit, took to the air, and flew away.
Many mysterious events happened in the region of the Bermuda Triangle, recalls retired submarine commander Rear Admiral Yury Beketov.
Instruments malfunctioned with no apparent reason or detected strong interference. The former navy officer says this could be deliberate disruption by UFOs.
“On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, or 400 kph. Moving that fast is a challenge even on the surface, but with water resistance is much higher.
"It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development,” Beketov said.
Navy intelligence veteran, Captain 1st rank Igor Barklay comments: “Ocean UFOs often show up wherever our or NATO’s fleets concentrate; near the Bahamas, the Bermudas, and Puerto Rico.
"They are most often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, and also in the Caribbean Sea.”
Another place where people often report UFO encounters is Russia’s Lake Baikal, the deepest fresh water body in the world. Fishermen tell of powerful lights coming from the deep and objects flying up from the water.
In one case in 1982 a group of military divers training at Baikal spotted a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits. The encounter happened at a depth of 50 meters, and the divers tried to catch the strangers. Three of the seven men died, while four others were severely injured.
“I think about underwater bases and say: why not? Nothing should be discarded,” says Vladimir Azhazha.
“Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. Yet it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there.”
Meanwhile Russian Navy officials have denied the collection of UFO-related encounters exists. A source in the Navy’s service staff said the story may have its roots in the reports of vessel commanders, which describe locating objects of unclear but Earthly origin.
“An illusion of a UFO encounter can result from large fish shoals, floating garbage or natural phenomena,” ITAR-TASS news agency cites the source.
Thanks to



25th November 2011 - On November 18, 2011, I was being driven back from Austin after receiving medical care for my leg on East Sam Houston Pkwy.
Prior to crossing the Houston ship channel, and when I looked into the mirror on the outside of my Buick Rendevous, I noticed a bright light in the sky.
I didn’t think too much about it then because I figured it was the front lights of an airplane. A few moments later, however, I noticed the same bright, glowing light at my 1500 position, and I the told driver to look at it as well.
It stayed motionless for about 30 seconds, then very quickly shot ahead and maintained its position at the new location.
Distance gained in this very quick “jump” was in my calculated opinion, approximately 20 - 30 miles. As we traveled, we kept maintaining visual contact on the object and once we reached Pasadena and got off the highway, we kept going south with our eyes still on target, where it was in the southwestern part of the sky in the direction of Hobby Airport, where it appeared to be hovering and maintaining its position.
At the intersection of Southmore and Preston in Pasadena, we pulled over into a parking lot to observe it more. It was at this location as well, that I called the Pasadena Police Dept. telling them of the craft. The dispatcher then said that he would notify the patrol cars on the street.
Within five minutes of placing this call, three air force planes were seen in the vicinity of the craft, and at the same time, the search lights from Ellington Airforce Base, were scanning the sky.
The searchlights lasted for only a few moments, as I believe they did not want to alarm the populace due to the fact that I believe that most people, when seeing search lights, would instinctively look to where they were pointing.
When the Air Force planes arrived (C-5, and C-17, plus an unidentifiable high altitude plane which appeared to be signaling with a very bright white light (pulsing,) the craft descended in position, after emitting a very bright white light around itself.
It was here, that you could discern the shape of the craft. It was triangular in nature. With a reddish/orange circular light located at the top left position of the craft.
At this time also, another man was coming out of the pawn shop on the corner, and asked what we were doing, and we pointed up to where the craft was. He was on the phone with his girlfriend and was telling her about the triangle he was now observing.
Another man came out of the pawnshop, and asked what we were looking at, and when he saw it, he first said “that’s a cell phone tower,” but when it moved, and he saw the triangle shape, he got pretty nervous and went back into the pawn shop.
After the aforementioned search lights came on, and the planes arrived, the craft quickly disappeared, then reappeared.
From one of the planes, there appeared to be a giant signaling light which was pulsating sporadically, as if it was trying to communicate with the craft. This plane was stationary, while the other two planes maintained a circling position, which I estimate to have been at about just outside of a mile from the craft.
Then, with a very quick “jump,” the craft changed positions and was in the southeastern sky approximately 20 – 25 miles away, with the Air Force following to its new coordinates. As we followed the direction it was going, it would suddenly disappear, and reappear at another location, seemingly using a N,W,E,S coordinate grid.
We drove around the city looking for it, and when we would finally located it, we would drive in the direction that we last saw it. This continued for quite some time, and wherever the craft went, the airforce planes were in that location.
One plane, higher up, continued pulsating a white signaling light the entire time as well.
For a little while, we lost visual due to its sporadic nature of travel, but then we finally located it again, while driving along a road parallel to south interstate 45.
We could see the craft in the sky due east of Pasadena (Red Bluff Road- Genoa Red Bluff). We then followed it to an intersection, where we observed it moving again due east, with one military craft about a mile behind it, and another circling back to join the same direction as the first.
We then followed it in the direction it went, and after that, both the craft and the planes disappeared out of sight. Although we continued to drive around, we could not locate anymore movement in the sky from either the Air Force or the craft.


24th November 2011 - This is a compilation of the Top 10 UFO Videos of 2011, according to me. This is one of my first YouTube UFO Compilation videos ever. I tried to find videos that I thought were the most likely to be real, and not one of the MANY Fake UFO videos on YouTube.


23rd November 2011 - December 22nd 2005. A Husband and wife in Houston ,Texas,claim they have been abducted by aliens several times!

A fetus was also removed from the women. Clayton Lee said he was a child in a houston Park the first time he was Abducted.

"I remember just floating up higher and higher, Lee said. "And, all that was around were stars and blackness. And then, I blacked out."

Donna Lee said she lost a baby during one of the encounters. She also drew a photo of the aliens who abducted her.

Local 6 News showed video of a hypnotist trying to retrieve memories of the abduction.

"They're touching me -- quit touching me," Clayton Lee screamed in fear during the session.

Susan Clancy, who is a Harvard psychiatrist, decided to do research on people's abduction claims similar to the Lee family's.

Clancy ran an advertisement searching for people who wanted to be included in her book about alien abductions.

"When I ran the first ad looking for people who thought they had been abducted by aliens, I thought we would get very few calls, but we were inundated with calls for a month after we ran one ad," Clancy said.

Clancy said she is not a believer of alien abductions.

"So, people have symptoms like psychological distress, anxiety, sexual problems, nightmares, and for better or for worse, today, being abducted by aliens is a culturally available explanation for why you might have some of these symptoms," Clancy said.

The Lees told a reporter that they expect to be abducted again in the future.



22nd November 2011 - Not to much information on this video so decide for yourself!!


21st November 2011 - Oklahoma is a hotbed of UFO Activity. Several residents in Stigler, Oklahoma have reported the latest UFO sightings of triangle shaped UFOs over the past few months. MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, has investigated these latest UFO sightings and have confirmed that two of the UFOs are credible



17th November 2011 - Video by Pignanelli65

UFO Secrets of the Ancient Aliens Full Movie - The documentary style program presents theories of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact with UFO.



16th November 2011 - Article by Diane Tessman.
The main reason that we tend not to confront the evidence that UFOs camouflage themselves with artificially generated clouds, is that the implications are enormous. We sense that this way lies madness; are we to start questioning the legitimacy of all clouds in the sky? Are we being monitored from behind that low-flying cloud overhead? Heck, I bet they can monitor me from that high cloud as well. Geez, clouds are all over the place this morning, run for your lives!
The military’s capabilities are not blocked by a mere cloud, and so obviously, a UFO behind a cloud is to keep these alien craft hidden from the knowledge of the common people, and not from the government and military. It’s annoying to say the least, and if one is given to being fearful, it is frightening. However, remember, these craft are not firing on us from behind these clouds, nor are they beaming us upwards, right off the ground, through the cloud, and into their dungeons. The UFO occupants may simply be keeping their word to Earth governments that they will not abruptly show themselves to the common people of Earth, but rather will let the knowledge trickle down to the people over the years.
Keeping all this in mind, let’s face it: There is strong evidence that UFOs do cloak themselves with clouds which they apparently generate. It might also be true that dimensional travel produces a cloud of vapor or moisture in traversing from there to here, but the main focus of this article will be the low-flying UFOs which seem to hide themselves behind puffy clouds.
On November 9, 2011, I witnessed five anomalous clouds which, to put it bluntly, seemed to be under intelligent control. I admit, this is a leap from my article about my sighting, the more tentative "Ufologist’s Dilemma: A Fine Fleet of Fortean Clouds" on UFO Digest, but this conclusion seems to be the right one after research and thought on my part. There are many reports that indicate UFOs do indeed generate clouds and mists as camouflage. It is actually very logical; to quote the old saying, "If it had been a snake, it would’ve bitten me."
If you search "UFOs generating clouds" on UFO Digest internal search option, or UFO Casebook search option, you will find a number of articles and reports. My time for research is limited, but if I had the time, I could have found at least twenty-five cases. There is a very recent report from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, involving the Wachovia Building. It happened the same day as my cloud fleet sighting. It is a very strange report!
One wonders if fairies and other supernatural beings appearing out of the mist, might be connected to the cloud-generating UFOs of today? (subject for another day).
If they can be categorized, I suppose the "everyday" UFO-generated clouds are cumulus clouds. They are low clouds, because the UFO is low – low enough to be seen from the ground, thus generating a UFO report. These clouds most certainly are artificially generated, so perhaps they don’t fit any natural classification of cloud. There are also mists (less dense clouds), reported around UFOs, perhaps the aliens just turned off the cloud machine and a slight mist remained for a while.
In this article, I am not referring to the huge lenticular clouds over Mount Shasta and other mountain tops which look like "mother ships." I am referring now to the puffy, misty clouds reported directly around UFOs; these are the seemingly everyday clouds which hide, or partially hide, the craft involved in sightings.
In Mother Nature, chameleons camouflage themselves for protection from predators. Perhaps the aliens are doing the same thing. Leaving aside the possibility that they are obligated to Earth governments not to openly show themselves to common people all the time or in fleets of more than three if close to the ground (just a guess at the number), it may be that the aliens are concerned about hostile humans firing at them from the ground. A lucky shot might ruin your warp-drive and would certainly cause lots of chaotic gunfire on the ground. This whole scenario would be something the aliens would not want, and that Earth governments would not like.
However, why do the aliens spy on common humans in the first place? Well, because we are there. Or, because we are here.
The aliens are obviously explorers, whether from other-dimensions or other planets circling distant stars. They might be basically good guy explorers or basically bad guy explorers; we who are interested in UFOs, vary on that opinion. I feel they are good guy explorers, although the universe and probably our skies, hold good and bad - universal balance!
At any rate, from the number of UFO sightings and encounters, it is obvious the aliens are very interested in us. They want to know what makes us tick. Does that offend you? Well, don’t you want to know what makes them tick? Insatiable curiosity! Of course, they are in the skies of your planet, they came here. So it might be a little pushy of them to spy on us from their self-manufactured clouds.
However, we as a planetary race are in trouble, the icebergs grow larger, the fresh water supplies grow smaller, the storms become super-storms, the viruses become super-viruses, and our global money system is in shambles, just for starters. If the aliens can help us out of this mess, or perhaps an even bigger, more catastrophic mess up the road, I guess they can spy on us, so as to know who they are saving. Maybe they want to know our habitat and habits so they can provide us with our familiar lifestyles when the Yellowstone Super-Volcano explodes.
Or, maybe the aliens are simply studying us like we study Polar Bears as they desperately swim for a disintegrating ice floe, or the last Cheetah in her decimated habitat, or like we study microbes.
I am not offering the ultimate answer as to why the aliens feel the need for camouflage and I am not proclaiming a new age "aliens will save us" scenario in this article.
I am saying, I don’t think we have come to terms with the evidence which suggests that aliens may well be flying over us, hidden behind clouds. I am not saying that every cloud has a UFO behind it, but I am saying that UFOs may be more prevalent in Earth skies than even Ufologists realize.
If you look back in time, there are angels on clouds, Hindu avatars flying in craft covered by clouds, and even the image that the gods or god live on the clouds. So, a little ancient astronaut "proof" never hurts.
I feel we have not wanted to confront the evidence, which turns up in many UFO sightings:
"The object was covered with what looked like a mist."
"A cloud lighted up from behind, and then I saw the saucer."
"The objects seem to be half-covered with clouds, and I wondered if there was an optical illusion involved."
The UFO/cloud puzzle echoes the larger UFO enigma and the implications are enormous. They could be over your head at any time. Apparently they could do anything to or for you that they want. They must be so advanced as to have the cure for cancer; they must have "free energy" for propulsion, so they could easily solve the world’s energy problems. Some of us feel that if they are so interested in us, it can’t be good, while some of us feel, if they are so interested in us, it can’t be bad. How long have they been here with their handy dandy cloud-creating machines? Can I ride in your starship? Please don’t plant your eggs here. Did I know you in a parallel aspect on Mars? Ah, what a crazy field!
I do believe that cloud cloaking is an easy, natural, logical way of keeping the common people from knowing how many UFOs are here. It allows craft to fly low altitudes, in numbers. It protects those in the ships and those on the ground. The cloud-camouflage is not effective with Earth militaries, so they must allow these cloud-UFOs to fly around. Most of the military would not notice the craft behind the clouds any more than you or I would, but pilots would see them, radar operators could pick them up – that’s unless the clouds have some substance which reflects radar back on itself, but that is just a wild guess.
The fact is, many pilots, military and non-military, do see UFOs. We common people have no idea how many UFOs are caught on radar. And also, the fluffy clouds are more often around low-flying UFOs according to reports; so, clouds may be used for protection from ground-humans, and for low-eavesdropping assignments, and may not be used when the UFOs are at the altitude of military and civilian jet planes.
I am doing a lot of speculating here, but I am trying to make some sense of this; I feel it is time we consider the subject more seriously. If cloud-camouflage is true, and we become more cognizant of it, we might be able to put one small puzzle piece into the larger UFO picture. We will keep doing this until the puzzle is complete, and we know the truth, not because some government or some alien allowed us to know the truth, but because we, the common people, figured it out for ourselves! That’s evolution!
Visit Diane's website: Earth Change Predictions

confrunting clouds clouds 2


15th November 2011 - LONG BEACH -- In the fall of 1991, I was operations and intelligence petty officer on the USS Kirk FF1087, conducting drug interdiction along with three other naval vessels. During our drug interdiction operations, we would sail roughly 350-400 nautical miles off the west coast of South America. Our four ships, within the task force, would sail roughly 150 nautical miles apart from one another, in a straight line. Our air radar stream would just slightly capture the land and the entire task forces air radar would interlink, creating a large and connected air picture, ranging roughly 700-800 nautical miles long.

Our primary mission was to track, contact, intercept and take control of low flying aircraft (drug carriers) coming out of Columbia, Panama and Guatemala. On occasion we would intercept board and seize sailing vessels, which we knew were drug carriers. Similar to the movie Clear and Present Danger, we were in direct communication with a DEA special agent on land, which would contact our ships via a secured and encrypted communication device. The actual call sign of our agent on land was “Iron Manvel”. As an operations specialist, my primary duties took place within CIC or the Combat Information Center. About 0200 hours, on December 16th, I was on CIC Duty as things were quiet and slow, I made my way up to the ship's bridge. All lights on the exterior of the ship were out, and the only lighting on the bridge was contained dark lighting from radar scopes and navigational devices at the helm. time of night, would be in command of the bridge and he was referred to as the officer of the deck (OOD). On this particular evening, a junior officer the Officer of the Deck was a good friend of mine, and he and I were having a discussion.

All of a sudden and out of nowhere, like a huge flash from a camera, emanating from the starboard bow sea level upward was a huge flash of red glowing light, which lit up our entire ship. It only lit up our ship, not the surrounding ocean, just our ship. It happened so fast, that the OOD, the navigator and I were speechless for about 5 seconds, at which time I looked at the OOD and asked him if he just saw that light. He stated yes in a sullen voice. I then asked the navigator and he replied yes. I then took the navigator’s sound powered headset, and asked the forward and aft look outs, if they had just seen the same red flash, to which the forward look out stated, "Yes! what the hell was that?" Aft lookout said yes as well. I then immediately contacted CIC, and asked the CIC officer if we had any aircraft or surface ships in our vicinity, to which he replied clear as a whistle. I asked if we had any submarine activity in the area, to which he replied, no. At this point I looked at the OOD and asked him if we should wake up the captain. The OOD sat there stunned for a minute, as did I and everyone else. What had just happened did not make any sense.

The flash emanated from the sea, directly off of our starboard bow (like it was touching our bow), and ascended upwardly so rapidly, creating the effect of the bright red flash. The other weird aspect of this event was that only our ship was lit up within the red flash, not the surrounding sea, but our vessel only. The OOD elected not to wake the captain, and the entire incident was logged in our ship's log as an unexplained phenomenon. Up until this event, I did not believe in UFO's or USO's. I have no doubt that our ship, steaming along at 12 knots, came right up on a submerged unidentifiable aircraft. I don’t think the aircraft or USO had any idea we were sailing up to them. I think whatever it was, took off in a very unplanned and fast manner, and wanted to quickly identify us, thus the flash. I have always felt that the event was extraterrestrial in nature. Respectfully submitted by GMV. Thanks to WWW.UFOCASEBOOK.COM and Ken Pfeifer UFO

skipsirt bridgedestroyer



14th November 2011 - Article written by Chris Holly

I have three close friends who happen to be pilots.
Over the years I never found the right time to ask them if they had ever seen anything unknown during their years of flying. This summer I decided to change that and went out of my way to find time to talk alone with each of them.
It was long overdue for me to ask my friends if any of them ever encountered something they considered strange or unknown while flying. I did not anticipate much of a response as I have known the three men I am writing about for many years and not one of them ever mentioned anything at all along the lines of unknown crafts or objects.
I thought it would have come up in conversation over the years if any of them had seen something they could not explain so did not think I would get much of a response to my questions . However I did want to ask each one of them to satisfy my own curiosity once and for all.
Obviously I was wrong and my pilot pals had seen strange things during their years of flying.
The first man I spoke with was a pilot for a very large corporation in Canada. After ending his career with the military he became a pilot for this corporation flying a private jet across North America to transport the executives in the company.
He told me that occasionally he and his crew would have to fly empty back across Canada in order to pick up a new group of passengers to transport across the continent. He told me when they did this he would fly high and fast to make up time.
During one of these trips, in the early 1990s , over the wilderness portion of Canada he and his co-pilot and two other crew members noticed a group of strange lights keeping pace with them . When they first noticed the lights they were far away from them but at the same altitude and speed.
The lights kept their distance for about 20 minutes before closing the distance between them. Within seconds they were close enough so they could make out the defined shape of an enormous rectangle shaped ship speeding along next to them at a distance of about a half a mile. The pilot radioed to find out if the strange object was being picked up by radar. At first he was told yes and then told it was not.
The crew of the private jet could not determine what this strange enormous craft could be and decided it best to drop in altitude to try to avoid any further contact with the unknown object.
The pilot changed course and became frightened as the craft also followed his changes.
Again the jet requested to change course and again they were followed. The pilot then requested to land at a nearby airport and not continue on with his flight.
The pilot and crew prepared to change course for a third time to ready for a landing. Finally the huge craft changed its course and headed upwards away from the jet at an enormous speed .
The crew landed the private jet shaken and confused on what it was that was following them over the wilderness of Canada.
Of course nothing came of the incident other than the fact my pilot friend did all he could to not fly that path again during his career. He told me did not want to chance another encounter with something he did not understand that could out maneuver with extreme speed anything he had ever seen before.
I thought his encounter was very interesting but I must admit I am not at all surprised this sighting took place over the Canadian wilderness. I think there are many strange things that find a haven in the wilderness of Canada. It could be a place where a base or gathering area is located for unknown crafts. So much area in the Canadian wilderness is without population yet located close to the large population of the United States and the Canadian borders where most of Canada's population is located. Using this wilderness would be a perfect destination for those who wish to visit us without being seen. Especially large crafts that have the ability to fly high and fast. They could come in and out of our planet via the protection of the wilderness as well as fly high and fast to avoid most air traffic.
The second friend I talked to was a Capt in the Air Force who flew bombing missions over Vietnam in the mid 1960s. He flew many missions during his military service giving him many hours in the sky.
I did not think he would have much to say on this subject as he is a very black and white kind of man without any room for fantasy or abstracts. I was a bit nervous to even bring up the subject knowing how he thinks and reacts to life.
During the summer I found myself sitting alone with my friend on the beach. We were talking about our families and life when I decided to just go for it and ask him if he had ever seen anything unusual while flying in the military.
My friend shocked me by quickly responding :
"You mean like UFO,s and stuff like that ?" Oh hell yeah, they followed us all the damn time".
He then told me that it was not common but not unusual at all for the pilots who flew the missions at that time to be followed or escorted by objects that were part of the military or any craft they had ever seen before. He told me he had a few very plain gun metal oval shaped objects about the size of a school bus fly along side of or above him as he flew in and out of battle. He told me they never stayed long or approached too closely and were only seen for a few minutes at a time. He said he tried , as did the other pilots who saw them , to get away from them as they did not know what they were. He also told me they were very fast and could climb , turn and dive unlike anything we had that he knew of at the time.
I found it stunning that this particular friend was so matter of fact about something I found to be so extra ordinary. I asked him if he reported it and he simply laughed and said , " Hell no we all wanted to stay flying, so we just never mentioned it and neither did the military - it was just part of the job".
It shows that even in the mid 1960,s the code of silence already was strong as far as the subject of UFO's were concerned .
The last pilot I talked to is a very close friend of mine. He told me about this event while staying with me this summer. It is a very interesting report to me as I know this man to be of high character and extremely logical and intelligent.
This friend also was an Air Force pilot during the 1960's . He was a FAC or Forward Air Controller pilot in the Vietnam War.
After he finished his service to his country my friend became a private pilot flying out of Northern California.
He told me of a very odd experience he had during a flight in a small airplane while transporting one female passenger over Sacramento California in 1974.
He was flying over Sacramento California one afternoon with his female passenger approaching the Capital Building . As my friend and his passenger flew closer they both noticed a large red orb about 1500 ft over the Capital Building just hanging there silently . My friend had never seen anything like it before.
He radioed in asking if anyone else had reported the strange orb. He was told no one else had. He was fascinated by this strange object and radioed back that he was changing course to circle this object to see if he could figure out what it was and how it was just hovering in mid air .
He and his passenger flew a semi circle around this object to get a better look at it. He said it was about the size of a Volkswagen. It was a perfect sphere hovering about 1500 feet directly over the Capital building 's dome. It was an incredible sight he told me as it had a liquid plasma moving interior.
My friend described the orb as nothing he had ever seen before. He told me it was completely silent and did not move at all beside the motion of the plasma material in the center of the orb. There was no obvious method of how this object was able to hover in mid air. He and his passenger flew around the object as to make sure it was not a reflection or something that was a projection of some kind.
It appeared to be equal all around and a solid object hovering in place over the Capital building.
When my friend and the passenger returned to their planned course they radioed in the sighting to be met with a dull response that no one else is reporting the object.
They landed shortly after with the anticipation all the news all over would be covered with the fact this large red orb was hovering over the Sacramento Capital Building in Sacramento California. To their utter astonishment there was not one word of it anywhere. It seemed incredulous to him and his passengers that thousands of other people out and about the Sacramento area did not notice that huge orb hovering directly over that building.
He watched the news for about a week without any other report of the object. This my pilot friend found as strange as the sight of the object. He told me he never got over that day and wonders often what it was he saw hovering over that building. The only reasons I can come up for this is either the craft was cloaked from the ground so those below it could not see it or that the world just does not look up. Even on beautiful days in Sacramento.
I find this encounter very interesting. I too witnessed a strange red orb with the same plasma type material moving within its borders. Although the one I saw was much smaller it too hovered silently in mid air. Interestingly the red orb I saw was also in the mid 1970s.
I have been carefully reading other reports of similar objects and think one theory worth considering is that these orbs are secondary objects being released from much larger mother type ships. They may be used for the purpose of surveillance or some kind of connection with our planet that we do not yet understand. I came to this conclusion as I did come upon a few reports that mentioned second larger ships at a greater altitude seen around the area of orb sightings. I see no reason to discount this theory or any logical explanation concerning the reports all over the world of orbs over houses , buildings, towns, and cities. These objects are doing something, We just do not know what it is!
I was glad I took the time to privately ask each of my pilot pals about this subject as they were the ones up there with the objects when they sighted them. The idea of it being lanterns, balloons, birds, swamp gas, or other planes was wiped out by the close view and expert eyes of the pilots flying along with these objects.
I know after talking to those I know who fly the skies that I will pay far more attention next time I am traveling by air. Who knows what may be found if we just pay attention and look!
Copyright © 2011 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Source:Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-

9th November 2011 - Editors Note:Let me just say that this Announcement from the US Government is Typical of the cover-up that goes on in that untrustworthy government!For over 60 years we have heard the same Rubbish come out of the White House.If they say nothing is happening then tell me why the recently released FBI and CIA files have information contained in them that ufos are real and they have had 11 contacts with ET???This spokesman just towed the line and took the easy way out as it would have been impossible for him to go through all the evidence as there is just too much!Again Disclosure is put behind the eight ball in the US as they battle to even keep there great Nation going with so much debt and Lies to the people!
Alan Ferguson(ufologist)

The White House has responded to two petitions asking the US government to formally acknowledge that aliens have visited Earth and to disclose to any intentional withholding of government interactions with extraterrestrial beings.
"The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race," said Phil Larson from the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, on the website.
"In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye."
5,387 people had signed the petition for immediately disclosing the government's knowledge of and communications with extraterrestrial beings, and 12,078 signed the request for a formal acknowledgement from the White House that extraterrestrials have been engaging the human race.
"Hundreds of military and government agency witnesses have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence," the second petition states. "Opinion polls now indicate more than 50% of the American people believe there is an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon. The people have a right to know. The people can handle the truth."
These petitions come from an Obama Administration initiative called ‘We the People' which has White House staffers respond and consider taking action on any issue that receives at least 25,000 online signatures. Regarding these two petitions, the White House promised to respond if the petitions got 17,000 more signatures by Oct. 22.
Larson stressed that the facts show that there is no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. He pointed out that even though many scientists have come to the conclusion that the odds of life somewhere else in the Universe are fairly high, the chance that any of them are making contact with humans are extremely small, given the distances involved.
But that doesn't mean we aren't searching, there is just no evidence yet. Larson mentioned SETI (correctly noting that this at first was a NASA effort, but is now funded privately) keeping an "ear" out for signals from any intelligent extraterrestrials, with none found so far.
He also added that the Kepler spacecraft is searching for Earth-like planets in the habitable zones around other stars, and that the Curiosity rover will launch to Mars this month to "assess what the Martian environment was like in the past to see if it could have harbored life."
Regarding any evidence for alien life, all anyone has now is "statistics and speculation," said Larson. "The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth."
Whether or not this will appease or satisfy any conspiracy theorists or UFO believers is yet to be seen, but it is gratifying to see the White House respond in such a no-nonsense manner.


Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 21:23:45 +1000


8th November 2011 - On November 2, a little after 7:00pm in Los Angeles county, I was taking out the recyclables and immediately noticed a disc-shaped blinking red object in the sky. I recognized it as the same type of object I've seen on two other nights over the last year in this area.

I grabbed my digital camera and fumbled to go to video mode, but once again the camera couldn't pick it up very well. I decided to get a pair of binoculars and noticed that the object was actually composed of three spheres flashing in a variety of combinations of brilliant red, green, and white. At times, only one sphere would be illuminated and sometimes change colors. At other times the three spheres would flash in any combination of one, two, or three at a time in somewhat random sequencing of red, green, and white.

I noticed that it was traveling in the general direction of a lifetime friend of mines home about 10 miles to the northeast of me, so I decided to give him a call to see if he could see it, too. Sure enough, he described exactly what I was seeing and he was clearly in awe and amazement.

But then something completely unexpected occurred: he suddenly could be heard over the phone saying "What was that?!" I asked him what he was talking about. He sounded to me like he was in inexplicable disbelief and told me that "a white orb" suddenly appeared and streaked over his house and just as suddenly disappeared! He said the object we were watching was nothing compared to what he witnessed!

A few minutes later I let him go, but continued to view the lights sweeping slowly across the horizon from the south to the east, back to the south, then to the west and back. It appeared about 20 degrees above the horizon as it swept 180 degrees.

Then, around the last 20 minutes or so of the sighting, things got even more interesting: it deliberately placed itself perfectly in line with the passenger jet landing lane for Los Angeles International Airport! (I am about 20 miles from the airport.) Several planes could not possibly have missed this spectacle and there is no question that they were hot on the line to air traffic control wondering what was in their lane! It was so perfectly in line with one jet, that it almost appeared to be on a collision course (however, the altitudes were no doubt apart).

The sighting got even more dramatic when, as a kind of grand finale of sorts, the light grew it's largest and brightest, shining a brilliant white light directly in view of one of the approaching passenger jets! I could just imagine the bewilderment of the cabin crew of that flight! It was spectacular!

Finally, after a total of 1 hour 40 minutes, it floated out of view over the eastern horizon.

source:Antonio Palena

7th November 2011 -August 2011- a square shaped object drops its altitude around 50 meter's above (Bellas Artes) This is very (Raw)(Scary) Footage of an intelligent Craft with no aerodynamic's breaking the laws of physics in many way's. The speed control looks very precise. (Not Fake) Very realistic reaction's from the people


4th November 2011 - THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.


3rd November 2011 - Story by Max Thompson
On Friday night, high school senior Dushawn Brown scored a pretty touchdown for his Horizon Huskies team in Scottsdale, Ariz. That's not too out of the ordinary, as Dushawn's a good player. But what went on at the same time Brown made the play was quite abnormal -- even paranormal.
A fan at the game caught three lights hovering and shifting in the dark sky over the desert!
Even the coaches were talking about the show in the sky after the game:
"I did see it during the game," Horizon head coach Steve Casey told "I said to one of my assistant coaches that the aliens came to watch us play."
Those at the game weren't the only ones who noticed. Other videos have popped up to corroborate the through-the-uprights evidence.
Shockingly, there are a number of theories floating around, from skydivers to lens flares. One commenter pointed out that it was clearly a skydiving team with tracer sparks attached, and they are often mistaken for UFOs. Some even dismiss the lights as standard backyard Chinese lanterns.
Reached by phone Tuesday, Dushawn's dad, Davie Brown, said he didn't even know about the UFO sighting. Like Dushawn himself, he must have been focused on the game.


2nd November 2011 - About three times a week I go outside with my night scope and camera and view the stars, mostly what I look for are earth satellites that cross my path on average one every thirty minutes and mostly in the north - south directions, but sometimes there are a few in the south - north direction.
I know what those are, and they are fairly easy to identify. But on occasion and at least once or twice every two weeks I see something that I cannot describe, just like last night for instance I'm looking at what I think is a fast moving satellite, but this time I realized that it was something else altogether.
Now it was moving in the north - south direction, but then it slowed down as if it knew I was watching and for about five seconds it became the brightest star in the heavens; much brighter than Jupiter or the Vega star.
And after five seconds the speed increased once again and it was gone from my sight fifteen seconds later.
Now this is not the first time I’ve seen really strange things going on in the heavens. Just last week two objects appeared that were following each other again in the north to south direction. This is the first time I’ve seen objects one right behind the other.
Now for all of the skeptics out there just go outside right after it turns dark and watch the heavens you will be surprised at what you will see!
Now about the photos taken last month, the first one shows what stars look like when taken with my Nikon Coolpix eight megapixel with a three X zoom lens.
My camera is nothing fancy and when I take photos at night most of the pictures are in total darkness and I discard them.
Now on the 26th of last month I took my tripod and camera outside and it was pitch black, and about eight o’clock in the evening I put the camera on my tripod took the zoom and opened it all the way to the 3X and I set the camera for a night shot.
As mentioned I took around two hundred photos that night moving the camera about a half of a degree at a time, the direction was northwest to southeast.
Now I really did not expect to capture anything, but after I loaded the photos on my computer I started to scan trough them. Most of the photos were pitch black and I just trashed them, but then I came across this one photo that had an object that appeared to be very close to me, and remember this is just a three X camera zoom.
I could not see this object that was in the sky, but my camera got the photo that proves something was there.
During the next four days I went outside at the same time each evening and took photos also and as you can tell the object is still there but much farther away and then it was gone.
Let the skeptics explain this.
hemet california


1st November 2011 - Story by carol Shield
I had read the recent article released by the Hindu times concerning the NASA Moon Forbidden Fly Zones. I happened to be visiting with a NASA insider who participated in the NASA space programs for many years and involved with the Apollo Missions. He asked if I had any questions about the Apollo missions. I asked him the question if the NASA No Fly zones were real or just internet hype. I was ready for a standard NASA official answer "don't believe those crazy internet conspiracy nuts." I was shocked that he told me it was true.
I explained I had read that India, China, and Japan had made thousands of flybys by satellites
dating back in 2007. NASA did not announce these Forbidden zones on the moon then at least not to the public. He told me that NASA is not just a civilian operation. They did military operations for the US government too. I deduced from his statement that it is the military who doesn't want China and India to fly by the Apollo sites. The military usually doesn't issue warnings unless they have the means to stop these satellites and rovers. NASA doesn't say what will happen if these other countries violate these Forbidden Zones. It would be a bluff if they couldn't. I have never known the US military to bluff. China's space agency is like NASA . It is both civilian and military orientated. He told me that India and China will have their rovers on the moon soon. China's space program had the money to send men to the moon. It wasn't the same with NASA their budget was being cut.
It seems NASA or the Military believes that they own property on the moon. The historic landing sights of the Apollo Missions are the Forbidden zones for other countries. They want the area preserved. It seems even the bacteria left by the astronauts are private property.
1967 Outer Space Treaty makes it clear that the lunar surface has no owner. The restrictions added is the astronauts food left which bacteria may have mutated on the moon is included off limits to the other countries. Google has played a part due to promoting a contest where a rover returns with images of the Apollo landing sites receives a monetary award.
“Apollo 11 and 17 sites [will] remain off-limits, with ground-travel buffers of 75 metres and 225 metres from each respective lunar lander,” states the July 20 guidelines of NASA. Science journal had obtained the guidelines. {1}
The NASA insider said the Forbidden Zones came from the military side of NASA. One of the parts of the Treaty 1967 was that no military bases, or atomic weaponry to be placed on the moon. It has been noted this leaves out the possibility of ballistic missiles. One wonders if the moon has been militarized or is it just protection of historic sites of the US space program. Time will tell if the other countries will abide by the wishes of NASA. If they don't does the military have the means for retaliation. China made a example of shooting down one of their own satellites of which US military demonstrated they could shoot down theirs too. Are we seeing the beginnings of Star Wars in the making. it seems America still wishes to keep the Apollo sights not published by other countries. It had no trouble broadcasting the site to the world but now it gets shy for some reason. It is suspicious to say the least.
The Moon Forbidden Zones were not announced in 2007 when Japan, China, and India launched their lunar satellites. What has changed their tune. I can only suspect the rovers who will be able to have a closer look to the historical sights. Did America violate the 1967 Treaty in some way? I can only speculate that the Forbidden Zones contain a secret of which the military does not want the public or world to see. It was a proud day when the US astronauts landed on the Moon. It would be interesting to see the landing sights and how well they held up for all these years. It seems the Forbidden Zones are being placed so the world can not see what America left on the moon. One wonders who owns the Moon? Who has the right to keep other countries from flying or observing the historical Apollo sights. What's the big military secret?



31st October 2011 - Back in may this year in my back yard in Acacia Hills i took that shot of the green line in the sky as well as other anomalies near it i failed to notice in the bottom right hand corner is a red orb that looks exactly the same as what i had been seeing the week before and also over the last 2 years!It caught me out for so long but now i believe i have busted it at last!Because of my new camera with high megapixel and telephoto lens i can get right up to where the action is and also blow up small anomalies i find in the pics without distorting the image!I think this is a pretty good pic of a UFO and just goes to show again that just because you cant see them sometimes it doesn’t mean they are not out there!

Cheers Alan Ferguson(ufohunter)



28th October 2011 - In 2009 whilst on holiday in Wales with my family, we visited Shell Island for a day. It was a normal, beautiful sunny day and I decided to take some holiday photos.
The one which I have sent to you has puzzled me ever since I got home and uploaded it from my camera to computer.
As you can see, my son is in the photograph, he is four now, but in the sky above him is a strange shape. I have zoomed in to this shape and still can't make it out clearly, it seems to reflect the sunlight and is definitely there in the picture.
I can assure you that it wasn't there at the time that I took the photo, otherwise I would have specifically photographed the object.
I am also aware of the military aircraft which fly in the area from nearby Llanbeddr and RAF Valley.
As you will see in the photo, there is certainly something there, but what could it be?
There was no jet noise at the time I took the photo, weather balloons do not appear then dissapear, and we did not see it with the naked eye.
I am baffled... ! Camera - Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi
Steve P.



27th October 2011 - This video was recorded on 10/12/2011 at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, 20 miles north of Myrtle Beach.
Recorded by pilot Gary Travis while visiting Ocean Isle. This 22 second clip shows four of a dozen UFOs recorded that night. Note the full moon is at top, Jupiter at lower left of moon, with distant beacons and lighthouse on horizon.
UFOs are bright orange to naked eye, but appear white due to camera low light limitations. This is the fourth sighting of these orange lights since June by Gary Travis, but first time captured on video.
These are not flares. In June, one light was observed traveling horizontally at over 100 miles per hour.


26th October 2011 - Had an email from Jo in springerville come in which was very interesting!From what Jo described to me i would say that the Triangle UFO shape of lights was sitting over some High Voltage power lines pinching some Human made Electricity like they have been documented doing many times over the years!Its such a pity that the cell phone ran out of memory as Jo described to me that it was once in a life time opportunity to catch something really Amazing!
I thank Jo for her Submission and this is what she had to say:

Does anyone know what i may have seen in the skies of this small town of Springerville in north eastern,Arizona on or around September 10,2011?i was taking pictures of a sunset on my left when i happen to turn around to my right side to notice a bright ray of light coming from the ground up! There was "triangular shaped lights"above the beam which looked very bright rainbow like colors that seemed to last about 3 to 5 minutes maybe less!they just seemed to fade until there was only a small orange colored tube shape left.i have seen many rainbows in my days but never anything like this before,this is what makes these lights seem odd.i never heard of a rainbow coming from the ground up??

There is a power plant about 20 miles from the area where i saw the lights, there is a lot of open flat space in the area of the sighting no buildings trees or houses it was at dusk and was a very clear day just a slight breeze in the air and i was taking pictures of a sunset.the lights seemed to be pretty close to where i was standing around 10 to 15 miles it seemed maybe closer than that the area in which i saw the rainbow beam to the Triangular lights was a very wide open space with no trees, buildings or homes. I have seen many rainbows in my days but nothing like this, my first thought was this is very odd!!! but very beautiful.i recall there are some heavy duty power lines in the area.the rainbow lights kind of slowly faded one by one and the orange tube appearance showed up just as the lights started to seemed to be around a foot or less from the fading lights it seemed to fade a few seconds later i am so very upset that i didn't get a new memory disc for my cell phone ,that is what happened i ran out of memory on my cell phone! this was such an awesome once in a life time event i am so darn mad for not getting any footage!!!

JO , Springerville


25th October 2011 - Story by Roger Marsh,

A Connecticut couple stopped in traffic along southbound I-95 near Exit 73 report watching two disc-shaped objects hovering under 500 feet within 200 feet of the roadway, according to October 21, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
Just before the traffic slow-down, they first noticed an object hovering nearby.
"This object was a couple of hundred feet in the air and had blinking lights (approximately 4 or 5 lights)," the reporting witness stated. "As we were traveling at 55 to 65 mph and the road began to turn away from the direction of the object, I let go the image to maintain focus on the road ahead."
But then all traffic came to a standstill following a vehicle accident and they looked up again at the sky through a moon roof.
"The object I had just seen a few miles back was here - 'hovering'. What I saw was a large, flat, rounded disk (see object 1 below) with five lights, blinking on and off. These lights seemed to blink in a reticulating fashion. This object was approximately 400 to 500 feet above the ground and about 200 feet from the road."
But then they noticed there was a second, identical, object in the sky.
"This second object (see object 2 below) was moving slightly next to this first object (object 1). Object 2 was at a slightly lower altitude (possibly 50 feet below object 1). These two objects also appeared to be within 100 feet of each other. Both objects were exactly the same shape, had the same number of lights, same color and all five of the lights visible were blinking. It seems one craft lights blinked in the reticulating fashion and the other object's lights just came on and off."
The witness described the objects.
"These objects were disk-shaped. Both had five lights along the rim. This tells me, the craft had more than five lights, perhaps 15 to 20 around the entire circumference of the craft. The objects were two halfs of an inverted bowl. Each craft had to be two to three inches in length from at arm's length. According to my calculations, this would make them approximately 80 feet long. The height of the craft would be one-quarter to one-fifth of its length. This calculation assumes the objects were 200 feet from the road (us) and 500 feet in the air. Estimated distance to objects from my location would be approximately 538 feet.
"The lights blinked on and off each second or less. One object's lights seemed to reticulate in a sequence.
"Though the sky was now dark, the lights from these objects and headlights from the backup traffic seemed to show the exterior color of these objects were 'silver'. In other words, I knew they were not black or some other color. More silver or light gray-like coloring."
The witnesses provided two illustrations: Image 1 and Image 2. No photos or videos were included with the MUFON report, which was filed on October 21, 2011. The events occurred on October 9, 2011.
A similar object was described in an October 17, 2011, report outside of Hartford in: Connecticut witnesses say object hovered over Hartford.

Connecticut is a current UFO ALERT 5 rating, with a low number of UFO sightings nationally. Connecticut had 4 reports in September 2011 - the 40th highest reporting state - while California had 86 UFO reports - the highest reporting state in the nation.


24th October 2011 - Video filmed by two British tourists - appears to show a small alien-like creature arching its back as it stands next to a tree in the Amazon jungle. In the corner of the picture is a bright flash of light which is thought to be connected to the alien's presence.
The video - snapped up by Hollywood producers for a film - was obtained by noted paranormal writer Michael Cohen and is believed to have been filmed by two British tourists visiting the Mamaus region of the Amazon jungle.
Michael, who runs the paranormal website, said: "This is highly compelling footage that will be hard to discredit.
"It comes from an area known for experiencing intense UFO activity. It is rather apparent that aliens are interested in this region due to its biological diversity.
"The area was also the focus of a high-level Brazilian government investigation known as "Operation Prato", where the army was sent in to monitor and confirm an alien presence in the region.
"The Brazilian government denied that there was an Operation Prato for years before conceding it did occur and releasing large amounts of files associated with it"
Having obtained the footage, Michael, who is well-known within UFO and paranormal circles, was inundated with requests from Hollywood producers keen to use his proof.

"This footage will be used in direct collaboration with an American film and will serve to highlight this as proof of this footage's veracity."



21st October 2011 - Omar Fowler writes, “The arrival of a Flying Triangle UFO craft in Missouri and Kansas in 1980, caused concern and wonderment, as hundreds of witnesses, including policemen, watched a huge craft displaying a triangular pattern of lights, move slowly over the countryside for a period of four hours.” It was seen over 22 towns and at one stage the enormous craft "as big as a football field." appeared to be dropping what a local truck driver described as satellites, which appeared to be round and emitted a bluish glow. The whole event was tracked on radar during the four hour period. Within a decade, Flying Triangular craft were to be reported worldwide.
During January 1981, a huge boomerang shaped craft was seen over Arizona, with one witness proclaiming the object "was bigger than several football fields!" The V shaped craft was later reported over New York State and Connecticut in March 1983. Once again the craft was described as being "as big as two football fields" and this time, the craft flashed its lights on and off as though trying to attract attention
The next major event was the Belgian Flap, when huge triangular craft (shown above) visited this small country during 1989/90. The SOBEPS Group (Societe Belge d Etudes des Phenomenes Spatiaux), was inundated with hundreds of reports during this period. Such was the efficiency of their organization that the Belgian Air Force asked for their co-operation and assistance! With SOBEPS members being widespread throughout the country, they were able to identify Flying Triangles in their locality and report their position to the Belgian Air Force. In this manner, the SOBEPS members acted as trained observers for the Belgian Air Force. At one stage, two F-16 interceptor fighters were placed at their disposal, to be directed to various parts of the country where the Triangles were reported! This co-operation resulted in the F-16s intercepting a number of the Flying Triangles, although the F-16s were completely unable to match the speed and maneuverability of the craft, as subsequent cockpit radar film footage showed.
On September 26, 1993, a huge Flying Triangle craft arrived over Bakewell in Derbyshire, England. Many residents of this small town were to share in the experience of watching a huge black craft, slowly and silently flying over their town. With a bright white light on each corner of its triangular shape and numerous smaller lights running along the edges of the craft, the UFOs flew low and at an estimated speed of only 30 mph. A witness driving his vehicle at 40 mph overtook it!
On January 6, 1995, that a British Airways Boeing 737 aircraft was buzzed by a glowing triangular craft as it approached Manchester Airport! This was the forerunner of a Flying Triangle invasion, as they began to arrive in force.There were 52 Flying Triangle incidents recorded in and around the city of Derby from December 1994 to May 1995. These included hovering illuminated craft and in one instance, a huge triangular craft was observed hovering over one of the main traffic islands (Spider Bridge) on the A5111 circular road. Numerous witnesses were able to sketch and describe the craft in detail. The reports include triangle craft hovering and shining down white beams of light "ending in mid air, like a fluorescent tube." The Flying Triangles (FT) appear to be coming in over the East coast of England and flying slowly across the countryside to various destinations including a number of Nuclear Power Stations, before returning back out to sea a few hours later.
Statistics from the Project FT database, under Victor J. Kean regularly reported in Filer’s Files have shown the following:
1995 - Total FT reports - 1797 of which 476 were observed over Nuclear Power Stations.
1996 - Total FT reports 1437 of which 988 were observed over Nuclear Power Stations.
1997 - Total FT reports - 1339 of which 1242 were observed over Nuclear Power Stations.

The Essex UFO Research Group under the able leadership of Ron West, (sadly no longer with us) states that since 1995, there have been reports of FT craft being seen entering and leaving the sea off the East coast near Lowestoft. There have also been 25 reports of lights seen moving under the surface of the sea in the same area. Could FTs have an undersea base somewhere along this coastline? Certainly, similar underwater activity has been reported from various parts of the world.

One startling coincidence has recently come to light and that is the number of references made to the subject of underwater bases by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins book “Left at East Gate.” The book deals primarily with the UFO incident in Rendlesham Forest, England which took place in late December 1980, but then Larry Warren then goes on to reveal a further event. It appears that after the incident, he got himself into trouble with the authorities by telephoning his mother about the UFO landing. He was subsequently ordered to go to a certain parking lot on the base where he would be met by a dark blue sedan car. When Larry arrived at the parking lot, he saw the car. As he entered into the vehicle, he remembered a greenish glow and then by all account, lost consciousness. He later recovered to find himself in an underground complex under the Woodbridge base, where he learnt from a black uniformed guard that it was part of a tunnel complex that led to the North Sea (p61).
Larry Warren was then taken into a strange darkened glass room, where he was contacted by a telepathic alien figure, partly hidden by a glowing screen.
Larry then learnt that he was in an underground complex that had been built in the 1940s. The complex contained many aliens, with their support personnel; Larry went on to state, "The crafts they travelled and entered and exited via an extensive tunnel system. One exit was a mile off Lowestoft, Suffolk another, near Orford Key."
If Larry's encounter with the alien is true and not a hallucination, could it mean that the aliens are controlling the Flying Triangle craft that have been reported disappearing into the sea off Lowestoft? If there is an underground facility at the Woodbridge Air Force Base, does it have tunnels leading to the North Sea? Larry Warren claims that it does *. His co-writer Peter Robbins states, "It is quite an amazing aspect of Left At East Gate and one I am convinced is real though what REAL means has yet to be established".

The latest information received indicates that there is intense UFO activity along the East Coast, particularly near Lowestoft and strange things are still happening in the vicinity of Rendlesham Forest! Two independent sources have recently confirmed that not only does a tunnel system exist below Woodbridge, but it is joined to the nearby Bentwaters RAF Base and is part of an extensive tunnel system throughout England. We believe that a tunnel complex was built along this coast in the 1940s and we can only speculate that it was probably extended in total secrecy during the recent Cold War period. Thanks to Omar Fowler

Editor’s Note: Flying Triangles are frequently observed near bodies of water, power stations and electrical power lines. Indications are that the craft hide under bodies of water and capture electrical power.


20th October 2011 - We are located just south of St. Stephen, SC, 29479, about 3 miles. We are located about 30 miles northeast of Charleston, SC.
On the evening of September, 29, 2011, at around 9:20 in the evening, on a very clear night with no moon in the sky, my wife and I witnessed some events that seemed to correspond to each other.
As we looked from our driveway to the north, which would be towards St. Stephen, there was nothing in the sky. As we turned to go inside I happened to turn back and saw about 10 to 12 blinking lights.
Their location was in the sky at a NNE direction about 45 degrees up. They had the illumination somewhat brighter than a normal star.
We hurried to the fence, away from the main road so as not to be hampered in our viewing by any traffic that may come toward us on the highway.
As we watched them in a group, a falling star was witnessed by both of us. It was larger and slower than a regular slit of a glimpse a usual falling star gives you and had a long tail that was orange in color and much wider than a regular meteorite.
Its trajectory was about 90 degrees when we spotted it, and went to about 30 degrees before it disappeared. It was traveling from south to north.
Whatever fell through the sky seemed to dissect the blinking lights. It was almost as if they were signaling for something to come in.
Then they broke apart in formation with about 8 heading towards the coast, which would be towards the east and four heading towards the west, above and to the north of Lake Moultrie which is towards our west.
We followed those lights because the other 8 would have been obstructed quickly from view because of a forest to the east of our viewing position.
After the four blinking lights heading towards Lake Moultrie went out of sight, less than a minute passed and we suddenly saw two Air Force jets at full throttle heading in the direction of the four that had just flown out of sight.
We definitely heard the two jets with afterburners at full thrust. We never heard anything when it was just the 10 to 12 blinking lights in the sky.
The jets were coming from SSE which is the direction of Charleston’s Air Force base and flying rapidly towards the NNW.
After the jets went out of sight and sound, we looked back to the original spot in the sky where we had seen the original lights blinking, and we saw another falling star, exactly like the one I explained falling in exactly the same area we had seen the first one.
Immediately following that, I was looking off in a westerly direction towards Lake Moultrie when my wife exclaimed that she saw another falling star streaking towards where the four blinking lights had headed off towards Lake Moultrie.
That one was about 20 degrees in the sky heading from the north when she saw it towards the north - northeast.
The entire episode lasted for a total of about twenty minutes ending between 9:40 to 9:45 pm, Eastern Standard Time.


19th October 2011 - Story by Roger Marsh,

A Columbia, TN, witness reports a triangle-shaped UFO under 35 feet off the ground that was illuminating the ground below nearly caused a vehicle accident when the light temporarily blinded the driver for a few seconds, according to October 16, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The witness was just a mile and-a-half from home and thought that new lights had been installed at the New Song Baptist Church at the end of Ashwood Drive. But as the witness drove closer, it was apparent the lights were "three bright lights" attached to the bottom of a slow-moving, triangular-shaped object.
"The lights on the craft were so bright, not only did they illuminate the ground below the craft (I'd say the craft was about 25-35 feet above the ground), but they also blinded me temporarily as if I had stared directly at the sun for a few seconds," the witness stated. "This caused me to swerve across the road and almost into the ditch. At this time, I stopped my car fumbling for my phone to take a picture, but the craft rotated, much like how a helicopter lowers its nose so that the pilot could look towards the ground ahead of the craft."
The witness felt afraid and began to drive away from the object.
"I felt cold and light headed, mostly from nervousness because this craft obviously was searching for something. After 'looking at me' for a few seconds, the craft moved above my vehicle. In fear, I sped off towards my house, which was about 300 feet away. When I got there (in a matter of seconds), I looked back in the sky towards where the craft should have been - it was gone."
No images or videos were included with the MUFON report, which was filed on October 16, 2011. The events occurred on October 9, 2011. Columbia is a city in Maury County and its county seat, population 34, 402.

Tennessee is a current UFO ALERT 5 rating, with a low number of UFO sightings nationally. Tennessee had 12 reports in September 2011 - the 16th highest reporting state - while California had 86 UFO reports - the highest reporting state in the nation.

18th October 2011 - If the US Government had sufficient concern about UFOs during the phenomenon’s early years, they most certainly would have quietly heard out the “Great Minds” of the time for their views on the subject.

A little-known tape of a famed broadcaster’s lecture that was delivered over sixty years ago suggests that is precisely what had happened. It also suggests that Albert Einstein was one of those brilliant scientists. In the tape, which can be heard below, we learn that Einstein and other science notables had expressed to President Truman their concern about the UFOs, including those seen flying above our nation’s Capitol. According to Frank Edwards a radio broadcaster Albert Einstein and other prominent scientists had delivered an urgent message to then President Harry Truman, “not to attempt to shoot down the UFOs.” Einstein maintained a long-standing and close relationship with a physicist who was a key member of a CIA UFO study group.
In the St. Louis Post Dispatch, 7/30/52 reported that Einstein wrote evangelist Louis Gardner in reply to Gardner’s query about UFOs: “These people have seen something. What it is I do not know and I am not curious to know?” It sounds more like Einstein simply does not wish to engage someone outside of his circle on this obviously sensitive matter. Einstein feared our potential for a war-like reaction to the continued flyovers of craft that were piloted by beings that were not from here and that were unknown to science. Thanks to Bragalia Blogspot and Ken Pfeifer UFO

Editor’s Note: Einstein was likely aware of the heavy losses of military aircraft in engagements with the UFOs. Timothy Good writes, "The destruction or disappearance of military aircraft during interceptions of UFOs continued apace." As General Benjamin Chidlaw, former commanding general of the Air Defense Command told Robert C. Gardener (ex USAF) in 1953: "We have stack of reports of flying saucers. We take them seriously, when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them."
Leonard Stringfield, a former Air Force intelligence officer was told by a reliable source in the 1950s that the "Air Force was losing about a plane a day to the UFOs. According to US Defense Department figures, from 1952 until the end of October 1956, there were 18,662 major accidents of military aircraft, broken down as follows:
Year - Air Force - Navy - Total Accidents
1952 2,274 2,086 = 4360
1953 2,075 2,325 = 4400
1954 1,873 1,911 = 3784
1955 1,664 1,566 = 3230
1956 1,530 1,358 = 2888
Of this astonishing four year total of 14,302 US aircraft losses, many involved jets scrambled to intercept UFO, of which 56.2 per cent were found to be caused by pilot error; 8.1 per cent by ground-crew failure; 23.4 per cent by failure of equipment in the aircraft; and 9.5 per cent (1,773) were due to ‘unknown factors’. Thanks to Timothy Good’s book, "Need to Know" P.172




17th October 2011 -



14th October 2011 - This pic is so simular to David Schumans pic that was taken down Katherine way 2 months ago it seems eerie!
You compare for yourself as sightings of UFO's continue worldwide.
Alan Ferguson(ufologist)

I am writing to you to report a very strange sighting me and my girlfriend witnessed just 5 minutes ago, outside our apartment!
The time here in Denmark is 22.50, and tonight there is supposed to be a lot of shooting stars in the sky.
It was, however, something else that completely caught our eye!
I was walking into our bedroom to see if there were any shooting stars, but I immediately see two strange, glowing/flashing objects in the sky in plain view from our bedroom window.
I call out to my girlfriend from the living room and she runs to where I am, and we both stand there a few seconds wondering what the H*** that is!
I rush to find my camera, and try to take some shots or video of these two objects, but they move quite fast, so I end up only getting only one shot of one of the objects.
The original and a copy with negative colors is attached. I've never seen anything like this, and this area is of great interest to me - so any thoughts would be appreciated!
All kind regards,



Jakobs Denmark Pic

davids pic

Davids Katherine Pic

13th October 2011 - On Tuesday night, October 4, 2011, at about 7:30, I was coming home in my daughter's car. As I drove into my neighborhood, I glanced down the street where our clubhouse is.
Above it there was a big mass of lights just sitting there. I had just watched a show about aliens the night before so, I immediately thought, 'No, it can't be.'
I thought it was too much of a coincidence and too crazy.
I backed up and turned down that street and drove toward it. It just sat there! This gigantic mass of lights! As I got closer, I could see that it was a triangle-shaped craft of some kind.
It was only about 500 feet above the building, just hovering. It was black, but it looked like it was made out of mercury. I could see the whole underside of the craft as I drove slowly toward it.
It had yellow-orange lights at each corner that pulsated and blue and white lights just inside the perimeter.
They were very bright and they cast a bright light on everything below, but they didn't glare like our normal lights do. The light seemed to be a part of the surface.
Just as I got in front of the clubhouse, it rotated and took off. It flew across the street and up over the trees toward my house in a straight line.
I drove on down the street toward home and as I turned the first corner, there was a group of people running the same direction. I caught up with them just as I got to the last turn onto my street and one of the guys yelled, "Did you see it?" I said, "Yes!"
He said, "It was a freakin' space ship!"
I knew exactly what it was, but it didn't really hit me until I heard him say the words.
Anyway, I wasn't scared at all, but I had misplaced my cell phone somewhere in my daughter's car, or so I thought. I remember unplugging it that morning and putting it in my purse but couldn't find it later.
I thought it fell out in her car. I didn't have any way of taking a picture without it. After I turned the corner, I could see it up ahead.
It had stopped again just past my house.
I drove down the street and pulled in the driveway honking my horn as loud as I could. I wanted my daughter to come outside and see it so my family wouldn't think I was crazy or something.
She said she didn't even hear the horn and I was really laying on it. Anyway, I jumped out of the car, forgot to turn the engine off and left the door hanging open because I wanted to go get her and my camera.
As soon as I got to the gate, it spun around and took off again. This time it went almost straight up and it was gone in a fraction of a second. I have never seen anything move that fast in my life!
Those other people had been running down the street right behind me, but after it disappeared, they were gone too. I don't know who they were or where they went, but it was really weird.
They were right behind me one second and gone the next! I looked up and then back toward them and they were just gone.
My heart was beating so fast by the time I got inside I could actually hear it. I think my daughter did too. She knew I wasn't kidding when I told her about it.
I have never seen anything so strange in all my life. It was as big as three huge houses and it was just sitting there until I got close.
Then, it went to my house and waited for me! That's how it seemed anyway.
Later I looked all through my daughter's car for my phone and still couldn't find it. I went back in and then to my bedroom and there was my phone, plugged into the charger laying on my bed.
I know I remember taking it off the charger that morning and putting it in my purse! I thought maybe it fell out and Malory put it back on the charger but she swears she didn't.
I don't know how any of it happened, but it did. Looking back, it really scares me. Did that thing know where I lived? And what was up with those people and my phone?
I feel like I'm losing my mind, but I am as sure about all of it as I could possibly be. I wish I could find those people, but I'm not about to go door to door asking if the people who saw the UFO live there.
I filled out a report on the National UFO Report site but I didn't bother to call the police. What could they do? Probably just laugh.
The next day my other daughter told some friends at work about it and two of them said they had seen something that sounded like the same thing within the past week. I wonder how many other people have seen them around here?
Anyway, I spent several hours on the computer looking at new aviation technology and I can't find anything that's anything close to being like what I saw. Then a friend said something that made perfect sense.
If it was an experimental government or military aircraft, why would they be flying it over a neighborhood full of people?
Why would they hover for so long allowing us to see it? I know, without a doubt, it was not from this earth.
I knew it the moment I got close enough to see it. I never denied the possibility of aliens visiting earth, but that just took all doubt away.
It was unbelievably amazing! Now I'm reading that others in this area saw something similar around the same time. Wow!

missouri scetch

12th October 2011 - I was filming a double rainbow for a video yesterday. I didn't notice anything at the time of filming as i was looking throu gh the viewfinder & though there were some birds flying around. It wasn't until i looked at the footage while editing that i saw what looks like some sort of flying object. I have no idea what it was so i guess for now i'll call it a ufo sighting.




11th October 2011 - The phenomena of various Extraterrestrial sightings on Earth is so utterly mind-bending that the best way to understand it may be to go out of our minds. The role of expanded consciousness and access to the alien world is revealed in private conversations this author has had with eminent people of science.
This includes talks with the now-late Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. John Mack and the late Harvard Professor Dr. Timothy Leary.
They provide keen insight into the ultimate secret of Extraterrestrial contacts. They uncover the hyperdimensional world in which Extraterrestrials and their vehicles traverse. They also detail the interplay between altered states of matter, altered states of mind and contact with the alien.
Other notable scientists have joined to divulge the role of expanded consciousness and communication with ET intelligence. They include ecologist Terence McKenna, physician Dr. John Lilly, psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof and the father of space flight, visionary Jack Parsons.
Their search for the answers to the questions about flying saucers have led to a telling conclusion: only if we open our "doors of perception" will we be able to understand this alien intelligence.
Because the UFO community is predisposed to a strictly mechanistic "nuts and bolts" interpretation of the UFO phenomena, they have ignored these learned men’s revelations. They forget that the ability to travel through the cosmos must often rely upon an interdimensional component.
Alien do not travel in vehicles like our "pop can" Apollos that use outdated combustion technologies.
They must morph the very fabric of "reality" and they must somehow bend space-time itself. There have often been reported Extraterrestrial sightings without any corresponding sighting of a UFO.
Such contact with Earthbound human beings suggests travel through time-space from lower and higher dimensional planes. Witness accounts of Extraterrestrial sightings often creates states of "non-ordinary reality" for those who get too near them. Perceiving this other-dimensional reality may require altering our very abilities to perceive.



10th October 2011 - BUENOS AIRES -- Reverend Segundo Reyna the former Director of the Adhara Observatory and internationally respected astronomer and Jesuit Priest asserts, “UFOs are real and visiting us from other planets.” He claims he has seen dozens of UFOs in his powerful telescope. He has photographed them above his observatory and against the moon and has established the dimensions of the craft. From a theological religious point of view the existence of intelligent life from other planets is not only just possible, it is probable and likely.
It does not conflict with his religious beliefs. Reyna states, “I believe that God created rational beings on other planets in the universe – beings who have developed advanced civilizations, explored space, and will eventually communicate with us.”
In our galaxy alone there are more than one million planets that could have developed fabulous civilizations, all nearby in the terms of the vastness of space. He has had many sightings of saucers over Buenos Aires. Thanks to Inquirer Jose Ramirez.


7th October 2011 - report by Annie Hesse

A Katherine tourguide claims UFOs are not an "uncommon" sight at one of the town's major tourist hotspots. Taffy Baker, tourguide and bush walker at Nitmiluk Gorge, said he had not talked about his sightings "for a long time" but after a spate of recent reported sightings of unidentified lights and objects in the sky in the Katherine region he felt he "should talk now". Mr Baker said sightings of UFOs above Nitmiluk Gorge - Katherine's main tourist magnet - "go back years".

"We've seen them, my wife, my family, others," he said.

"They are there, they've been around for quite a while."

Mr Baker said his latest sighting happened just on sunset the night Katherine man David Schuman took photos of an unidentified object in the sky above the Strongbala Men's Healing Centre.

"It was a light just above the horizon.

"It was there, but it didn't hover for long before it just disappeared as if somebody had switched it off."

Mr Baker said two years ago an object hovered over the gorge.

"There was no noise, nothing.

"The thing was in the sky, just about the water, doing small circles in the sky.

"And it was changing colour before it suddenly disappeared."

The tourguide said there had been "many" sightings of "strange things in the sky" at Nitmiluk.

In October 2010 Victorian tourist Adam Rewuk accidentally captured a UFO on film while taking holiday photos of the gorge.

Only hours later a bright light spooked the crowd at the annual Katherine Show rodeo.

"Maybe they come to the gorge for the water," Mr Baker said.

"You just don't know what it is that's out there and what they are up to."

Only last month a Territory man was chased by a UFO along the Stuart Highway in an attempted abduction.



6th October 2011 - 2 weeks ago i was interviewed by Linda Moulton Howe for American Radio show Coast to Coast AM which goes all around the US. Tens of millions will be hearing these interviews by me and Aiden which is good for UFO Tourism here in the Northern Territory as i try to get believers here to see something that will change there lives forever!
It was excellent to talk to somebody that is passionate about the UFO Topic and has lots of knowledge about the subject!
Also Aiden was interviewed as well discussing his UFO chase back 11 years ago so its a good listen.
Also you can see some of my UFO pics on Lindas website as well so i thank Linda for the chance to have my say in getting the truth out!

Alan Ferguson(ufo hunter)


5th October 2011 - Frank Feschino's work and detailed research records some of the estimated 200 aircraft lost to UFOs during intercepts.
White House concern may possibly have resulted in an order to shoot down the UFOs, reported in various International News Service (INS) stories on July 29, 1952. E.g., one such story reported that "jet pilots have been placed on a 24-hour nationwide 'alert against the flying saucers' with orders to 'shoot them down' if they ignore orders to land.
An Air Force public information officer, Lt. Col. Moncel Monte, confirmed the directive stating, "The jet pilots are, and have been, under orders to investigate unidentified objects and to shoot them down if they can't talk them down." It was further stated that no pilot had been able to get close enough to take a shot at a “flying saucer”, as the objects would disappear or speed away as soon as an interceptor approached, sometimes outflying their pilots by “as much as a thousand miles an hour.”

In just June and July of 1952, the U.S. lost NINETY-FOUR fighter jets Worldwide and 51 men confirmed killed. Planes were falling to the ground two and three at a time in some cases. The entire month of September records are missing. According to the NY times ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-TWO aircraft vanished or were destroyed between the years 1951 and 1956.

The San Francisco Examiner. July 29 1952... "The Air Force revealed today that jet pilots have been placed on twenty-four-hour nationwide 'alert' against 'flying saucers' with orders to 'shoot them down' if they refuse to land."

The Louisville Courier-Journal. July 30, 1952... "Maj. Gen. Roger Ramey, deputy Chief of the Air Force Staff for Operations, told the news conference that interceptor planes have raced aloft several hundred times as a result of reported sighting of unidentified objects. He said that was just standard procedure."

The Fullerton News-Tribune, CA July 26, 1956... "The United States Navy will not publicly admit that it believes in flying saucers, but it has officially ordered combat-ready pilots to 'shoot to kill' if saucers are encountered, OCNS [Orange County News Service] has learned. The information was first learned when Navy pilots navigating trans-Pacific routes from the United States to Hawaii were ordered in a briefing session to engage and identify ' any unidentified flying objects.' If the UFOs (saucers) appeared hostile the briefing officer told the pilots of Los Alamitos Naval Air Station reserve squadron VP 771, they are to be engaged in combat... It was found that the orders are not unusual."

General Benjamin Chidlaw, Head of Air Defense Command...
Uncontested quote, as told to investigative writer Robert Gardner in February of 1953. "We have stacks of reports about flying saucers. We take them seriously when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them."
Air Force General Benjamin Wiley Chidlaw, test pilot and engineer who directed development of the first U.S. jets, got another pioneer assignment: create the machines and the organization to defend the U.S. against air attack.
CIA memorandum - "Subject: Flying Saucers." Dated Sept. 24, 1952... H. Marshall Chadwell, Asst. Director of Scientific Intelligence: "A world-wide reporting system has been instituted and major Air Force Bases have been ordered to make interceptions of unidentified flying objects."

Donald Keyhoe, 1973... "In the late 1950s, as a number of futile US chases mounted, some pilots were convinced that the UFOs were immune to gunfire and rockets. Several Intelligence analysts believed the aliens might be using some negative force linked with gravity control to repel or deflect bullets and missiles. But the top control group disagreed. In a special evaluation of US and foreign reports they found evidence that UFOs were not invulnerable. Some had been temporarily crippled, apparently from power or control failures, and a few others had been completely destroyed by strange explosions. In one or two cases, it appeared that missiles or rocket fire could have been the cause."

shoot them down general

4th October 2011 - I was contacted by a guy named Ken Merrin the other week and we had a telephone chat which was extrordinary.This guy told me of the days when Seismic work was at the pioneering stage especially in the Gibson desert southeast of fitzroy crossing.There were 30 of them in a crew that did it rough them days as there were no mod cons back in those days!This is a very interesting story so will let Ken have his say,

Back in the early 70's we were doing seismic work in the Gibson desert with round 30 in the crew.At night We slept in our swags most of the time under the clear desert night sky and used to watch the low and high orbit satellites moving across the sky as you do!It all started to go weird when we were travelling through the night in convoy where 2 of the guys were sitting on the top of one of the trucks when 2 lights instantly dropped from the sky startling the boys!They both jumped off the top of the truck in fright but the lights disappeared as fast as they arrived!
It was a talking point around the camp but it soon got weirder after a day when one of the trucks broke down and 3 of the boys stayed with the truck and the rest of the convoy continued on to the next stop before returning the next morning with parts to fix the broken down truck.One of the 3 guys left behind that night was a driller and a very rough and tough type of guy but he soon changed his ways as some of the crew found out when they came back the next morning to find the 3 fellas completely different.The big pipe wrench was out leaning on the front of the broken down truck and Ken with the others wondered what would make the boys use that as its only for working with large pipes and that was not the case last night!One by one they came out from hiding and told an unbelievable story of while they were sitting around the camp fire a bright light appeared from the Horizon and came towards them and they were thinking that it was a car or truck coming along the track.then as fast as you could say WTF a UFO circular in shape appeared in front of them.well they all freaked especially when they could see port holes around the craft and bodies moving around inside!The Pipe wrench was grabbed to be used as a seld defence tool so thats why it was leaning against the truck in the morning!The UFO glided off with a slight humming sound so the boys were as you could imagine shaked up!
The driller quit when the next roster came up 4 weeks later to the surprise of everybody there.
Things didnt change for the next few weeks either as 2 silver objects came towards the dozer in broad daylight so the dozer driver then quit 4 weeks later as well so the boys were getting pretty spooked about what they were seeing!
Then Ken after getting up just before sunrise witnessed something he will never forget when looking at the horizon a Enormous bright white/silvery UFO appeared then shot up in the sky between the stars he said,absolutely incredible to see something move so fast!
When sitting around the camp with the boys the guy that delivers the supplies to them talked about lights that continually follow him through the night but never catch up to him!
As the crew work in one of the oldest and primitive Aboriginal land areas of the Kimberley they used to see lots of Aboriginal rock art and while observing some paintings on a sandstone outcrop they observed 2 paintings of beings which had big hoods or helmuts on the head!Both paintings had big eyes and also 3 stripes above the head.They were also wearing belts so this is a bit different to the Windjana paintings of primitive astronauts that have been found in the Kimberly!!
This was one very interesting chat i had with Ken and also i put to him that maybe the UFOs were following the dozer lines that they were making across the desert as some were up to 400 kilometres long so it may have attracted ET.
So because Ken witnessed alot of ET action he continued to have an interest in the Topic as he is one of many people like myself that once you get to see something you cant believe you are seeing it effects you for the rest of your life and in some cases ET continues to be present in your life to this day!

Ken still has sightings even getting a pic of one during the last month so check out his pic and i thank ken for his excellent story about an adventurous time in the Australian Outback!

kens pic


3rd October 2011 - While in the US Navy in the summer of 1986, I was standing lookout aboard the USS Edenton ATS 1 (currently decommissioned).
The lookout watch, stood outside on top the bridge of the ship, and was responsible for reporting all contacts seen both in the water and sky. It was around 11:00 PM, one clear night at sea, located about fifty miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC.
During one of my scans of the night sky, out of nowhere, four red circular lights appeared. The lights were hundreds of yards apart from each other and formed a square.
At first, I thought it was four separate aircraft, such as military helicopters because the lights were stationary; however, due to the distance from the ship, the lights were too large to be aircraft running lights.
There were also no other normal running lights like green and white, which make-up the normal outline of an aircraft seen at night. The lights were located about twenty degrees above the horizon and about a mile away from the ship.
Again, these four red lights were each about the size of a small plane, and very bright and visible in the night sky. The night sky was also clear, moonlit, and a moderate amount of stars were visible, which also aided in calculating the distance and size of these lights.
As stated, when I first saw these lights they were all stationary in the sky and appeared out of nowhere. Once I noticed that these were not normal lights, grouped in a square and not moving, I called down to the bridge over a salt and pepper line informing the conning officer of a possible UFO sighting.
This brought laughter across the wire at first, but I relayed the contact again in a stern but excited voice, which succeeded in getting the bridge officer's attention.
After relaying the contact information a second time, the four lights, in a flash, darted towards the horizon amazingly fast. The lower two lights in the square went first, with the top two lights following directly behind them in a curved swooshing motion and there was no sound.
Then all four shot straight up into outerspace and out of sight, all within a split second. At this point, I felt very excited and shocked, and was personally praying someone on the bridge had seen what I just saw.
Having been an avid watcher of the night sky, seen shooting stars and a believer in that life has to exist somewhere out there, I become even more excited because I knew I just saw my first unidentified flying object(s).
To my amazement, when I returned to the bridge after my watch, I was very pleased to learn that the conning officer and everyone else on the bridge had seen this sighting and logged it into the ship’s log as a UFO sighting.
Next, after a half hour had passed since the sighting, the radiation detection system (gamma roentgen meter) on the bridge started making a loud clicking sound.
At first, no one seemed to know what was making this sound; then a very loud bell went off notifying us as to what was going on, we were being radiated.
When the instrument stopped clicking, it indicated we had taken a hit of 385 roentgens in the period of about one minute. At this point, the captain of the ship was awoken and called to the bridge, as well as the chief in charge of the radiation metering equipment onboard ship.
The captain was not impressed with an entry of a UFO sighting being placed in the ship’s log, and at first, took the roentgen meter as being defective.
However, the chief informed the captain that the meter had been serviced and calibrated the day before and that other like meters throughout the ship had just gone off indicating the same amount of roentgens received as the bridge.
The captain stated not to log the instance concerning the radiation exposure and left the bridge. During the rest of my watch duty that night, no officer or enlisted person spoke of what happened, and also acted liked nothing happened.
This experience, however, was etched into my memory as if it happened yesterday and I have told this story to only a few people, people who I thought would believe me. This is also the first time I have documented the events of this night.
In conclusion, as an indication of the strength of gamma radiation, I and others received that night; all the personnel during the Project Trinity experiments conducted in 1945 at ground zero, only received between 1 and 6 total roentgens of gamma radiation.
This leads me to believe, we traveled through the wake of radiation produced by the UFOs seen thirty minutes earlier.




30th September 2011 - Alessandra from the Dominican Republic reported seeing a ufo a couple months ago!I thank Alessandra for her submission and this is what she had to say,

I saw a few months ago here in Dominican Republic a UFO but could not get enough documentation because it was cloudy, flashing lights were intervals of 12 to 15 seconds.
It was nightime and it did not make any kind of sound!
I have no reports about people who have seen my sighting but I know people who have seen these lights before and all at a great height in the night and after 9 or 10PM.
Greetings from Dominican Republic



29th September 2011 - He was abducted and probed by aliens while he was fishing with a friend and never backed off the story despite the ridicule he endured, has died. Hickson, 80, died last Friday of a heart attack. Hickson, then 42, was fishing with 19-year-old Calvin Parker Jr. on a pier near Pascagoula, Mississippi in October 1973 when they said, “A cigar-shaped UFO with flashing blue lights suddenly appeared above us and its door opened up and we were pulled into the craft by aliens, who paralyzed us examined us and then let us go.”

Although Hickson was reluctant to share the story -- he said all he and Parker wanted to do "was go fishing" and he feared people would "laugh me out of Jackson County" -- he and Parker eventually went to local police and reported the incident. "They weren't lying," the chief investigator for the Jackson County Sheriff's Department told reporters at the time. "Whatever it was, it was real to them."As word of their claims leaked out, Hickson and Parker became minor celebrities, celebrated by believers in extraterrestrial life.
In 1974, after wire services picked up the story, Hickson appeared on a number of national TV programs, including The Dick Cavett Show. In 1983, Hickson wrote a book about the incident called "UFO Contact at Pascagoula" with William Mendez. On the night of October 10, 1973, there was a UFO sighting by fifteen different witnesses who saw a strange, unknown object fly over a housing project in New Orleans, Louisiana. Two of the witnesses were policeman. This sighting would only be the beginning of what was to occur the next night on the nearby Pascagoula River. Two fishermen, nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker, and forty-two-year-old Charles Hickson were about to have an experience that would forever change their lives.

Hickson and Calvin Parker (shown here) were good friends, and often fished together in the waters of the Pascagoula River. When they heard a strange buzzing sound, they turned to see an egg-shaped object with bluish front lighting. The object was only a few feet above the water, and about ten yards from the two frightened fishermen.

While they sat stunned, looking at the weird flying machine, a door opened in the UFO, and to their utter amazement, three beings of unknown origin began to float toward the two. The beings were"... about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head."

Suddenly, two of the odd-looking beings grabbed Hickson, while the third being snatched Parker, who immediately fainted from fear. The beings supported Hickson by literally holding up his body. As they did, he felt numbness over his entire body. By some power he could not see, he was floated into the bowels of the waiting object to a brightly-lit room. The room had no gravity. He floated with a strange eye-like device. This device would go over his entire body as if it was scanning him. After the eye-like device was finished with Hickson, he was left floating in the room alone.

The beings had probably left to examine Parker. Twenty minutes after the ordeal had begun, it was over. Hickson was now floated back out of the craft. Back on the river bank, he could see Parker, who was crying and praying on the ground. Shortly, the strange flying object rose straight into thenight sky, and flew away.

After some time to regain their senses and strength, they began to talk about what action they should take. At first they were afraid to report their experience, but they felt obligated to tell someone. What if these beings were taking other people in the area? Fighting fears of public ridicule, they called Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi. They were instructed to report their incident to the local sheriff's department.

They decided instead to go to their local newspaper office, but it was closed. Their only one recourse was the sheriff, who thought their story was a hoax or trick. Trying to get to the bottom of their story, the two fishermen were placed in a room wired for sound. It was thought that they would discuss the joke between themselves, and their story would be found out. This was not to be. Soon law enforcement personnel knew that something had certainly frightened Hickson and Parker, and that this was no joke.

It would be no time until details of the alleged abduction began to leak out to the public. First, the account of the incident was published in local newspapers, soon followed by the wire services. In a matter of a couple of days, the Pascagoula, Mississippi, abduction was a big news item over the entire United States. Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) sent University of California professor James Harder to investigate the story. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who represented the U.S. Air Force, also, would research the case.
Harder and Hynek interviewed the two fishermen together. Harder tried to do regressive hypnosis on Hickson, but the abductee was so frightened, that the hypnosis was stopped. To get things off on solid ground, both of the witnesses took polygraph tests, and both passed without a problem. They both believed that the two tormented men were telling the truth.

Esteemed UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek would proclaim that "... there was definitely something here that was not terrestrial." Even after thirty-plus years, both Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson still testify to the same story, and have never wavered in their account of what happened that October night on the Pascagoula River.
There have been many articles, magazine reports, and television documentaries done on the case, and the two men have given numerous interviews about their experience. Their account, although bizarre, is one of the best researched and documented alien abduction cases in UFO history



28th September 2011 - A new documentary about Mayan civilization will provide evidence of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient culture, according to a Mexican government official and the film's producer.

"Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond," currently in production, will claim the Mayans had contact with extraterrestrials, producer Raul Julia-Levy revealed to TheWrap.

"Mexico will release codices, artifacts and significant documents with evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact, and all of their information will be corroborated by archaeologists," said Julia-Levy, son of actor Raul Julia.

In a release to TheWrap, Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado, the minister of tourism for the Mexican state of Campeche, said new evidence has emerged "of contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, supported by translations of certain codices, which the government has kept secure in underground vaults for some time."

He also spoke, in a phone conversation, of "landing pads in the jungle that are 3,000 years old."

Raul-Julia claims there is proof that the Mayans had intended to lead the planet for thousands of years, but were forced to escape after an invasion by "men of dark intentions," leaving behind evidence of an advanced race.

"The Mexican government is not making this statement on their own -- everything we say, we're going to back it up," he said.

The film will be directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo, who won the Humanitas Prize for "Those Who Remain" in 2009 and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for International Documentary for "In the Pit" in 2006. Juan Diego Rodriguez Gonzalez will serve as the Guatemalan executive producer, and Eduardo Vertiz as the Mexican executive producer.

And yes, they expect people to take this seriously, because the messages he plans to impart are crucial to human survival, Julia-Levy insisted.

When Julia-Levy, producer Ed Elbert and co-producer Sheila McCarthy announced the Mexican cooperation with their documentary to TheWrap in August, they were circumspect about claims of alien contact, with Julia-Levy admitting he'd been ordered not to say anything about it.

Now, not only has Rosado changed his tune, but the Guatemalan government has joined the project, as well, giving access to artifacts and newly discovered prophecies

While the Guatemalan government is not offering information about aliens, it has joined Mexico in supporting the project. "Guatemala, like Mexico, home to the ancient yet advanced Mayan civilization � has also kept certain provocative archeological discoveries classified, and now believes that it is time to bring forth this information in the new documentary," Guatemala's minister of tourism, Guillermo Novielli Quezada, said in a statement.

He said the country was working with filmmakers "for the good of mankind."

Raul-Julia claims that the order to cooperate came directly from the country's president, Alvaro Colom Caballero.

Guatemala is the site of a large number of pre-Columbian Mayan settlements in the Mirador Basin, including the extensive and highly organized city of El Mirador.


27th September 2011 - Back in May,early morning just after i spotted some ufos going across the sky in unison and Red orbs flashing on and off i decided to try out my new camera the next couple mornings to see if i could capture anything!This pic was taken 2 days after the NT News reported that i had seen activity in the early morning skies,see the link
I noticed a green line but didnt notice the other anomolies until the other day while going through some pics taken this year.
I have added the original as well as the 3 cropped pics so you have all the evidence which shows that there was NO camera shake as it was on an tri-pod!
the camera was set to take pics after 10 seconds and i didnt see what it captured with my own eyes probably due to scanning the skies in different areas.
Lots are happening up in our skies as Darwins Rural area proves its a UFO Hotspot yet again!Me and a couple guys will be having a ufo spot tonight at my place so fingers crossed we have luck like we did last time where 4 of us saw bright lights appear then disappear,start moving across the sky to then stop,flash then take off at great speed!
Keep those eyes to the Sky!!

Alan Ferguson(ufologist)

4088 cropped4088 cropped0488 cropped


26th September 2011 - More and more undeniable sightings of UFOs are being reported over major cities.
There is clearly a progressive disclosure which is going on, this phenomenon is recent and new.
The so-called extraterrestrials deliberately show themselves in order to make the people and the mainstream media speak about them, even Hollywood has released 11 movies on the extraterrestrials just during this year of 2011.


23rd September 2011 - I heard you on the radio and you described to a tee the sighting I had back in 1987 on the island of Crete. My wife and I watched it for about 45 minutes before we actually got bored of it. It was definitely not of this world and I have never met anyone else who has seen anything like it until I heard you on the radio!

I was living in a very secluded valley about a kilometre inland from the beach on the south east coast of Crete in Greece in 1987. I remember walking home after dark up the narrow path and the first thing that got my attention was the sound of all the dogs that lived in the valley were going off their trees, barking like mad. That can be explained away during a full moon but there was no moon that night and as I was walking I came to a clearing and looked up to the night sky full of stars, and saw these flashing lights...I thought it was a helicopter because it was stationary although with a bit of a wobble to it. The next thing I knew it shot off to the right side of the horizon about 500 metres in a flash and then stabilised and wobbled a bit and then shot back again. At this point my heart was racing and I knew I was witnessing something totally out of the ordinary. My first thought was that this was a spaceship and I remember thinking and even saying out loud - "here I am,take me out of here!"

I made it back to the place I was staying at and got my girlfriend out to witness it too and we just watched in awe for a long time, this crazy back and forth manouvre with the flashing lights. It was noiseless and too dark to make out exactly what it was but I know that the laws of aerodynamics don't allow any type of craft to move that fast. I feel truly blessed to have born witness to such a spectacle and it has given me faith that there is something out there much greater than ourselves...feel free to use this on your website. All the best.

Joe Antonellis


22nd September 2011 - I had an email come in from S.P who lives out in the Noonamah area just near Acacia Hills where i live.
She has been seeing the same red orbs that pulse as they move across the sky and also the white orbs that blink on and off and move around in a small area of the sky!Now she has seen a UFO that was alot lower than the other sightings which i have also witnessed this dry season that they have been up high!
This sighting comes the same thursday evening last week when Dave schumann spotted a ufo in Katherine and it took off at great speed heading North towards this way.Was it the same craft that turned from a grey orb to an orange orb with gold lights under it??They morph into differnt shapes and colours so maybe just it was the same object!!This UFO flap we are in at the moment has created Huge interest around Australia as well as in America where i will be interviewed on Coast to Coast AM to tell the Americans whats going on in our skies here in the NT.Its all happening so keep those eyes to the sky as they are lower again which gives you a good look at em!
Alan Ferguson(ufologist)

I thank S.P for her submission and here is what she had to say.

Hi Al,
Just wondered if you or anyone you know saw the red ufo last night around Noonamah or thereabout? Has the activity been more frequent lately? Was my first one and never saw anything like it! It was like the red one you described and the lights went out ever so slowly, and I even wondered at first, if it was just my eyes or they were actually dimming. Sure enough, it went out altogether and came back on just as slowly. This happened at least 8 times and it stayed in the same spot. No sound. There appeared to be goldish lights on the bottom as I had enough time to run and get the binocs.

The sighting was anywhere in between 8.30 and 8.45pm on Thursday. I was so glued, I didn't even check the time right away! Yes, you're quite right it certainly does give that feeling of, "what-da????" I marvelled at the fact that it never zoomed or 'zipped' anywhere and it stayed in one place for so long. I thought I'd captured it with the camera but the lights went too far down so all I got was darkness. I preferred to check the binocs first, so I missed the camera shot

It was definitely north, and perhaps 3k's from Acacia. That's hard for me to guess though. Now the other things that I'm seeing are what look like little stars and sometimes they get brighter. They are higher up, but if you keep your eye in one place for a while, you see that they are moving very slowly around the same area.

Thanks S P

21st September 2011 - Last night I went to get something out of my car. I looked up into the sky to see a sight I have never seen before.
We have a lot of planes fly over us and the sky was clear. I saw a flashing light that was making slight movements in the sky.
I quickly raced inside to get my camera. In the first clip you can hear and see a passenger plane and see the UFO.
The UFO mainly flashes white and blue, flickering rapidly then blinking on and off.
There were several times where I could see a flash of red and a strange reflection (as if the light was glowing against a cloud but there were no clouds).
I tried zooming and focusing, but I had trouble focusing on the object (I stopped recording several times to adjust my camera settings).
The object moved out of sight so I went around the backyard for a better view. All I could hear was the wind blowing.
I felt that maybe this could be a kite at a nearby park so I went for a drive. It then became obvious that this object was at a far distance into the sky.
There were many times where the object moved quickly from one place to another (I zoomed out so you can see a reference object such as a light post, trees). After a few minutes driving I pulled over on a quiet street and continued to film. Eventually it shot down and out of sight.
I have uploaded the clips to youtube unedited. If you require the original footage I can upload it direct to you (just took so long to upload to youtube). - Great example of fast movement - First sighting near a plane - You can see red lights at 24 & 42 seconds
View my profile to see the other videos
Kind Regards,

20th September 2011 - My old mate Dave has done it again!He has sighted another craft moving at incredible speed across the early evening sky!
This is very interesting as the night Dave sighted this ufo is the same night that i have just recieved an email from Shaz in Noonamah just around the corner from my place here in Acacia Hills.She seen an orange craft with golden lights on the bottom of it so just waiting on more info about that one!Dave states that the object headed North so whats the chances that it was the same craft??
I suggest people get out and have a look at the night skies as there is a fair bit of Activity at the moment and if you are lucky to see some of these babies scooting around you will be Amazed!
Alan Ferguson(ufologist)
I thank Dave for his submission and here is what he had to say,

Dave here, it just so happens mate that I spotted another UFO on the evening of the Thursday just past, after sunset, at around dusk,....and even if there had of been a camera in my hand at the time of the sighting mate, it wouldn't have made any difference at all, the damn thing was there one second and then it was gone, literally in a flash.It was a dull grey object in the sky that I saw and that it lasted only for just a few moments,.....then, when all of a sudden, it glowed like the sun in it's strength, for no more than a second,...and then it shot out across the sky like a flattened out streak, in a Continuous flat line,....when it streaked away there could no shape be determined at all, in fact I don't know of anything that could have survived travelling at such a speed as it was travelling,....but in it's own terms of speed, I would have to say, that it was moving at a relatively Slow Cruise and that is about all that I can tell you for now,.... It all just happened so fast, did however appear to be heading in a northerly direction, along the Stuart Hwy and it just, disappeared, like that. !!
well, you could have knocked me over with a feather, for I have never before seen any thing that could move that fast, not even my sister on a Friday night with her date, love nuts in toe........Yep it really was some thing to see, and that you just had to see for yourself, to was just beyond me, nothing could prepare you for the speed that this thing travels at, and now, I have seen it with my own eye's!
No pics this time and as I was the only one, that was about at that time of the day, I was the only one who got to see the bugger,....I just happened to be walking back to my camp, after having turned on the pump to refill the water tank, so I could finish washing up and as I was walking back between the building and the hilly mound I straight away sensed that something was watching me, like you do, like when the hairs on the back of your head and neck stand up,.......and you know that there is something not quite rite,....I turned sharply to my right and my eye's immediately locked onto a dullish grey looking Object that Hovered above the ground and it was at about the 9 O' clock position in the sky, for that was where I roughly imagined it to be,.....The Flash that it Obviously made was that of a brightly lit up mini, brighter than white silvery Sun. The date that it took place was Thursday the 15th / 09 / 2011
It just makes me feel giddy, just thinking about the speed it was travelling!

Dave Schumann

20th September 2011- Seems that the NT is living up to its ufo season special with sightings flooding into my desk.Now have sightings from Katherine,Timber creek and now Noonamah so the Boys from upstairs are really showing themselves!This does not surprise me as we usually have a flap at least twice to three times a dry season when multiple sightings take place!Pity i am spending all this time in front of the computer as i'm missing out on the action at the moment!This latest report comes from Laurent who was travelling with her 2 buddys!

What she described to me is exactly what i and 15 other people witnessed in Katherine a month ago!Very exciting times up here in the NT at the moment!Like i have been saying for over 5 years now,the Northern Territory is some UFO HOTSPOT!

I thank Laurent for her submission and here is what she has to say,

UFO sighted on September 16th 2011
We were three people, one Irish girl, one french girl and boy. we were traveling from kununurra to Katherine and we s
topped for the night in the rest area 5km from Timber Creek.
At 7.30pm we saw a light moving in a straight direction north west. I thought it was a satellite. But it started to emit a flashing white light. the time between the flash was different each time. it stopped flashing and we thought we lost it. but 2 or 3 seconds after it appeared up to us. I don't know anything that can move so fast. it changed direction few times, going up and down.After that it was going direction north, and stop flashing.
The sighting lasted for 7 minutes and we were 5KM east of Timber Creek

Laurent Aveilla


19th September 2011 - An extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, is a planet outside our Solar System, and 677 such planets have been identified as of September 13, 2011.
There are 34 stars with two planets, 10 with three, 5 with four, 1 with five, 2 with six, and 1 with eight. The star with the most confirmed planets is Sol, which contains 8 confirmed planets. The star with most confirmed exoplanets are HD 10180 and Kepler-11, both containing 6 confirmed planets.
A substantial fraction of stars have planetary systems, including 10% of Sun-like stars, though the actual proportion may be higher.[2] Data from the Kepler mission has been used to estimate that there are at least 50 billion planets in our own galaxy.[3] There also exist planetary-mass objects that orbit brown dwarfs and that orbit the galaxy directly just as stars do, although it is unclear if either type should be labeled as a "planet".

Using a new technique called gravitational microlensing astronomers can spot worlds one-tenth the mass of our own.
Researchers have discovered a potentially rocky, icy body that may be the smallest planet yet found orbiting a star outside our solar system. "This important research, partly funded by NASA, is providing us the opportunity to search for planets that could support life," said Zlatan Tsvetanov, Terrestrial Plant Finder program scientist at NASA Headquarters. Earth size planets can now be detected.
Editor's Note: It would be foolish to assume all planets are barren without life. It is a lot of space to waste. Our UFOs are now circling Mars. We can assume advanced civilizations would be visiting our Earth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



16th September 2011 - People interested in UFOs are typically stereotyped as young nerdy Star Trek fans, but the truth is altogether different. I had this same expectation when I attended my first UFO meeting. I lived near the headquarters of the largest UFO research organization in the country, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and the first time I walked into a meeting, to my surprise, I found mostly retirees. The man in charge was a retired engineer, John Schuessler, who spent years working at Johnson Space Center, beginning with NASA's first manned space missions.
Among the attendees were engineers, retired law enforcement and retired military personnel, who for one reason or other took the issue of UFOs very seriously. Schuessler's interest was that some of the craft described by credible witnesses were highly advanced, and that if we could glean some of this technology from the characteristics described in UFO sightings, it could be utilized to enhance our space program. He became aware of the UFO phenomenon when he found out first hand that astronauts had been seeing things in space they couldn't explain.Astronaut Gordon Cooper, one of the first men in space, went public with his extraordinary UFO encounters. He says in 1951 he and other Air Force jet pilots saw a group of "metallic, saucer-shaped vehicles". He also says in 1957 a camera crew he supervised filmed a saucer like craft land in the desert at Edwards Air Force base. He was ordered to give the film to a courier and never saw it again. Another astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, says he knows UFOs are real from speaking with his colleagues. He also grew up in Roswell, New Mexico, where he says an extraterrestrial craft really did crash in 1947.
These gentlemen weren't the only men of science to be interested in the subject, in fact modern UFO studies were started by scientists. One of the first and most important, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, was an astronomer who researched UFOs as a consultant for the Air Force. He disagreed with the Air Force's stance that there was nothing to the issue and started the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS).
Another early UFO organization, whose members were mostly military, was the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) founded by renowned physicist Thomas Townsend Brown in 1956. Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter was one of NICAP's more prominent advisors. In a letter to congress in 1960, he wrote: "Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense."
Democrat Bill Clinton had an interest in UFOs and Hillary was the president's liaison with Laurence Rockefeller, who was petitioning the White House to begin official investigations into the matter. John Podesta, Clinton's Chief of Staff and co-chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Project, called for an end to UFO secrecy at the Washington Press Club in 2002. Jimmy Carter said he had a UFO sighting, so did Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich.
Republican Ronald Reagan had a UFO sighting and continually referenced extraterrestrial invasions. Gerald Ford, while a congressman in Michigan in 1966, called for a congressional inquiry into UFOs.
More recently, a book titled, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record, has shed light on some of the more credible evidence. The foreword is written by John Podesta and it has been endorsed by well-known physicist, Michio Kaku and astronomer Derrick Pitts. Kaku has been writing and talking about UFOs and the importance of taking the phenomena serious for years. Pitts was convinced of the phenomenon's importance by the book, stating: "I am not saying that UFOs are ET spacecraft. I am saying [that] here, there is some mystery, and we should be able to address it scientifically, without all the stigma involved."
This is just a brief sample of some of the accomplished people interested in the subject. Polls typically show that anywhere between 30 to 50 percent of the population take UFOs seriously. The results from a Gallup poll in 1966 showed that college and high school graduates were nearly 20 percent more likely to believe the issue was "something real" than people with only a grade school education.
I was inspired to write this blog entry when a friend of mine lost his battle with cancer and passed away last week. Gary Huffman was a retired senior engineer from the Rocky Flats nuclear facility outside of Denver, Colorado. Literally a rocket scientist, who started frequenting UFO lectures after he had his own extraordinary sighting. He was one of the smartest, most honest and forthright people I knew. Thinking of him made me contemplate the long list of other impressive people who have studied this enigmatic mystery.



15th September 2011 - By Javier Ortega Purely bizarre.I came across this video on YouTube in which according to the person who uploaded it, shows a triangle shaped UFO hovering above Carroll County, Maryland, on the night of Friday November 12th, 2010. The video also shows a hovering helicopter keeping a close eye on the triangular craft. Note the lack of FAA blinking lights on the triangular craft.
What’s even more bizarre is that on the 1 minute and 03 second mark of the clip, we hear a loud explosion, like that of a high caliber gun or cannon. The person filming the lights becomes startled as the blast is loudly heard.
Was the shot from some frightened person on the ground? Or was it a warning shot from the helicopter?
For about 2 hours on Friday November 12th, this object “hovered” over Carroll, Maryland, accompanied by very loud, intermittent sonic booms. (“Sonic” was how they were described to me... the noises shook windows and houses).
The video shows three white lights in a triangular formation which do not move (use the moon as a point of reference) and a red, flashing light from the helicopter that circles the object.
The video was recorded with a cell phone by a friend’s mother. Please don’t bitch about the length. We all wish it were longer, but it isn’t.
My friend took a 4 hour bus ride back to Maryland last Sunday to do a little digging.
He says the response of the several neighbors he spoke to were erratic, with some residents claiming to have heard the booms and recalled feeling their homes shake, while residents in the very next house claimed to hear nothing.
He also called 4 police stations in the area, but none of them offered an explanation for the booms.


14th September 2011 - I had an email come in from Aiden who lives in Palmerston up here in the Top End. This sighting does not surprise me as this has happened many times to people travelling down the track(stuart Highway) here in the Northern Territory.Julie and Grant, 2 friends of mine had a simular experience a couple years ago when heading to Wycliffe Well to interview Lew Farkas who was the boss of the place then. They were travelling late at night and the same thing happened that a light started to follow them as it got close they would freak out then the light would go back for awhile then speed up! Then just like Aidens sighting it just disappeared without a trace!! That soon changed there minds about wheather there is something out there because they were skeptical at the time but thought there must be something to this ufo topic as me and other people had credible footage and stories to tell of what we have been seeing over the years!Now they had there own sighting and boy did it change there way of thinking!Actually the sightings of lights in the sky around that Area of the NT have been around for tens of thousands of years which the Aborigines called them "min min "lights.
I thank Aiden for his submission and here is what he had to say!

I was traveling south of Tennant Creek on my way to Melbourne. I had left Tennant around 3.30am after spending the night there and about an hour after I had set off I looked in my side mirror and noticed a light behind me. I thought nothing of it as it was probably another car.

The light seemed to get brighter and I thought geez they must be driving fast as I was doing 120kph and the light had gotten brighter!

When I looked again after a few minutes the light was really bright but it was in the bloody sky, I started to get freaked out and put the foot down a bit more. Then I looked back again and this time the light was huge and the most brightest light I had ever seen but the strange thing is that the light had like an orange colour to it but was white at the same time.

The light was about the size of a large car and stayed with me for around 20 to 30 mins. There was also like a faint drone as well but at the time I put it down to road noise but who knows??

Well by this time I was sure it was not another car or truck because when I went around a bend on the road it was still behind me in the same spot even when the road went left and right. It was I suppose about 700 to 800 metres behind me in the sky and I said to myself no no not me go and take someone else I am not

The next minute I look behind me again and it was gone like completely so I stopped got out and there was no light to be seen anywhere at all.

That freaked me out heaps and in some strange way got me hooked as well due to witnessing something that was incredible to see and thinking this is not from here!.

Perhaps one day I might be lucky enough to see another like that again or even closer would be good as well.

Cheers Aiden.


13th September 2011 - Sighting was on the 29/8/2011
I was watching videos with my partner and my sister and decided to take a break and go outside for a cigarette.
First noticed things were strange that there was no sound or wind at all outside, no bird noise or car noise.
Then I look up to the sky towards the ocean (1.5 kms from house) when I notice two bright lights traveling at high speed together in a northerly direction.
This is when my heart started racing, because the lights were brighter than any plane and the speed was faster than any plane as well.
It was at this point after 5 seconds of viewing when the two objects suddenly did 180 degree turns at the same constant speed they had been traveling at before.
The strange thing is that they seemed to make the turns in opposite directions, one up and one down.
They disappeared behind some trees and that's when I yelled for my partner and sister to come out and have a look.
My sister came out and we couldn't see anything, so I jumped up on my brick fence to get a view of the sky line from a higher elevation.
This is probably 1 minute after the first sighting. I then spotted them much closer together traveling really low in the same direction I had previously seen them traveling north.
This means that they must have turned yet again while I was trying to track them again.
This time they were traveling even faster and then they joined into one bright light and blinked out of existence.
Whether they actually disappeared or just went behind some houses on the skyline that obscured my vision, I'm not sure. But after that I could not see them again.



12th September 2011 - Astronomers monitoring Comet Elenin have noticed the comet has decreased in brightness the past week, and the coma is now elongating and diffusing. Some astronomers predict the comet will disintegrate and not survive perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun.
On August 19, a massive solar flare and coronal mass ejection hit the comet, which may have been the beginning of the end for the much ballyhooed lump of ice and dirt.
“We’ve been following it in the STEREO spacecraft images and a number of amateurs have been following it in their telescopes,” said Australian amateur astronomer Ian Musgrave, author of the Astroblog website. “Shortly after the coronal mass ejection the comet flared up and you could see some beautiful details in the tail, with the tail was twisting about in the solar wind. But shortly after that Earth- bound amateurs reported a huge decrease in the intensity of the comet. We think it may presage a falling apart of the comet.”
One journalist joked that maybe Comet Elenin just couldn’t take all the doomsday talk and publicity.
“It really has been a beautiful little comet and it deserves a better fate than to be overhyped by doom-sayers,” said Musgrave.
Elenin is a long period comet originating from the outer edges of our solar system, and Musgrave noted that comets coming from the Oort cloud which are making their first pass through the solar system tend to be under-performers in terms of brightness. “They don’t brighten as quickly as comets that come around more than once,” he said, “and in looking at the relationship between the brightness and the distance from the Sun, we find empirically that comets that brighten on roughly the same speed as Elenin tend to be likely to fall apart at perihelion.”
However, Musgrave added, each comet is unique. “Some comets will survive and some won’t. The fact that this comet decreased in brightness after the CME, possibly indicates that the comet will not survive. Another possibility is that merely the CME wiped away the coma — the bright cloud of particles around the comet — and the volatiles of the comet might take awhile to come back and recreate the coma, if it does survive.”
Elenin’s mass is smaller than average and its trajectory will take it no closer than 34 million km (21 million miles) of Earth as it circles the Sun. It will make its closest approach to Earth on October 16th, but be closest to the Sun on Sept. 10.

elenin elenin


9th September 2011 - My good friend and fellow ufo chaser David Schuman has sent me some very interesting pics indeed!In between storms up here in our wet season he was doing some sky fishing when he captured these amazing pics of something up high in the sky!He didnt see or hear anything at the time so he was amazed after downloading his pics onto his computer to see these images.I have taken many shots of lightening and storm clouds lighting up with Electricity and i have never seen anything like these images!Just goes to show what i have been saying for a long time and that is ,there is more happening above us up here in the Top End than what you would ever imagine!I thank David for his submission and hope to continue working with him to get the "Truth out there"

This is what he had to say,

The photos were taken at Fishermans Wharfe on November of 2009 between the hours of 11.30pm and 1.00am in the morning during a break in the weather while yet again another storm front threatened to move in!I had a perfect vantage point from which to Servey the surrounding skies and mostly it was Unhindered by lights and well out of the way!Most of the photo's I'd taken are at a ninety degree angle and directed in a South Easterly direction.Pics were taken Randomely and at the time I did not see anything in the skies.

David Schuman.

o ring unknown anothrer


8th September 2011 - Sharyn from Victoria sent me an email describing what she saw in the sky a couple weeks ago with multiple witnesses to the event!Like myself when you have continuous ufo sightings throughout your life i like to ask the witnesses if this has occured and most say" yes" so i can see a pattern emerging here!

I thank Sharyn for her submission and this is what she had to say,

Date: 24th August 2011 sighting

Location: Bairnsdale Victoria (90 mile Beach and Gippsland Lake system)

Witnesses: Sharyn Dickeson (and two friends)

At approximately 5.45 pm I had a phone call from two friends who were walking in another part of town. They had stopped and were observing a bright white/yellow elliptical light in the western sky which did not appear to be moving and was large as well as long. At first they assumed it was the first star but the shape was unusual and elongated.

They asked me to go outside to observe the object as well. I walked a short distance up our street (to the south) and looked across to the west/north sky. I observed an elliptical white streak (elongated and longer than a fifty cent coin at arms length), similar to the jet stream left by a rocket upon launch. The object was at about a 90 degree elevation above the horizon line, moving rapidly and on a sharp incline.

I automatically thought it was (possibly) a plane with an unusual vapour trail and I'm still unsure. However, it was not leaving any kind of vapour trail in it's wake. In front of the elliptical jet stream was a dark object which became larger as I observed. My friends had not observed this part - I think they had only seen the tail at the rear. I could not see any wings on the object or hear any sound.

The object was oval/cigar shaped. I have observed many airplanes traversing the sky, often on the way to New Zealand but they are usually higher in the sky and the shape of the plane with wings is often discernible.

As the object moved across the northern sky the incline decreased and the object became larger and clearer to observe. It was still at a 90 degree elevation above the horizon. At this point it was orange in colour, which given the time of day could have been light reflecting from the sun. The object was approximately the size of a five cent piece held at arm’s length.

At that point I did not feel I was observing a plane but something else unknown. The object was directly in front of my house due north. I ran back into the house, grabbed the binoculars and ran out onto the north deck of our house with the hope of getting a clearer observation of the object. This process took a maximum of 15 - 20 seconds.

By the time I made it onto the deck, the object had completely vanished. There was no evidence of it having been in the sky, no vapour trail or sound echo. The sky was blue, cloudless and empty.

Apart from the other day (the report which I sent through before) I have seen at least one ufo.

It was about 7 years ago, at night, in Bairnsdale. We were at a bbq for a friend’s birthday. My husband and youngest son and I saw a ufo, round, orange in colour fly along the horizon line, south east, so probably out towards the lake system and ocean. We observed it for about ten minutes (I guess) and then it just disappeared suddenly.

There have been other sightings up this way which I have been aware of over the years.

My father and a few other locals observed/witnessed a large cigar shaped ufo which remained stationary above Bairnsdale for quite awhile. It was at about 20,000 feet elevation , according to my father (who’d been a pilot prior to WW2 and a flight engineer in the RAAF) and was during the day. It happened in about 1963 (ish) and I was about 3 at the time. When it did take off, it apparently took off very quickly and disappeared.

Back in the early 80’s another girlfriend and her husband and a couple of other family members observed a few (not sure how many) ufo over several hours during the course of the night. They were located in Clifton Ck, a small rural farming community 15 minutes north east of Bairnsdale. My recollection of the story was that several spherical coloured objects maneuvered - above the tree line overall a few hours – the family members sat on their porch and watched

then the ufo’s took off and disappeared really quickly.

My husband also observed 3 ufo’s on the mornington peninsula around the same decade I think. He lived in Rosebud. He claims to have seen a few.

More recently (about 4 – 5 years ago) a friend was travelling in her car into Bairnsdale (from and easterly direction), with her parents and a very skeptical sister. As they entered the township, they observed a bright spherical light heading from the north across to the township. They were in the township by this point and stopped the car. They observed the ufo for several minutes as it made it’s way across the river flats. Then it suddenly shot off into the sky and was gone. This was early evening.

So, there you go – they are everywhere but I’m sure you already know that. I’m sure there are a lot more stories up this way…it’s just getting people to talk about it. The policy has been deny and ridicule for a very long time. Hopefully that is changing.

Best wishes,



7th September 2011 - My husband and I went outside to smoke a cigarette and as I walked out my back door onto my deck I saw an amazingly bright and brilliant cluster of red light(s).
I turned to look at it and immediately noticed the way the lights looked was not like a “normal” light.
It is very hard to put into words, but the best I can do is say that normal lights shine light but these seemed to glow more brightly than anything I’ve ever seen glow, or maybe a better way to put it would be to say that they radiated colored energy.
This sounds crazy even to me when I was the one who saw it, but that is truly the only way I can find to describe it.
I asked my husband if he saw it as well. He simply stated yes. I asked what it was, and almost at the same moment he started to say it was an airplane, it moved slowly to the left and the lights changed to an equally bright green.
I asked him again “that’s an airplane? Really?” he agreed that it was not an airplane
. We continued to watch as it floated slowly to the left and then sped up and changed to blue lights and flew upwards.
Then it stopped moving except for a slight hovering like instability for approximately a minute maybe two then repeated the flight pattern and color changing again, then slowed again to the hover like movement now with only the red lights blinking at random and inconsistent intervals.
I couldn’t gauge the distance of the object, but it was visible over the tree tops near my home. It was triangular in shape with multiple, intensely bright lights that changed colors.
And from where we were standing it looked as though it could be rather large in size. We watched this pattern of flying and changing color for 10-15 minutes at somewhere between 1-2 AM.
I then decided to go out into the front yard to see if I could get a better look at it and also to see if there was anyone else that was seeing the same thing.
There were some individuals outside but I could not see it from the front of my home due to tree and houses blocking the area I had seen it.
When I returned into the backyard to watch it further, my husband had come back inside and informed me it was gone.
My husband took over 24 hours to allow himself to accept that this thing was not something that could be explained easily and the same night he finally admitted that it was an unidentifiable flying something or another.
He refuses to say UFO because he thinks it will make him sound like a nut case.
He informed me the next evening that he had seen another object flying extremely fast across the sky, I was not home that evening to confirm or deny his sighting, although he is not a believer in any other worldly things or the possibility of them, so I am inclined to trust his admittance to seeing something he doesn’t believe in.
I am someone who believes that anything is possible, and that it is ignorant and egotistical of us to believe that in the vast unending universe, we are the only beings or living things.
I don’t know what it was. However, I know it was something that I have never seen the like of before and believe that the way that craft moved and the manner in which it changed colors and blinked without recognizable pattern was not any object that I have known to exist yet here.


6th September 2011 - Posted By: Rich
The facts are just the facts, thousands of people in the state of Arizona saw a UFO on the night of March 13, 1997. This cannot be denied.
The facts go on to state that they saw a solid object at 8:30 PM and it remained in the sky clearly visible for 106 minutes. It was extremely large, almost one mile in length.
So what was it? There are only two plausible explanations,
1) It was a secret military craft, or
2) It was an extraterrestrial craft. Either outcome is really fantastic.
It is also factual that at 10 PM the military scrambled some jets that dropped flares around 10:30 PM to cover up the UFO event. This has been clearly documented.
So now we have two entirely separate events happening, the first one is a bona-fide UFO sighting and the second is an obvious attempt to cover that sighting up.
The military effort was too little too late so the UFO sighting stands.
So when you boil this down to what we actually know it comes down to the following. Either the American military has advanced craft beyond our wildest imagination or they have been dealing with extraterrestrials for a very long time.
So now you get into a few questionable areas, if this is a military experimental aircraft, who built it? After all it is almost one mile in length.
It would have taken so many people to build and work on that it would be close to impossible for them to keep it secret.
Secondly, lets keep assuming this is a military craft, where do your park a mile long craft? It would have to be underground or at some amazing facility with beyond state of the art camouflage abilities.
A third possibility is that this craft can remain right out in the open and it has some type of cloaking device.
These three scenarios are all possible, but you have to admit highly unlikely. That leaves only one more plausible explanation, an alien craft with advanced beings visiting planet earth and in particular visiting the American Military.
Then there is the question why was it seen over Arizona that night, again it boils down to one of two reasons,
1) It was intentional, to prepare the world for disclosure,
2) It was some sort of malfunction and it was never meant to be seen and certainly not at a low altitude by so many people.



5th Spetember 2011 - Many experts wonder as to why governments always try to call UFO sightings as hoax? But here is a report that says that governments don’t want to make their citizens fearful of actual existence of these flying machines.
Unidentified objects have fascinated the world for decades. The way they appear from nowhere has made them a mystery. Their style and their alleged shape has always attracted curiosity. But so far these UFOs were always branded as hoax from scientists and aviation experts.
Now there comes an in-depth report that finally shows that scorn and questions raised by the so called aviation experts and different governments were actually aimed at making people comfortable about these things and denying the existence of any such objects.
A report that is going to appear on History Channel is exposing the extend of the government interventions and high handed attitude of the CIA in muzzling reports on the sightings and close encounters with the UFO.
Now it has emerged that US government and its secret service agencies had been trying to silence even authentic reports from pilots and asking them to forget that anything of sort happened.
Just over two decades ago there was a close encounter of Japan Airlines 747 with a group of UFO that was also recorded by air traffic control. The UFOs whose number at one time went up to three chased the aircraft for close to thirty minutes before disappearing in this air.
A former senior official of Federal Aviation John Callahan says that he had to give up all the papers about the UFO sighting that were collected by air traffic control and details provided by pilot to CIA officials who asked him to keep quite on the issue. He said that the officials said that it was necessary so as not to frighten the American public.
A Huffington Post report says that there is a spike in sightings of the Unidentified Flying Objects and more and more such sightings are brushed aside as hoax.
A reader while commenting on denial of existence of UFO says, “What I find very funny about scientist who deny these beings could travel here from some other star system is, they’re basing their assumption­s on what we currently know about science. it was no to long ago that the idea of an atomic bomb was so far-fetche­d we made fun of the people who said it was possible. Now take a race of being”s who could be thousands if not millions of years more advanced then we are and all bets are off”.



2nd September 2011 - Article by Annie Hesse
A UFO hovered in front of an Australian Navy destroyer for more than half an hour and did not appear on the warship’s radar, an Australian Navy reservist claims.
The man, who didn’t want to be named, came forward after visiting Katherine recently, where he heard about a spate of sightings of unexplained lights and objects in the sky.

The 39-year-old man said he was working on the guided missile destroyer HMAS Brisbane in 1992 as quartermaster gunner when an “illuminating, bright light” appeared in front of the boat.

“We were sailing in the Great Australia Bight when the light was suddenly in front of us, about 45 degrees, high in the sky.

“We watched it for about half an hour – but nothing was on the radar.”

The Navy Reservist said the light then “quickly moved to south east and then south west and gave a bit of a jiggle”, before it “shot up and disappeared”.

“All this took place almost 20 years ago, but it is something I’ve never forgotten and never will.

“I’ve never seen anything like it since.”

The guided missile destroyer was scuttled in July 2005 near Mudjimba Island on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and a marine park has been proclaimed around the wreck.

Earlier this year an investigation into documented UFO sightings in Australia found that the country's X-files have gone missing.

The Defence Department spent two months searching its offices for files of a ''schedule of records … which relate to unidentified flying objects''.

But in late May, the department's FOI assistant director, Natalie Carpenter, wrote in a statement the only file Defence was able to locate was titled ''Report on UFOs/Strange Occurrences and Phenomena in Woomera''; the others had been destroyed.

''We also discovered one [other] file, which had not been destroyed but could not be located,'' Ms Carpenter wrote.

''In an effort to retrieve this file our office conducted searches of the Defence Record Management System, National Archives Australia [Canberra], National Archives Australia [Chester Hill], Defence Archives Queanbeyan and Headquarters Air Command, RAAF Base Glenbrook.

''Despite searching these locations, the files could not be located and Headquarters Air Command formally advised that this file is deemed lost.''


aus destroyer

1st September 2011 - MOSCOW – An unmanned Russian supply ship bound for the International Space Station failed to reach its planned orbit Wednesday, and pieces of it fell in Siberia amid a thunderous explosion, officials said. A brief statement from Roscosmos, Russia's space agency, did not specify whether the Progress supply ship that was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan had been lost. But the state news agency RIA Novosti quoted Alexander Borisov, head of a the Choisky region in Russia's Altai province, as saying pieces of the craft fell in his area some 1,500 kilometers (900 miles) northeast of the launch site.
"The explosion was so strong that for 100 kilometers (60 miles) glass almost flew out of the windows," he was quoted as saying. Borisov said there were no immediate reports of casualties. The ITAR-Tass news agency quoted Choisky's Interior Ministry as saying the space ship crashed in a vast Siberian forest. The ship was carrying more than 2.5 tons of supplies, including oxygen, food and fuel. Since the ending of the U.S. space shuttle program this summer, Russian spaceships are a main supply link to the space station.
NASA is now forced to rely on Russian spacecraft to operate the International Space Station since the shuttle program has been cancelled. A continuing problem with Russia's fleet may force NASA to abandon the station as soon as late November.
There are six astronauts now aboard the ISS with plenty of supplies at the moment. If Russian Soyuz rockets remain grounded beyond mid-November, there may be no way to launch new crews before the current residents are supposed to leave. It is possible military or civilian rockets may be able to accomplish the resupply mission. Thanks to Fox News

russian supply ship iss


31st August 2011 - The other day I was emailed a video from arvy in the uk!
He usually goes out doing some ufo hunting as you do and he captured this video while out camping for a week.
As he states he's not quite shore if what he captured was a UFO or a secret military craft moving around the night sky!Not far away is a army base and he states that helicopters were buzzing around everywhere also so it was happening at the time and he says that the helicopters was heard loud and clear but before the helicopters arrived the unknown craft was completely silent!
He could even hear the cows and other animals at a near by farm which were around the same distance away from the craft at about 200 metres!
I Thank Arvy for his submission and wish him all the best in his future pursuit of the unknown!!



30th August 2011 - On July 14, 2011, a new 200 foot crop circle few hundred yards from Stonehenge built in the shape of a typical disc.

Lucy Pringle reports “A crop circle near Stonehenge in 2009 was especially important for several reasons. A pilot flying a light aircraft from Exeter to Thruxton flew over the field opposite Stonehenge at on the afternoon of Sunday 7 July 2009, with a passenger taking photographs, at which time the field opposite on the A303 was unmarked. The pilot disembarked at Thruxton, completed the necessary landing and flight forms, refueled and then got back into the same plane to fly back to Exeter. Imagine his surprise on when flying over the same field opposite Stonehenge some 40 - 50 minutes later, at 6:15 PM, he observed an enormous formation measuring 915.2 X 508 feet imprinted in the wheat below.

A gamekeeper and a guard at Stonehenge both confirmed that it had not been there that morning. The formation was named the `Julia Set` as it represented a complex computer generated fractal image to the mathematicians; to musicians, a base clef, and to marine biologists the cross section of a nautilus. “This report has remained one of the most important in the history of the crop circle phenomenon as rarely do crop circles appear during day light hours."



29th August 2011 - This does not surprise me to see Alien Action in a place where natural disasters have happened or about to!
This is the same pattern that has occured for the last 70 years including increased sightings when the new age Atom Bombs were being tested!
ET is keeping an eye on us from a safe distance so i say is keep an open mind about what is really going on in our skies because these babies are REAL!!!
10-15 people that were with me including Katherine times journalist Annie Hesse saw just what i am talking about the other week while i was interviewing witnesses to other sightings!
The tell tale flashes in the night sky accompanied by a craft appear then move away at a steady speed while it pulsed a bright white colour a couple times then disappearing got the people around me buzzing with excitement!
"Keep those eyes to the sky"
Alan Ferguson(ufohunter)



26th August 2011 - An unidentified flying object (UFO) was reported above Shanghai and Beijing at the same time on August 20.
The “colossal unidentified glowing ball” was first sighted around 9 p.m. last Saturday above Shanghai by a Chinese civil aviation pilot flying China Southern Airlines flight CZ655 from Shanghai to Changchun.

The pilot, nicknamed “The girl-picking mushroom 168” (采姑娘的小蘑菇168) on the Internet, reported the incident via Sina Weibo and described it as a shocking experience.

“[The object] expanded from small to large and was spherical in shape. It was hundreds of times larger than the moon and its diameter seemed to reach 50 sea miles (92.6 kilometers),” the pilot wrote on Weibo.
The pilot added that the UFO faded gradually after hovering above Shanghai for about 20 minutes.

“The girl-picking mushroom 168” was not the only one to spot the UFO. According to the East China Air Traffic Control Bureau, its air control department received reports from several pilots on August 20 about the UFO.

“Based on their descriptions, the glowing object was far away from the airplanes and posed no danger to flight safety and civil aviation,” East China Air Traffic Control Bureau told the press.
No flights were affected by the UFO in Shanghai.

Some 1,500 kilometers north of Shanghai, several amateur astronomers said they spotted a “bubble-like object” above the suburbs of Beijing during a star-gazing event around the same time on August 20, reported.

Ma Jing, an engineer with the National Astronomical Observatories, told Shanghai Daily that he took a set of pictures showing the object rise from the west like an "expanding round white cloud," but that the object disappeared several minutes later. See Ma's UFO shot here.

An anonymous expert from Shanghai UFO Research Center said that the UFO could be the fragment of a satellite launched by Russia two days earlier.
China News Service reported that a Russian communications satellite, the Express-AM4, disappeared after takeoff on the morning of August 18.

Consecutive UFO sightings were reported last year in Hangzhou and Chongqing.

Read more: UFO sighted in Shanghai and Beijing |




25th August 2011- Article by Annie Hesse
A MASS UFO-sighting in Katherine has spooked believers and non-believers likewise. During his investigations into recent UFO sightings in the region UFOlogist Alan Ferguson met with locals to hear about their unexplainable experiences, and a group of people gathered near one of the last sighting places, the Strongbala Men’s Healing Centre, on Thursday night, where a group of sceptics and believers spotted an unidentified flying object in the sky.

“I guess the time for sceptics is over,” UFOlogist Ferguson said.

A bright light appeared on the night sky, while Mr Ferguson was interviewing people, who said they believed they had seen UFOs over Katherine before.

“Something caught my eye,” Mr Ferguson said.

“It was a bright white light.”

Witness Carrina Turner, 23, said the light was hovering in the sky, “really, really bright”, before it disappeared all of a sudden.

"But a few seconds later it was back, and it was kinda going on and off, like it had a pulse,” she said.

Mr Ferguson said before the UFO disappeared it “shot” across the sky “at speed”.

“It was going at least twice as fast as a satellite would normally travel across the sky”, he said.

Ten people witnessed the unexplainable event.

“Katherine has become UFO mecca at the moment,” Mr Ferguson said.

“During my investigations I ask a lot of questions to get a feel whether people just wanna bulls... you or whether it’s believable what they’ve seen.

“When I came to Katherine I did not expect to find so many people who had seen and documented their UFO experiences.

"Katherine is in a UFO hot spot.”


In the recent weeks a lot of people have come forward to tell their stories about UFO sightings.


24th August 2011 - Paul S. Laskodi writes, “Keep in mind, this aircraft was built in the 1940's. It resembles our Stealth bombers of today. Had Hitler got these into production sooner, the world wouldn't be what it is today.
With its smooth and elegant lines, this could be a prototype for some future successor to the stealth bomber. But this flying wing was actually designed by the Nazis 30 years before the Americans successfully developed radar-invisible technology. Now an engineering team has reconstructed the Horten Ho 2-29 from blueprints, with startling results. Blast from the past: The full-scale replica of the Ho 2-29 bomber was made with materials available in the '40s.
Futuristic: The stealth plane design was years ahead of its time. It was faster and more efficient than any other plane of the period and its stealth powers did work against radar. Experts are now convinced that given a little bit more time, the mass deployment of this aircraft could have changed the course of the war.

First built and tested in the air in March 1944, it was designed with a greater range and speed than any plane previously built and was the first aircraft to use the stealth technology now deployed by the U.S. in its B-2 bombers. Thankfully Hitler's engineers only made three prototypes, tested by being dragged behind a glider, and were not able to build them on an industrial scale before the Allied forces invaded.
In 1943 Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering demanded that designers come up with a bomber that would meet his requirements, one that could carry 1,000 kg over 1,000km flying at 1,000km/h.
A wing section of the stealth bomber above shows the jet intakes were years ahead of their time. Two pilot brothers Reimar and Walter Horten, suggested a flying wing design they had been working on for years.. They were convinced that with its low drag such a plane would meet Goering's requirements.
Construction on a prototype was begun in Goettingen in Germany in 1944.
The centre pod was made from a welded steel tube, and was designed to be powered by a BMW 003 engine. The most important innovation was Reimar Horten's idea to coat it in a mix of charcoal dust and wood glue.
The 142-foot wingspan bomber was submitted for approval in 1944, and it would have been able to fly from Berlin to New York and back without refueling, thanks to the same blended wing design and six BMW 003A turbojets. They thought the electromagnetic waves of radar would be absorbed, and in conjunction with the aircraft's sculpted surfaces the craft would be rendered almost invisible to radar detectors. The plane was covered in radar absorbent paint with a high graphite content, which has a similar chemical make-up to charcoal. This was the same method eventually used by the U.S. in its first stealth aircraft in the early 1980s, the F-117A Nighthawk.
After the war the Americans captured the prototype Gotha Go 229s along with the blueprints and used some of their technological advances to aid their own designs. Now using the blueprints and the only remaining prototype craft, Northrop-Grumman (the defense firm behind the B-2) built a full-size replica of a Horten Ho 2-29.

Luckily for Britain , the Horten flying wing fighter-bomber never got much further than the blueprint stage above.
The plane could have been in London eight minutes after the radar system detected it. It took them 2,500 man-hours and $250,000 to construct, and although their replica cannot fly, it was radar-tested by placing it on a 50 ft articulating pole and exposing it to electromagnetic waves. Although the aircraft is not completely invisible to the type of radar used in the war, it would have been stealthy enough and fast enough to ensure that it could reach London before Spitfires could be scrambled to intercept it. The research was filmed for a National Geographic documentary.

Thanks to Paul S. Laskodi U.S.M.C. Retired




23rd August 2011 - In coming days i will be putting together a report with the help of UFO Journalist Annie Hesse from the Katherine times about what evidence we dug up while interviewing a whole lot of witnesses in Katherine.I was quite surprised by what we found with witnesses describing lights,craft and pics as well so it will be an excellent read and also while we were having a ufo spot and i was interviewing witnesses at the Strongbala mens healing centre where the latest ufo pics by David Schuman were taken a UFO appeared with its distinct flashes and then showed itself for all 15 of us to see which was quite spectacular!
Thanks to David,Phil and the roving ufo reporter Annie for my time in Katherine!

Alan Ferguson(ufologist)

23rd August 2011 - It's been a while since I wrote anything, I thought I might contribute some of my thoughts, in the hopes that it might start opening up some more questions and possibilities, other than the doomsday stuff I've been reading about.
Let’s start off with this questions...‘Do you really believe that the E.T.s/UFOs are considering and or preparing for an invasion of our planet?'
Please read the following with an open mind.
First... Ancient Aliens Theory.
There is a lot of evidence pointing in the direction that E.T.s have visited earth many thousands of years ago, and probably never left. The 'probably never left' statement, is debatable, but the fact that earlier civilizations were influenced by 'god like' and or 'unexplainable' experiences occurred.
This appears to be the case, especially with the Sumerians, which is the earliest 'known' civilization and from what it seems, most of the civilizations that came after the Sumerians used the Sumerian texts and or handed down knowledge to develop their own belief systems.
Now, don't get me wrong... I am not a Sumerian expert, not by a long shot. But I am logical enough to conclude that we learn from our past, from trial and error. What is proven to work, we continue to use.
Architecturally, is a prime example of this, we, today, still use some of the ancient techniques when building. And each time we create and or discover something new, we use it after that point and continue to improve on the idea and or technique.
The point of this article isn’t to discuss whether or not we learn from the past, that is a given in my opinion. This article is to discuss the idea of an Alien Invasion. I believe this to be absurd. Let’s put it in terms that we all can understand.
Let’s assume that there was an advanced E.T. individual or race visiting the Earth who was very intelligent, far advanced in its ways of thinking, far advanced in the technological field, far advanced in the biological field, far advanced in all aspects of what today's normal ‘advanced’ academic might be. Not so farfetched an idea to consider, since obviously this E.T. race would have had to figured out its own planetary problems and also had the time to evolve into a space traveling civilization.
And If for whatever reason, they wanted the planet 'Earth' for themselves, it would not take nothing more than a simple virus to eliminate us ALL.
A good depiction of this could be that movie '12 Monkeys.' One individual (a single human being), creates a virus that only he knows how way to stop it, and spreads it by getting on a plane; very easy. If anything, there could be absolutely no casualties from their side, and within months and or maybe a year or two... pretty much wipe out all life on this planet.
No need for this major alien invasion, sending in troops, robots, aircraft, mechs, whatever, just a simple airborne virus, and 'viola!' end of humanity.
Let’s face it. If our E.T. visitors wanted to get rid of us, it would be a simple matter to them. If they wanted to completely eliminate us, earth and everything, all they would have to do is steer a dozen or so state or country-sized asteroids from the asteroid belt in earth's direction, and again 'viola!' end of the planet earth.
In my opinion, it simply cannot be the E.T. agenda to get rid of us and or destroy Earth. Too many 'easy' ways for them to do that, without them losing more than a few gallons of their form of gasoline (lol gasoline)... to deliver the deadly load that would wipe us all out.
Now don't get me wrong. Alien Invasion makes for a great blockbuster movie, but in all reality, doesn't make sense in the grand scheme of things. Even while watching these movies, I keep asking myself, ‘Why are they going through this much trouble to wipe us all out?'
We humans would simply drop a bomb and wipe out an entire city, an entire state, an entire country. I ask myself that question, while stuffing my face with extra buttered salty popcorn, clogging my arteries, so it's just a matter of time before I kill myself. Maybe I need to go on a diet... (lol).
And to be honest, one route to humanity's possible demise that is not often talked about, is that, for these conquering E.T.s to just leave us alone. We might end up just killing off ourselves, without even knowing it. As we keep making these leaps in technology, we might come across something that is so dangerous and or unstable that we might end up killing ourselves in the process of learning, i.e. 'The Large Hadron Collider'.
Not to mention, revolts, wars, greed, famine, genocide, etc... these things humanity created on our very own. We are great at destroying things. We are also a brutal race, we are survival freaks and will do whatever it takes to survive. Killing is just one of the many ways our race chooses to survive. Even though we are intellects and can learn to compromise a lot of the times, it’s simply 'easier' and more 'affordable' to drop a bomb and say 'sayonara' (pun intended). Sad.
Reading back what I just wrote really is a downer, and doomsdayish to some extent. But it's all real.
I keep falling back to one of my articles that talks about the E.T. agenda I wrote about 5 or 10 years ago. It had to do with ‘study and experiments’. Our planet, from space, must stand out like a sore thumb.
It must be an interesting spot to visit and study. Much like we do to lower-type species, where we might take them out of their environment to tag them and then drop them back in so we can monitor their behavior (which, by the way, must be a traumatizing experience to the animal we are doing this to).
Why would it be so farfetched to believe that we humans must be some sort of interesting creature to these advanced E.T. visitors? Perhaps, they are so advanced that communication would simply be like us trying to communicate with an ant.
Have you ever tried to talk to a cricket? Have any scientists ever tried to communicate with a black widow, ant, scorpion, rat, rabbit, etc.?
We know that insects have brains, we know that we can teach our pets how to sit and lay down and stay, we can ‘make’ them do some pretty amazing things sometimes. But is that real communication?
I have seen some pretty amazing things that we can teach animals to do, but it’s mostly mimicking and remembering a sequence, than actually 'understanding' a command.
I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, do you think your pet understands that you have to get up every morning and leave them to go to work? I love my girls (two chocolate labs), but I know that they hate me leaving, as I’m sure from their perspective they have no clue if I’m coming back or not.
I wish I could simply turn to them and reassure them that I am coming back and that I have to go to work so that they could stay nice and cool in the house and have a nice dinner later that night.
But that would require them to be able to understand English and communicate with me on my level, which simply is not the case. So I’m the advanced intellectual being to them, and no matter how hard I might try to explain to them the reasons for my actions, to them it’s me leaving them which causes them to suffer (to an extent).
That’s a good example of a higher intellectual species treating a lower intellectual species with all good intent but the lower species still suffers. This happens all the time on many different levels. So why would we automatically assume that the E.T.s could and or would want to communicate with us on our level? Perhaps, they have certain restrictions that might come from a higher knowledge base, that makes communicating with us very dangerous not only for them and other space traveling species but for us as well and or they simply cannot communicate on our level for reasons unknown to us.
It might be for our own good that they don’t and or only do so in a vague way, so that we might be able to understand a concept and or action, and then we interpret as either a hostile and or a benevolent experience.
Either way, true communication with our species and the E.T. species is an obvious challenge, as our race is a very violent race and any form of communication would most likely be seen as a hostile thing from our limited perspective and from theirs it's probably a logical, mathematical step that must be crossed when the lower species reaches a level of understanding.
Yet we see these things flying around in the sky. I use the word 'flying' loosely there. We might even catch them on the ground doing things. We might even discover possible bases on the moon. We might even discover bases underwater.
Lets even go deeper into the UFO/ET mess and we might even have found some of their lifeless bodies. We might even have found some of them alive or what we consider to be alive), crashed ships, etc.
Even if all this was true, we still don't have the whole picture. And can only guess as to what they might be doing.
Even with all this evidence, that we have captured and maybe even forced into our hands I still believe INVASION is not the intention. I know this might sound crude, but FARMING is more likely their intention than INVASION. Let's hope it’s not farming, as being food for another species is not the existence I choose to believe (Just because I choose not to believe it, doesn't mean that it’s not the case; anything is possible, but I think you get the idea.
Most likely, they are studying us, and probably have been for a very, very long time. And they probably have influenced our development either by accident or with intent. I say intent, only because our scientist will also study low species and intently place them in environments and or modify them in one way or another, just to 'see what happens.'
Morally, is that right? Tough question to answer. Ask those early scientists, was it morally correct to use living beings to run tests on, to further the science of medicine? Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe, interesting that the definition of Human Life, could be surmised the in the same way.
So what are we supposed to do. As a human living in this world. I think that all we can do is our best to stay alive with causing the least amount of suffering and pain to my fellow living beings. I share this world with.
And what to do about the E.T./UFO phenomena?
Watch, listen, learn, document and wait quietly. Do not attract their attention, nobody wants to be an experiment. Perhaps, when our race is truly ready, things will be different.
But for now, let’s try to stay out of the next war, let’s try to help our fellow man out so that he can feed his family, let’s try not to kill ourselves off because of the almighty dollar.
We have so much to learn and so far to go, before we can truly sit down and try to figure out the E.T. agenda. But I will say this, we have been moving in the right direction, maybe with guidance, or maybe by our own will.
But If I can feel it, I’m sure many of you can also. That there is an awakening happening, people who would have never considered the mere possibility of Extra Terrestrial life, are now considering the possibility.
The governments around the world are starting to come clean, slowly but surely, the truth of what they know and or don't know will come out.
Once our human race wakes up and realizes that we are not the only race in the universe, maybe we will all start working together as one race with common goals and the next big leaps in technology, economy, medicine and quality of life will be ushered in and we will be ready to handle new challenges.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Comments (good or bad) are welcomed.

A.R. -


22nd August 2011 - I received an email from John in Melbournes East about a sighting he had on the 14th August around 7pm.He has footage of this sighting and other UFO related footage so just awaiting the time when it gets sent to me.
He spotted 2 bright lights moving back and forth from eachother!I asked him some questions about what he saw and this is what he said,
I thank John for his submission,

I'm looking at google maps and I would say they were over Phillip island way.(south east of Box Hill) They weren't moving sideways but in and out. They were brighter than any star in the night sky at their brightest but dimmed out as the plane came into view. The sighting lasted about 20 seconds. They never crossed each other. No sound apart from the small plane that came through but I'm not sure if I could even hear that, unfortunately I was excited and talking over my camera. As far as height, I'm not sure but they were higher than the cessna.

I've seen airliners that when flying straight towards you you can't see the blinking lights, only a big bright light, until it turns or goes over and then you see the other lights, these were not an airliner.

Well I believe ufos exist(unidentified flying object) who or what is flying it is another question all together.

The weather was good, clear night, the moon was bright and full, but some clouds rolled in after and covered the moon.

They didn't pulse but just faded away when the plane came into view, it was like they went backwards, back into space, or perhaps through a portal, but I only saw the lights fade out so the portal is stretching it a bit.

I also saw satellites and have seen them before so I know the difference.

I also have footage of other objects from over the past 3 years of things that scream UFO, things like daytime orbs and other objects!

19th August 2011 - Article by Annie Hesse

Australia's most famous UFOlogist is in Katherine this week to investigate recent UFO sightings - just as more people come forward with their UFO experiences.
Katherine man Luke Wigan, 46, told the Katherine Times he was travelling along Zimin Drive at 3am on the way to work at a local bakery when something caught his eye.
"It was a green light that hovered above the trees, near the power station," the father-of-five said.
"It just hung there in the air for maybe five to six seconds, before it shot off towards the Stuart Highway.
"There was no noise at all.
"It was the fastest thing I've seen in my life."
Mr Wigan said while he was "not sceptical" about UFOs, he was still getting goosebumps thinking about what he saw.
"I really don't know what it was - it looked like a round light, as green as glowsticks kids play with.
"It certainly made me pay a bit more attention to the sky.
"I don't think we're the only ones here."

Late last month Katherine man David Schuman spotted a UFO near Katherine's Strongbala Men's Healing Centre - and took photos of it.


18th August 2011 - As the British National Archives continues to releaseUFO-related documents, the former Ministry of Defense (MoD) UFO Project chief is openly admitting to being part of what he claims was a U.K. policy of ridiculing UFO reports and the people who reported them.

The U.K. made public 34 previously-classified files, totaling about 9,000 pages of documents covering the years 1985 to 2007. For three of those years, 1991 to 1994, Nick Pope was in charge of the official MoD office.

"What's abundantly clear from these files is that, while in public we were desperately pushing the line that this was of no defense interest," Pope told The Huffington Post. "We couldn't say 'There's something in our air space; pilots see them; they're tracked on radar; sometimes we scramble jets to chase these things, but we can't catch them.' This would be an admission that we'd lost control of our own air space, and such a position would be untenable."

"Every time we got a report from a pilot, we were checking the radar tapes. So it was an interesting sleight of hand. We were telling the public we're not interested, this is all nonsense, but in reality, we were desperately chasing our tails and following this up in great detail," he added.

One file reveals how officials were afraid to be embarrassed if the public learned that UFO research was hindered by a lack of funds and higher priorities.

Another case, from 2007, took place in the vicinity of the Channel Islands and involved a small commercial aircraft.

"The pilot and several of his passengers saw a UFO, which they said was essentially a mile long," Pope recounted. "And several other pilots saw it, but said, 'We're not going to report this.' And here's the great little get-out-of-jail-free-card for the MoD: Just by a matter of maybe a few hundred meters, it turned out that this was in French air space, so MoD was given this little get out to say, 'Well, it happened in French air space, so it's not an issue for us.' Clearly, that was an absolutely outrageous abrogation of responsibility."

A file from 1993 (while Pope was chief of the UFO Project) describes how European Union funds had been wasted on a report that included a theory that aliens had established a base in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

It turns out that Pope may have been directly involved with this case.

"I'm a little bit apologetic about this because obviously, when I was in MoD, I had to play this game myself. To really achieve our policy of downplaying the UFO phenomenon, we would use a combination of 'spin and dirty tricks.'

"We used terms like UFO buffs and UFO spotters -- terms that mean these people are nut jobs. In other words, we were implying that this is just a very somewhat quaint hobby that people have as opposed to a serious research interest."

But Pope said the ridicule policy went much further than that.

"Another trick would be deliberately using phrases like 'little green men.' We were trying to do two things: either to kill any media story on the subject, or if a media story ran, insure that it ran in such a way that it would make the subject seem ridiculous and that it would make people who were interested in this seem ridiculous."

Pope further admits that he may have been the one who drafted actual MoD statements that contributed to the ridicule policy.

"If it was my words, then I apologize, I'm very sorry for that. I believe in open government and freedom of information. I believe that the UFO phenomenon does raise important defense, national security and air safety issues, and if I helped kill any initiative on that, I'm deeply sorry."

Some U.K. cases were apparently easier than others in trying to make them seem non-credible. Like the file that describes UFOs reported at the June 2003 Glastonbury Music Festival.

"It was very easy to find an incident where something is seen at an event like a rock concert," Pope noted. "You don't even need to say a thing without the public or media perception being that drugs and alcohol might have played a part. It was all part of the way in which we spun the subject, to try and discredit it."

Despite the thousands of pages of documents released -- with one final batch of files yet to come, sometime early next year -- Pope concedes there's still no written evidence confirming alien visits to Earth.

"Not just yet -- there's no spaceship-in-a-hangar smoking gun. However, there are plenty of sightings that I think show that we're dealing with more than just aircraft lights and weather balloons."

The latest 34 U.K. UFO files can be downloaded free of charge for the next month at the National Archives website.




17th August 2011 - By Nancy Gohring, IDG News
The Allen Telescope Array, funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and used by the SETI Institute to search for extraterrestrial life, should be back up and running in a few days.
The array was shut down in April due to lack of funding. But in June the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute said that if it could raise US$200,000 from the public by August it would be able to turn the array back on. It reached that goal some time in the past few days, said Karen Randall, director of special projects at the institute.
The SETI Institute spends $1.5 million annually to keep the array in rural Northern California up and running, and it has not announced additional funding, but it doesn't expect to have to shut down the telescopes again any time soon. Randall was vague on details but said the group has been working on partnerships with commercial and scientific organizations for additional funding. "We're not going to shut down" again, she said.
The institute has tried to work out a deal with the U.S. Air Force, which was interested in investigating whether the array could help with tracking space junk. In April, SETI Institute's CEO said talks were ongoing but that federal budget issues had slowed down progress.
Randall wasn't exactly sure when the telescopes would be back online. "They were never designed to go into hibernation, so we have to evaluate what it takes to bring it out of hibernation," she said. Scientists have already been deployed to begin working on that process. The telescopes are likely to be working again this week or possibly early next week, she said.
More than 2,200 people contributed to the $200,000 in public donations, including actress Jodie Foster, who in the movie "Contact" played a SETI scientist who picked up communications from aliens by listening to radio waves collected by an array much like the Allen Telescope Array.
The Allen Telescope Array is a joint project of the SETI Institute and the Radio Astronomy Lab of the University of California at Berkeley. The university was to fund the operations of the observatory that houses the array, but state and federal budget reductions forced the university to cut all operations except the bare minimum required to safely maintain equipment at the site.
Microsoft co-founder Allen contributed approximately $25 million to construct the existing first phase of the array, which consists of 42 radio dishes. The telescopes listen for radio waves in space. In addition to potentially indicating the existence of life, such waves help scientists study black holes and search for galaxies.


16th August 2011 - The latest batch of UFO files released today contain sightings of mysterious lights over the Glastonbury Festival, a 'flying saucer' outside Retford town hall and the bizarre story of 'Mork and Mindy's' visit to East Dulwich.
Defence experts were called in to examine a 2004 photo of a ''flying saucer'' taken outside Retford town hall in Nottinghamshire.
The series of images were captured by Alex Birch and having ruled out lens flares and aircraft, he contacted the Ministry of Defence, who sent them to the Defence Geographic and Imagery Intelligence Agency (DGIA) in July 2004.
The photograph was digitally enhanced and the DGIA report stated: ''No definitive conclusions can be gathered from evidence submitted, however it may be coincidental that the illuminated plane of the object passes through the centre of the frame, indicating a possible lens anomaly, eg a droplet of moisture.''
The files also contain first-hand testimony of retired RAF fighter controller Freddie Wimbledon and retired MoD official Ralph Noyes, on the famous 1956 UFO incident at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.
Mr Wimbledon remembers the RAF scrambling fighter planes to intercept a UFO seen on radar and by observers on the ground. The UFO reportedly latched onto to a fighter plane, ''following its every move'' before speeding off at ''terrific speed''.
Staff involved were sworn to secrecy, while Mr Noyes recalls being shown gun camera footage of the UFOs taken from aboard the aircraft at a special MoD screening in 1970.
One of the more bizarre tales from the files is the 2003 sighting of ''worm-shaped'' UFOs ''wriggling around in the sky'' over East Dulwich in London.
A mother and daughter reported it to the police but according to testimony she later gave to the MoD's UFO desk, the two police constables who attended the scene were joined by two men dressed in ''space suits and dark glasses who called themselves Mork and Mindy''.
The woman complained of being made ''to look foolish''. In a letter dated January 21 2003, the woman says ''your men have fed us with a lot of rubbish, presumably to make us look foolish and our story unbelievable, which they have succeeded in doing''.
Police told the MoD they sent two ordinary PCs to the address but ''they could not see anything in the sky and concluded it was possibly a reflection of a star and a street light in her window.''
Another report describes mysterious lights seen moving 300ft above the Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury Festival on June 28 2003. There are also details of a UFO sighting over a music festival at Llanfyllin, Wales, in July 2006.
A file also contains a number of sightings reported to the MoD during the summer of 2006, that describe formations of orange lights in the sky. These appear to be observations of Chinese lanterns, released at parties and public events, the experts concluded.
Other incidents include UFOs spotted by the pilot and passengers of an aircraft over the Channel Islands in 2007 and F-16s scrambled to intercept UFOs over Belgium in 1990.


15th August 2011 - Article by Annie Hesse

AUSTRALIA’s most famous UFOlogist is coming to Katherine next week to investigate a recent UFO sighting.

Alan Ferguson, who has been a UFO spotter for years, said he would be visiting Katherine on Wednesday for a night of UFO spotting in the hope to see “the guys from upstairs” with his own eyes.

“It seems the action is happening in Katherine and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be there to find out what’s going on,” the UFOlogist said.

Mr Ferguson said he was going to catch up with David Schuman, who took photos of an unidentified object in the night sky above Katherine.

Last week Mr Schuman was having dinner near Katherine’s Strongbala Men's Healing Centre when he saw what he described as "very large brightly lit object” hovering in the sky.

He said photographs he took of the UFO showed “a fuzzy triangular shape enclosing the object within, which seemed to be cloaking it's outer edge".

"One area at the end of the craft (had) what I perceive to be two hot spots, are a fuzzy silvery grey. The other end of the craft on the other hand appears in colour to be of a fuzzy dullish orange.”

Ufologist Alan Ferguson said he was “intrigued” by the sighting, which came only a day after a sighting 200km north of Katherine.

“I hope we get to see something while I am there and maybe we can take some more photos,” Mr Ferguson said.

“I’ll certainly keep those eyes on the sky and camera and video ready as you never know what you may capture.” source:

12th August 2011 - I work second shift as an Aerospace Engineer. I had been commuting on my motorcycle, and as I pulled alongside the driveway at around 12:30 AM, I noticed what appeared to be the navigation lighting of a helicopter in the low horizon (approx. Latitude 47.97, Longitude -122.37).
My home in Clinton, WA, on the remote south end of Whidbey Island is located in a cul-de-sac and there was no other vehicular traffic at that time.
The aircraft did not seem to move, hovering as a helicopter would, and not wavering. I shut my motorcycle off to listen for the sound of an engine from the craft but heard nothing.
In my estimation, the craft was about 100-200 yards away from where I stood and 30 degrees in the sky, 50-80 feet above the trees surrounding the neighborhood which are around 120 feet tall.
It had two, pure white lights which shone solidly and a third light to form a triangular pattern which was red, blinking on and off regularly about every second, and about one-and-a-half times the intensity of the two white lights.
By my calculation I gauged the total length to be 35-50 feet and the width about 25-30 feet, assuming the lights were positioned toward the extremities of the structure since it was too dark to make out any silhouette.
The craft remained in the same position for approximately twenty seconds, then moved in a smooth South-to-West arc keeping a constant speed which I would guess to be about 40 miles per hour, maintaining a constant altitude and remaining completely level when making the turn.
It was at this time, when the craft was moving away from me that I noticed the sound of some type of engine.
It was a regular, single pitch drone and not very loud, somewhat like an ultralight engine but not fluctuating at all.
The air vehicle continued out of sight as it disappeared behind the trees and continued West.

11th August 2011 - By Elliot Furniss
CLAIMS by a senior US airman that the famous UFO incident at Rendlesham Forest could be a hoax have been dismissed as “a load of rubbish” by a leading expert on the sightings.
US Air Force Colonel Ted Conrad, base commander of the twin airfields at Woodbridge and Bentwaters, near Ipswich, at the time of the incident in 1980, has finally broken his silence on the episode.
Sightings of mysterious lights in the woods at Rendlesham over two nights were reported by several airmen, including Col Conrad’s deputy, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt. Lt Col Halt filed reports detailing the episode, which have long been disputed, leading Lt Col Halt to accuse the US and UK governments of concocting a cover-up.
Col Conrad said has now provided a series of statements about the sightings to Dr David Clarke, a Sheffield Hallam University academic and the UFO adviser to the National Archives.
He said: “The search for an explanation could go many places including the perpetration of a clever hoax. Natural phenomenon such as the very clear cold air having a theoretical ability to guide and reflect light across great distances or even the presence of an alien spacecraft.
In the statements, Col Conrad said there was no hard evidence to support Lt Col Halt’s claims. Col Conrad added: “He (Halt) should be ashamed and embarrassed by his allegation that his country and England both conspired to deceive their citizens over this issue. He knows better.”
But Brenda Butler, who has written books on the incident and still goes UFO hunting in the woods three times a week, said Col Conrad’s hoax claims were “a load of rubbish”.
Ms Butler, who claims to have witnessed first hand extra-terrestrial beings among the trees, said: “We have had so many people come forward to say what they saw over those nights. Why has he waited over 30 years to come forward and say this? We have sent a lot of stuff recently to Colonel Halt, who still sticks by his words and that it did happen. There obviously is still a big cover-up going on.”
Ms Butler said she had seen “lots of lights” in the sky above Rendlesham over the past two weekends, which coincided with other widely-reported sightings across the UK.


11th August 2011 - I recieved an email from Annie London who lives in the mining town of Pannawonica in th Pilbara of WA.
She has had a bit of ufo activity around her for alot of years now spanning back to New Zealand in her earlier days!
Now Annie has seen 2 sightings since being in the WA mining town.So lets see what annie had to say about her earlier sightings and also the latest.
I thank Annie for her submission-

My very first experience was back in 1978
Saw a craft hovering from quite a short distance away....but as I was driving in traffic so I couldn't stop, I was approaching the Auckland Harbour Bridge and it was just
hovering above the toll gates.There was nowhere for me to pull over so just drove as slow as I could and gawked at it in awe!!!
Another time in Napier, NZ....bright light was travelling beside us down a dark country road.

Have seen 2 UFO's (so far!). One bright flash that just disappeared and another flying overhead VERY fast with a pulsating intermittent white light up here in the Pilbara..

At this stage i asked Annie some questions

Q1 So the first sighting was a bright flash? First sighting in WA was a very bright flash, Yes.
Q2 was there any sign of anything in the sky before the bright flash occured,eg sighting of object,noise,noticed flash before hand? No
Q3 Was it day or night? Night
Q4 describe what the sighting or flash look like? Just a massively bright flash lasting only a second or two
Q5 was it just the one flash and how bright was it? Yes, but I have seen it on 2 different occasions, both at night and bright as a full moon
Q6 what was the weather like and what date was it if you can remember? Clear sky, one about 3 months ago, and one about 5 nights ago
Q7 why were you looking in the sky? I'm always looking at the sky
Q8 The second sighting was at night or day? All my experiences have been at night
Q9 Did this object look like a satellite but pulsating and going 5 x faster? No, bigger than any satellite I have seen, going very much faster, yes 5 times easy, and pulsating at regular intervals
Q10 did you hear any sound? No
Q11 what date was it when you seen this sighting if you can remember? That one was around last week in May/1st week in June
Q12 what was the weather like? It was about 5am and clear skies
Q13 did it just go in a straight line or manouver around the sky? It was travelling in a straight line from West to East
Q14 did you believe in UFO's before these sightings? Absolutley, have had past experiences
Q15 were there any other witnesses to both these sightings? Yes

I also have seen these bright flashes happen but have been lucky enough to watch it continue to flash for a couple minutes so looking through the binoculars you can see the orb move a tad after every flash whch looks cool!And also i have seen the other fast moving pulsating craft that annie described so i know for a fact that what she is seeing is ET action!

Alan Ferguson(ufologist)

10th August 2011 - Space Shuttle Columbia during STS-80 took a crew of five astronauts into a 17 day, 15 hour and 54 minute mission around the earth, the longest flight in the history of this vehicle." During this lengthy flight a very strange event occurred that even had crewman Dr. Story Musgrave unable to explain what he observed from the shuttle windows.
A large disc shaped object appeared below the Columbia. The shuttle was approximately, 190 Nautical miles high.
The disc was first observed to miraculously appear from out of nowhere, flying through the clouds below and progressing from right to left as the astronauts stared in utter amazement. The outer rim of the craft appeared to be rotating counter-clockwise. It was very large (compared to common space junk and breakaway ice), approximately 50 to 150 feet in diameter.

Astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave, a Payload Specialist on the STS-80 Mission, was interviewed following the flight. As he viewed a videotape of the incident which showed lightning flashes in the atmosphere, the city lights of Denver, Colorado and other earthbound sights, he stated: "I don't know what it is. Whether it's a washer, debris, ice particles, I don't know. But it's characteristic of the thousands of things which I've seen. What is not so characteristic is it appears to come from no where. You would think that if it's facing the dark side or facing a side towards you which is not reflecting the sun, you would think that you would see something there. It's really impressive."

During an earlier interview, Dr. Musgrave stated he attempted to communicate with ET life forms during each of his six missions. Now that's an astronaut with a lot of courage. Dr. Musgrave retired after this flight from NASA. Since then he's been spreading his considered opinion that alien life exists. When Musgrave speaks of this, it's no great leap for one to assume he's admitting knowledge of alien life. As the final slide of a "Grey" ET was shown during a recent astronomy presentation by Dr. Musgrave, he made this surprising comment: "These guys are real... I guarantee it!" Dr. Musgrave does know the truth!
sts80 musgrave


9th August 2011 - Had a report come in from Tracey Graham who is a Teacher out at Limbunya station on the Buntine Highway, 300kilometers from the WA Border. 600 kilometers south west of Katherine.She described to me what my mate Brian had seen around 2 weeks ago and was relieved that somebody else had seen this!
I get the feeling that these are probes that these 2 witnesses have seen.They are smaller than the usual craft sighting and they come down from the motherships to check out what we are doing.Many a people over the years have come across these lights that follow them as they drive along isolated roads especially up in the Northern Territory.
So it seems that the UFO season has fired up at last as its been quiet this year!They have been up high most of the time so its a relief that at last the boys from upstairs have come down for there usual fix!!
I thank Tracey for her submission and like i tell most witnesses have a camera handy and 'Keep those eyes to the sky"
This is what Tracey answered after i asked her some questions-

Hi Alan,
I will do my best.
We were at our barbeque so it might have been Saturday, although we have a lot of them. The time was around 7:30 - 8:30 maybe a little later. The night was clear as a whistle as always, I was looking at the stars as it has become my interest since coming to Limbunya, when I saw what looked like a giant spot light about 300 - 400 meters in the sky and due west of us. The light plumeted vertically to the ground but I didnt see it hit as the main shed was in the way. This light was in the sky though. It wasnt a shooting star or a heavenly body but a large light that could have only been 500 meters away. There was no fire, tail or attachment to it as far as I can tell. I heard no impact. Upon reflection it was if it was pointing our way, but I couldnt be sure as it may have been lit up on its west side. I dont believe that it was related to the Aboriginal Spirit World as it appeared mechanical. It was overbearing compared to the shed lights. It plumeted to the ground. I called out to everyone if they saw it and my only response was from 'Cowboy' who said ' I'll have what she's drinking'. I was drinking diet coke! I was flabagasted and immediately wanted to go for a drive and see if something had crashed but I dont have a car here so I walked to the side of the shed but saw no smoke and heard no noise. It blew me away. Like all unexplained phenomena all I could do was accept it. When I read your article in the paper and read the description of what your friend saw I was thrilled and amazed! I often get up in the middle of the night to view the night sky as it truely phenomenal out here west of the Never, Never but to experience something so foreign amongst company came as an unexpected surprise.
If I see it again I will let you know...what could it have been and what was it doing?

Tracey Graham.

8th August 2011 -



5th August 2011 - While doing some ufo spotting last night with my friends Andrew and Beth we noticed something strange at one stage as we were watching lots of planes coming in all night very low just above the tree lines.To our surprise while watching one of the planes so we thought coming in it just vanished!!The light was following another light before it just disappeared to our amazement!!
Then as we sat back watching higher up in the sky we seen lots of shooting stars but twice there was like a grey object that had 2 pointy bits hanging off the front of it flash past with great speed!If you were not looking straight in the vacinity you would not have been able to make out its shape as it was going fast!Then a bit later on there was another dark coloured object scoot past with 2 little lights on it so definately something is still going on in the skys up here!
Unfortunately i have had the video running out the back for 30 minutes each night for the last week and havent been able to capture anything yet so that adds some frustration but like i always say this is a game of patience so keep trying!

Alan Ferguson
Also had another sighting from steve my fellow ufologist up here in darwin and this is what he saw-Another Alien spaceship going over tonight the 4/8/11 at 7.40pm, heading north then slowed right down turned to the west and sped up again weaving from side to side a little (like it was looking for something) then turned back northward again and faded out. It looked very high up, it looked like a small star.

Keep those eyes to the sky peoples!!!

4th August 2011 - What indications are there for a living universe? Physicist Brian O'Leary gives us some clues:

“We have the anthropic principal which states that the universe is here because we are here: a randomly developing universe could not accommodate us. We have the matter - energy equivalence principle which states that matter is stored energy following the formula E=mc2.

We have Bell's theorem which proposes that each of any two particles that have previously interacted `know what the other is doing even after they separate.'”

Bell's theorem is particularly interesting because Johns Bell has proved the theory in his Calcite Crystal experiments. The experiment splits a light beam into two and then refracts one of the pair of beams (photon particles) with crystals.

The other of the pair behaves as if it “knows” instantly what the other is doing. Not only does this experiment contradict Einstein's relativity (information between the particles is shared instantly, therefore faster than light) but also, it reveals that the basic building blocks of the universe show indications of a telepathic type of connection which we normally attribute to minds.

David Suzuki showed the crystal experiment on a television program titled Connections: “The Mysteries of mind”. In the same program he also revealed an experiment at Princeton University where psychogenesis (the manipulation of matter by the mind) was proved using an electronic coin flipper and subjects chosen at random by the University. Suzuki concluded, “One must then ask if the basic physical modeling of the universe is correct.”

Considering the proof available of things like psychokinesis and the mindful behaviour of elementary particles, why has not mainstream science embraced this knowledge and thus re-evaluate our basic concept of existence?

The answer could be that science is like a religion that is strictly atheistic, and anything that may indicate that their dead universe is actually alive is met with their literal fear of God. Richard Grossinger expounds:

“...The so called professionals continue to falsify experience - their own as well as ours - in the name of truth and the protection of innocent people. The more fervent of them are organized into skeptic groups, which send out licensed scientists and magicians to debunk the mind - matter crossover and paranormal phenomena in general. These people are not concerned with the potential of the human race.

Like the oil cartel and the inside arbitragers, they have too much at stake to see their activities with any perspective. They are addicted to their views of reality.”


3rd August 2011 - By Rick Rojas, Los Angeles Times
Mutual UFO Network symposium teaches fundamentals — keep an open mind, take copious notes, get proper paperwork. Attendees also discuss alien-human hybrids, time travel and anti-gravity propulsion.
It's the first rule of thumb for any aspiring UFO investigator: Keep an open mind.
"We all want to believe, we all want to believe bad," said David MacDonald, a certified investigator with the Mutual UFO Network. "But you've got to look at the evidence. You've got to come at this like a scientific researcher."
On Friday, MacDonald and dozens of like-minded individuals filled an Irvine hotel conference room to discuss the finer points of investigating the inexplicable — or at least that which cannot be explained in terrestrial terms. As part of the network's annual symposium, attendees were given a crash course on what it takes to become a certified field investigator.
Approach all alleged sightings objectively, they were told, and with the precision of a scientist. Pack recording devices, a Geiger counter and a respirator.
The would-be UFO investigators were also urged to follow protocol: Always have the "percipient," or witness, sign proper paperwork. Ask thorough questions. Document everything. Always carry the Mutual UFO Network badge — a laminated identification card. And, most important, always be professional.
Many of the unidentified flying objects reported to the network can be easily explained — satellites traveling through the night sky, atmospheric reflections, or even a paraglider with a peculiar parachute. But there are occasions when no answers can be found. That's when it just might be a visitor from beyond.
Of course, one of the occupational hazards UFO investigators face is a certain lack of respect.
The common lament among many symposium attendees was that they were viewed as being on the fringe. "We do have what we consider evidence, but the scientific community doesn't want to consider that as evidence," said Barbara Lamb, a psychotherapist who works with "experiencers" — those who say they've been abducted. "There's a kind of booga-booga about ETs and UFOs."
Richard Dolan, a leading UFO researcher and author of several books, added: "Just below that level of snicker, snicker is fear."
The question of what happens if and when extraterrestrials visit Earth was the symposium's main topic of conversation, but other lectures included "Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion," "Time Travel Is a Fact" and "Mars, the Living Planet."
Many of the few hundred attendees were baby boomers, children of the space race who grew up casting an eye to the heavens and never stopped questioning what could be out there. Others came with a more spiritual outlook. They view extraterrestrials as omnipotent protectors who often beckon them in the night.
Cynthia Crawford, 61, an artist who sold sculptures of aliens, said there was no reason to fear contact by extraterrestrials. She said she has a spiritual connection to her alien guides, who have made medical ailments disappear and once manifested a crisp $20 bill.
She told others they could experience the same.
"Send the light and the unconditional love, and they will come to you," she told one young man. "When you start seeing your star family — oh my God — you'll love it."
Another topic discussed at the convention was human-extraterrestrial hybrids. Crawford, who lives near the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, said that she is one of them.
The hybrids, she said, often have high foreheads and thin faces with long, skinny noses. Crawford, however, has a round face framed by thick blond hair.
"I think I look human," she said. She turned her head and widened her eyes. "Do you think I look human?"

1st August 2011 - I received an email from my old mate bushy down Katherine way and this is not a bad sighting as it comes with lots of detail about what he and his boss Phil witnessed with excellent pics!!

Funny enough that me and my mate Brian were witnessing unusual activity in the skies looking south in the Katherine direction the night before!Brian mentioned that he seen a bright white light fall from the night sky with no tail and just disappeared on the way down so just, just maybe it was the same craft returning the next night to greet the boys???I thank bushy and Phil for there report and tell the boys to “keep those eyes to the sky” and camera ready as the sightings may be about to increase up here at last!!This is what the boys described in there emails to me-

I am writing to you Alan, to make a further enquiry into an object my boss and I had sighted and photographed in the evening of the 26th of july 2011 which was last night. We were both seated around the dinner table, discussing various subject matter, and running through the days events just past with some future plans and changes for the block when through an open window all of a sudden the boss changed the subject and said in a slightly raised tone, hey, thats an unusually large star,....I have never seen one as big as that before and in fact that's too big for a star, what is that?
My boss had sighted, a very large brightly lit object, and it just stood there, hovering there for twenty minutes or more, and motionless above the tree line. It may have been there for much longer than that space of time because we were at that time still finishing off our evening meal before my boss began to notice it!The sighting took place last night, the night of the 26th of july 2011 and we were just wondering wheather anybody else, other than us mob here, had seen anything at all unusual as I have described in this email?This very large object that we saw had me running inside for the camera and I returned to that very spot to where I could still see the object in plain view outside with the cover of darkness now as my secret ally. The boss said it's starting to move which made me hurry all the more!There was a real glowing about it and it was very bright and every picture that I took was done with a degree of urgency about it!Afterwards me and the boss examined the photo's and both of us agreed that one of the photo's that we'd taken seemed to display two aura rings within the brightly lit up orb!And So Alan,....there you have it, do you or does anybody else know of anything that may have taken place in our area?Did anybody see anything unusual on the night of the 26th, anybody at all that might like to shed some light on what the object might have really been doing here as one of the photo's that I took of the object and my employer totally agrees with me on this that he saw it with his own eyes!That it had on closer inspection a fuzzy triangular shape enclosing the object within that seemed to be cloaking it's outer edge!Is this the real deal or is this something that the Military have conjured up to put the wind up people .My boss thinks not, that it wasn't anything to do with the Military as it was nothing he had ever seen before in his life!
Strangely enough I was able to get in several shots of the bugger with my camera before it started moving and disappeared behind the gum tree's.It began moving towards me and started to change shape then it swung out wide to my far right ducking in beyond the tree's and at a height of say thirty metres at a rough guess and in an easterly direction!Then it began changing colour appearing to separate like the skipping girl lighting of a neon sign prior to it disappearing as it quietly moved away! There could be heard an almost silent woosh until it finally faded out of view!

In one of the best photo's that were taken the double ringed orb was orange and in another photo the unusual hot spots are just that, unusual?? One area at the end of the craft what I perceive to be two hot spots are a fuzzy silvery grey.The other end of the craft on the other hand appears in colour to be of a fuzzy dullish orange.I am not that good at describing colours but and I am trying my best.The type of cold spot that I have describedto you in my second email to be almost turqoise like parts of the great barrier reef!

Who knows,....maybe we are not quite so unique as we first thought after all!

We are not alone I think!

Kindest regards, David Schuman and his boss Phil.

bushybushy 2

29th July 2011 - No doubt this crop circle that appeared at Wiltshire in the UK is man made otherwise ET is getting bad habits off us Humans!


smoking pipe

27th July 2011 - By Cherlyn Gardner Strong
It’s been a while since we’ve had such an intriguing mass UFO sighting. This one took place Sunday, July 24, in Embu das Artes, Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Details are still emerging from this incident, which was allegedly seen by about 30 people. Eyewitnesses state that the object had a static position in the sky. It rotated with small lights flashing and revolving around another larger blue light in the center.
The Air Force press offices and the police deny receiving any reports from the area. Commenters in a UFO-related forum in Chile were excited about the sighting, but also noted that so many unreliable reports come from Sao Paolo.
Coincidentally, this sighting comes almost 64 years to the day of another documented UFO sighting in 1947.
On July 23rd of that year, a topographer named José Higgins was working in Bauru, Sao Paolo, with many other laborers. They heard an extremely sharp sound.
They witnessed a large object land on the ground. They reported that it seemed to be made of metal, grey-colored, with metal “feet.”
There was also a “ring” around it, they said, making the object look similar to Saturn.

EDITORS NOTE:I am putting this video out there for people to decide for themselves wheather this is a Hoax or not as i'm not quite to sure myself!
Alan Ferguson.


25th July 2011 - While doing some spotting last night with my mate Brian McTaggart there seemed to be a bit of activity around the rural area of Acacia Hills.

While sitting back observing the skies we seen the odd shooting star burning up in the atmosphere and bats flying around! Then brian said"thats Bazaar"and i asked what he had seen and he stated that he seen an object drop from the sky which he describes as a "Falling star"instead of a "shooting star "but with no tail!! It just fell from the night sky then disappeared!Then for the next 90 minutes i constantly seen grey objects appear to shoot across the sky!They had a round shape to them,no tail,no sound and definately not any space junk that we continued to see as well!You could tell the difference between a meteor burning up or shooting across the sky but these were different!I reckon i seen about 5 all up but as the night got colder and colder we decided to head inside so maybe if we stayed out longer more could have been observed!

Tonight i am going to set up the video and let it run for a few hours to see if anything gets picked up so will let you know how i go! i got a email from my fellow ufologist Steve the other day and this is what he sawCame home from dinner last night at about 7.30, and saw what I thought was a shooting star over my shoulder going at shooting star speed heading north/west. I then realised this object didn't have any tail as a shooting star dose have !!. It did not have any colour just white bright light 10x bigger than the brightest star so it was large looking. I watched it go 3/4 the way across the sky at speed, shooting star speed. It did not break up, burn out or fade out. just went out then it was gone, it did not turn. It was a very bright white light zooming very fast across the night sky, it was over in less than 3 seconds.

"keep those eyes to the sky"

Alan Ferguson (ufologist)

22nd July 2011 - I had a report from Greg of bridgetown in Western Australia come in and this is what he had to say,
About 7.30 Sunday night (17/7/11) I was watching tv, my wife Liz was reading at the dining table. She commented that the lights were flickering. We have a reading light at the end of the sofa where I was sitting so I looked at it and saw that it was flickering. I decided to go outside and have a look around. I walked down the verandah to the front of the house and look up at the sky towards the north. It was a clear night, the moon was not yet up. I noticed a bright light moving from the north to the south. I thought it was a satellite, then realised it was far too bright and then thought maybe it's the space station. I called out to Liz to come and have a look, but she couldn't hear me. I continued to watch the light move towards the south. It was moving at bit slower than most satellites I have seen. It's movement was not erratic. I went to the wall of the house and banged on it to attract Liz's attention then returned to watch the light. It suddenly started to move away from me and at a steep angle up into the sky very rapidly and disappeared from view within 3-4 seconds. It was then that I realised that it obviously wasn't a satellite or the space station. The whole event probably only lasted about 40-60 seconds.
It made no sound that I could hear. I am not sure what how high it was, except that it was a lot lower than a satelite, probably a similar height to a plane or even lower.
Unfortunatley I didn't have time to get a camera and no-one else witnessed it. I have never seen anything like this before. I have always kept an open mind on the subject of UFO's but seeing this really convinced me that no known man made craft could have executed that movement. It had quite an impact on me and still does!

At this stage i asked Greg what made him go outside and look up into the night sky and also how far was the object and did it make any flashes when it shot up skywards

I don't know what made me get up and look outside. I actually joked to my wife as I walked out that "maybe it's a UFO", never thinking that I was going to see one!
It was hard to estimate how far it was away, as I didn't have much time. I would think it was no further than 1000m and no closer than 500m.
There was no flash when it took off, but I do recall vaguely when I was watching it that there was a sort of "flare" on one side, which was there continually. I am not 100% on this one but that seems to be my recollection.
I have been going out every night, but it has been overcast and cloudy, but will certainly keep my eyes open. I am in Bridgetown.

I thank Greg for his report on his sighting and it just goes to show that if you are looking in the right place at the right time you never know what you may see!


21st July 2011 - The unseasonably warm spring weather has sparked the usual round of crop circles. The extraordinary floral creation is comprised of six interlocking 'petal' like crescents. An elaborate 100 foot circle which appeared overnight has caused a stir after it was found in a field of oil seed rape near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire.
The ancient site, the tallest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe, is considered a hot spot for the bizarre phenomena and this new design proves the crop circle season is now under way. A field of bright yellow oil seed rape has been transformed by a huge, floral crop circle. Expert Lucy Pringle, widely known as an international authority on crop circles, believes this is the first 'proper' design of the year. She added: 'The start of the season is always exciting; I never know what's going to happen for the rest of the year.'The latest circle is a floral pattern; I've never seen this before. There's never been one identical to another.'
She says her findings suggest there are measured changes in human hormones and brain activity following contact with the circles. The new 'floral' design is the latest in a long line of patterns to be spotted in the UK over the years. Thanks to Daily Mail Reporter Read more:


20th July 2011 - Many UFOs' being seen from the Atlantis camera. Watch how fast NASA switches the scene! Amazing enough, watch screen 3 and how they blinked it out and quickly show the computer generated display of Atlantis



19th July 2011 - Something big is going on at Giza, and the internet is on fire with speculation about it.
The internet is abuzz with the news about new findings in the Great Pyramid on Egypt's Giza Plateau. It has been reported that strange markings have been found inside what many of the news reports have been calling a "secret tunnel".
True to form, the news media is either hyperbolizing, or they just plain got the facts wrong. The tunnel is has not been a secret for a number of years. The secret has been what is in the tunnel, and where it leads.
There is, however, a mystery involved here. The mystery involves some strange hieroglyphic-type markings found inside the tunnel. They are done in red paint, and are found on the floor of the tunnel and on the walls.
Not accessible to the human frame as yet, the tunnel was explored by a robot rover with a camera mounted on it. Using the remote controlled robot, the archeologists were able to determine the tunnel runs for runs for some distance and ends at what appears to be another door. It is one of four known secret tunnels that lead from the "King's Chamber" and the "Queen's Chamber". The purpose of the tunnels is not known.
The first big story in this event is that the hieroglyphic-type markings are yet to be understood. It does seem quite odd that these markings were found in a pyramid that the Egyptologists claim was built by Pharaoh Khufu (an Egyptian), and they can read the hieroglyphs found from his time. Yet, they cannot yet decode these hieroglyphs from inside the very pyramid they say he built. These are symbols that do not apparently fit with the system of writing known to Egyptologists as hieroglyphics. This would seem to raise the possibility that while these markings are a language, they are not Egyptian.
Since the tomb of Osiris was found in a "secret" underground tomb just a few yards from the Great Pyramid (the spot marked by the star Deneb in the Cygnus constellation), is it possible the Great Pyramid was built by the Osiris clan and not by Khufu? If so, is it possible the myths about Osiris and his family (Ra, Isis, Thoth, Set) not being from this planet are true? Perhaps those hieroglyphic-type markings are in the language of Osiris.
The second great mystery in this event is that it comes on the heels of finding the tomb of Osiris in 2010, and the discovery by NASA satellites of a massive collection of buried pyramids on the Giza Plateau.
When the tomb of Osiris was found,
several very odd measures were undertaken almost immediately.

Dr. Zahi Hawass (Minister of Antiquities) ordered that a wall be constructed around the pyramid complex. This was, ostensibly, to protect the pyramids from being damaged by the public. It has been reported on various internet sites that the U.S. military was there securing the pyramid complex along with Egyptian military.
And then, there is the question of the NASA satellite imaging of the Giza Plateau. Why? It has been done before. We already had pictures from space of the Pyramids. Why now? Why a NASA satellite?
When you line up the discoveries and events, a very interesting picture begins to emerge.

  • tomb of Osiris found
  • sarcophagus of Osiris opened but no concurrent photos of what i inside
  • Dr. Hawass says the sarcophagus was empty military called in to secure the site
  • Order is given to build a wall around the pyramid complex
  • NASA satellite called upon to do high-tech scan of the site
  • 17 additional pyramids located in satellite scan
  • hieroglyphic-type markings found in pyramid that hieroglyph experts can't read yet

Certainly, this line-up of events gives the appearance that something big--very big--has been discovered at the Giza Plateau. Not only is it something big, it is something of military importance. Not only is it of military importance, it is very secret.
The line-up of events listed above is not theoretical, nor speculative. Those are genuine events. Yet, the internet is filled with speculation about what has been discovered. One theory being touted is that they have found a stargate. Maybe. Maybe not. Critics of the UFO community tend to ridicule all the speculation. But, when all the facts are not on the table then all speculation is valid. In fact, it is inevitable.
Oh, by the way, the name of the robot that took the photo above is Djedi, and the team working with it is the Djedi Team. Djedi is the name of an ancient Egyptian magician in the days of Khufu. The "d" and the "j" are pronounced together making the pronunciation of the word to be JEDI. You remember the JEDI Knights of Star Wars fame, right?
One thing seems to be certain. Something very big is going on at Giza.



18th July 2011 - UFO Cover-up
Two-Page Summary of the Book Disclosure
Government & Military Witnesses Testify on Major UFO Cover-up
The Cover-up: UFOs

Mercury & Gemini Astronaut, Colonel Gordon Cooper
A saucer flew right over, put down three landing gears, and landed on the dry lakebed. [The cameramen] went out there with their cameras towards the UFO. It lifted off and flew off at a very high rate of speed... I had a chance to hold [the film] up to the window. Good close-up shots. There was no doubt that it was made someplace other than on this earth. pp. 226-227. See also Gordon Cooper & Bruce Henderson, Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey into the Unknown, pp. 80-91. For more, click here.

FAA Chief of Accidents and Investigations, John Callahan
The UFO was bouncing around the 747. [It] was a huge ball with lights running around it….Well, I've been involved in a lot of cover-ups with the FAA. When we gave the presentation to the Reagan staff, they had all those people swear that this never happened. But they never had me swear it never happened. I can tell you what I've seen with my own eyes. I've got a videotape. I've got the voice tape. I've got the reports that were filed that will confirm what I've been telling you. pp. 80 - 85. For more, click here.

United Kingdom Chief of Defense (1971 - 73), Admiral Lord Peter Hill-Norton
I have frequently been asked why a person of my background—a former Chief of the Defense Staff, a former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee—why I think there is a cover-up [of] the facts about UFOs. Governments fear that if they did disclose those facts, people would panic. I don't believe that at all. I've said so in print. There is a serious possibility that we are being visited by people from outer space. It behooves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want. pp. 305 - 307. For more, click here.

Director of CIA, Admiral R.H. Hillenkoetter
It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings. Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel. p. 58, quoted from New York Times, February 28, 1960, p. L30. Click here to see original archived article.

US Navy Pilot, Frederick Fox
Publication JANAP 146E has a section that says you will not reveal any information regarding the UFO phenomenon under penalty of $10,000 fine and ten years in jail. So the secret has been kept. pp. 145, 146.
UFO Message: Don't Mess With Nuclear Weapons

US Air Force, FAA, Captain Robert Salas
[The security guard called and] said, "Sir, there's a glowing red object hovering right outside the front gate. I've got all the men out here with their weapons drawn." We lost between 16 to 18 ICBMs [intercontinental nuclear missile warheads] at the same time UFOs were in the area and were observed by airmen….[A high-ranking Air Force Officer] said, "Stop the investigation; do no more on this and do not write a final report." I heard that many of the guards that reported this incident were sent off to Viet Nam. pp. 168-171. For more, click here.
US Air Force, Professor Robert Jacobs
So this thing [UFO] fires a beam of light at the warhead, hits it and then it moves to the other side and fires another beam of light. And the warhead tumbles out of space. What message would I interpret from that? [The UFOs were telling us] don't mess with nuclear warheads….Major Mannsman said, "You are never to speak of this again." After an article [about the incident years later], I would get phone calls all night long. People would call and start screaming at me. One night somebody blew up my mailbox. pp. 184, 187.
More Cover-up: Advanced Technologies Developed from UFOs
Russian Air Force, Space Communications Center, General Vasily Alexeyev
As a rule, [places where UFOs appear] are objects of strategic significance….[The Air Force] came up with a table with pictures of all the shapes of UFOs that had ever been recorded—about fifty—ranging from ellipses and spheres to something resembling spaceships….The study of UFOs may reveal some new forms of energy, or at least bring us closer to a solution. pp. 345–347. For more, click here.

Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D. (Aeronautics, MIT, sixth man to walk on moon)
Yes, there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And there is some group of people that may or may not be associated with government at this point that have this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge. People in high level government have very little, if any, valid information about this. It has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and create confusion so the truth doesn't come out. pp. 61-64. See also The Way of the Explorer, Edgar Mitchell, Dwight Williams, p. 212. For more, click here.

US Air Force, Intelligence Operative, Master Sergeant Dan Morris
UFOs are both extraterrestrial and manmade….It's not that our government doesn't want us to know that there are people on other planets. What the people in power don't want us to know is that this free energy [from energy generators developed with UFO technology] is available to everybody. So secrecy about the UFOs is because of the energy issue. When this knowledge is found out by the people, they will demand that our government release this technology, and it will change the world. pp. 364. For more, click here.

US Army, Colonel Thomas E. Bearden
Probably 50 inventors have invented [virtually free energy systems]. If we use these systems, we can clean up this biosphere. But, what we have is a situation where the entire structure of science, industry, and the patent office are against you. I've been a victim of quite a bit of suppression. And behind this, we have a few people who are quite wealthy. The more powerful the agency, the more they will resort not only to legal, but to extra-legal means to suppress their competition. pp. 534 – 542. See also
The Grand War Plan: It's All Based on a Lie
Fairchild Industries Corporate Manager, Von Braun's Spokesperson, Dr. Carol Rosin
[In 1974, founder of modern rocket science Wernher] Von Braun told me that the reasons for space-based weaponry were all based on a lie. He said the strategy was to use scare tactics—that first the Russians, then terrorists are going to be considered the enemy. The next enemy was asteroids. "The last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens, and all of it is a lie."….I was at a meeting in Fairchild Industries in the War Room. The conversation [was] about how they were going to antagonize these enemies and at some point, there was going to be a Gulf War. Now this is 1977! pp. 255-259. See For more, click here.

Disclosure Project, Founder and Director, Steven M. Greer, M.D.
The government—as you and I might think of it—is really quite outside the loop. Leaders in the Pentagon who I have briefed have no more access to such projects than any other civilian—unless they are on the "inside." We have insiders and scientists who can prove that we possess energy generation systems capable of completely replacing all forms of currently used energy generation. Every single person who is concerned about the environment and the human future should call for urgent hearings to allow these technologies to be disclosed, declassified, and safely applied. pp. 14, 15, 567. See Click for more.

For a riveting 10-page summary of Disclosure,
To view military, government witnesses testifying on UFO cover-up online, click here
Spread the word far and wide. For more, see our informative UFO Information Center

15th July 2011 - MJ-12 refers to an elite TOP SECRET military group called into action by United States presidential order to investigate and conceal real alien and UFO encounters.
Written by Jim Marrs, New York Times best-selling author of Crossfire, Alien Agenda and Rule by Secrecy.
This story and the trail of scientific discovery presented in this film proves that the official US government position on UFOs has been, and still is, a carefully orchestrated deception designed to hide the most extraordinary secret in recorded history.
Includes the shocking facts behind this amazing story and features video, photos, and secret government documents, along with a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with investigators, witnesses, researchers, scientists, astronauts and the best known most credible UFO authorities in the world today.
Packed with expert analysis, in dept commentary and unforgettable conclusions about this alarming cover-up.

Also ON DVD - Full Version with Bonus Features 320 mins. On 3-DVDs. Cat. #U661. Go to

13th July 2011 - This last couple weeks have been very ordinary UFO wise.This season so far has been the quietest in 9 years of spotting as there has been the odd sighting of objects up high but not down low!Usually we would have seen at least a few craft down low but this is not the case this season!Can only hope that the conditions change and we see a bit more action before the end of the season around October!For now we may as well look out for the ISS and space shuttle cruising past for a spotting fix!Last shuttle operation so its probably a good thing to get a look at it as it will be only a memory in a couple weeks time!

Alan Ferguson(ufologist)

13th July 2011 - By Chery Riley
Ruatapu resident Merv Nicolle and his mate, the late Cliff Buck, were hunting on the tops behind Kaikoura 30 years ago when they claim to have seen a UFO.
It was a beautiful, clear day. The two hunters decided to take a rest. They laid back in the tussock to catch their breath but what they saw in the sky above took their breath away.
"What's that up there?" they asked each other.
The two men studied the stationary object through their rifle scopes. "It was a big round metal disk — well it appeared metal — and it was shining in the sun," Mr Nicolle said.
"People say it was a weather balloon but you could see all the thistle seeds drifting along in the high atmosphere. If it was a weather balloon it would have been moving the same along with the breeze. This was stationary."
The pair were below the object and not able to see the shape of the top or side details.
"It was at a distance but quite clear in the scope."
Mr Nicolle agreed they could have been perceived as aggressive with their rifles pointed at the object, but they felt no fear of abduction.
"I don't think they were too interested in us. We watched it for 10 to 15 minutes then, from a standing hover, like the speed of light, it was gone. It was unbelievably fast.
"People have passed the incident off as squid boat lights or atmospheric conditions, but it was a perfect day with not a cloud in the sky.
"Nothing I know of could hover that long and nothing I know of could move that fast."
It was at the same time when claimed sightings were common around Kaikoura.
Mr Nicolle was working for the former Rabbit Board as a pest controller and said he had seen a few strange lights at night when he was out spotlighting.
"The night-time lights were just two or three lights moving along — not too fast, about the same speed as a plane.
"The daytime one was the most impressive. It wasn't space junk or anything like that. I have seen all that sort of stuff when I have been out on the tops at night around Brunner. It was nothing like that. You wouldn't see that in the daytime, anyway."
Mr Nicholls said he was prompted to speak out this week after the recent release of secret UFO files relating to alleged Kaikoura sightings. Before that he had kept quiet because of people's reaction.
"They look at you like they think you are gaga. I know what I saw."



8th July 2011 - USOs or Unidentified Submarine Objects have long been observed in Turkish waters. That is, such crafts are often reported to enter, leave, float or travel under the water of seas, lakes, and rivers of Turkey.
In this respect, the Aegean Sea, the Marmara Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are very active water regions. Below we have some further details of the most interesting USO cases of all Turkish UFO literature. Here it is.
In August of 1990, a strange underwater UFO was seen beneath the waters of the Aegean Sea, which lies between Turkey and Greece. What makes this USO encounter so special is that it includes a colored picture of an alleged Unidentified Submersible Object as physical evidence.
Furthermore, we should add that the eyewitness and the USO are both under the water. Naturally, there are some amazing photographs, motion pictures and video clips of USOs showing that these mysterious objects are diving into, emerging from, sailing or cruising under the water.
However, there was no single picture indicating that the alleged submarine UFO and the photographer were both beneath the sea at some fathoms. As far as we know, this alleged USO photo is therefore the first example of its kind.
This spectacular USO case occurred at 14:00 (2:00 PM), on 15th of August, 1990. Its exact place was at 57 meters deep in the Saros Bay, or nearTurkish inland waters of the Aegean Sea.
One can easily state that Mr. Erol Erkmen is a very reliable and sincere person who has reported this mysterious underwater object. Mr. Erkmen was engaging in a discovery dive for an old sunken ship together with his friend, named as Mr. Kemal, whose surname has been kept as secret, when he suddenly located the alleged USO there.
Mr. Erol Erkmen said that he began to feel very strangely as if they were observed by something. Then he looked ahead and saw a greenish light inside the water.
However, this mysterious object soon disappeared. After a while, Mr. Erkmen again located the green object on his left hand side. Consequently, he thought that the USO might have been maneuvering around them.
He observed it for nearly 3 minutes. Then he decided to take a picture of this strange light using an older underwater Kodak camera. Immediately he snapped a photo.
As soon as Mr. Erkmen took the shot, the object's light went out. However, they had to come out of the water, since their oxygen was just about to die out.
Mr. Erol Erkmen said that when he studied the negative very carefully, he saw nothing at first.
On the other hand, when he looked up the printed photochrome, he located a mysterious greenish light in the picture. Being curious, he enlarged the photograph 300 times. He was then shocked that there was a disc-shaped object with a greenish light in the alleged photo.
If so, what was it? Was it a conventional submarine or a secret man-made vehicle? Was it a kind of phosphorescent underwater organism? Or, was it an advanced submersible craft of alien beings? Who knows? Every alternative view has its own pros and cons.
Written by Sefer Murat Aksoy, B.A. & M.S. Independent UFO Researcher of Turkey

source: Turkey USO Sightings: Sefer Murat Aksoy, 1999-2000).


6th July 2011 - World Disclosure Day - July 8 (Register support here) (Join Facebook page here)

In August of last year activist blogger Steve Beckow put forward the idea for a World Disclosure Day. This was certainly an idea whose time had come but PRG was not in a position to embrace the concept. Recently PRG conducted an hour long phone interview with a reporter from the London Financial Times discussing World UFO Day (July 2) which was put into play in 2001 and has drawn some modest attention over the years. It is home based at:

During the conversation with the Financial Times reporter it became clear it is time to aggressively promote a day emphasizing Disclosure. The era of the UFO is over. It ended no later that 1991. "UFO" is now an anachronistic contradiction in terms. [Imagine the India independence movement had focused on UFOs - Unidentified Foreign Occupiers.] The truth embargo is not about preventing citizens from learning about frisbees, balloons and bird flocks. It's about withholding acknowledgment of non-humans flying about in Earth's skies and much more. The scientific study of the phenomena should of course go forward, but should be called extraterrestrial phenomena research - not ufology.

"UFO" is of the past. Disclosure is the future, and this is where the emphasis must shift. A national security policy has to be changed, and that is politics - exopolitics.

Tomorrow PRG will put out an international press release promoting July 8 as World Disclosure Day.

On July 8, 1947 General Roger Ramey held a press event in which he changed the just released story of a captured flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico to that of a retrieved Rawin weather balloon. This was the informal beginning of the now 64-year truth embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. For this reason the date July 8 was chosen to emphasize the need to reverse that now inappropriate policy.

Disclosure - the formal acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence by world governments - is the primary goal of a growing worldwide truth movement. The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to provide a focal point for people and organizations to come together to assert their right to know and demand the cosmic truths being withheld. World Disclosure Day will also help broaden public awareness of the Disclosure process and those organizations advocating for the truth on behalf of the world's citizens.

People and organizations from every nation can register their support for World Disclosure Day at the WDD website. Endorsements from around the world are already coming in (the majority of which are international). In time various relevant events will come to be scheduled on this date. The 64th anniversary of the Roswell begins this weekend. This is a good time to spread the word and contact the media about World Disclosure Day.

Note: on the day the first nation comes forward to finally and formally acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence, that day will then become World Disclosure Day (or Disclosure Day) historically recognizing the most profound event in human history.

5th July 2011 - Langley, BC Canada: I was traveling home from a late university project March 17, 2011, and I was waiting at a bus transfer stop in Langley when I noticed two low-flying aircraft.
I initially ignored it as regular air traffic until I realized that the light configuration was completely wrong.
Both objects had the same configuration of a single red light on what I determined to be the nose of the craft and one white light on the rear a fair distance from, and positioned a bit lower to the ground than the nose light.
The only difference between the crafts was the lead vessel's red light pulsed at about 2Hz while the second one's red light was more of a blink at about 1Hz.
The fuselage was difficult to see due to the time of day and the bright lights on it, but it should have still been bright enough outside to see a conventional plane fairly well.
Instead, all I could see was a vague cigar shape lacking an upright tail fin, wings, or any sign of a cockpit, and seeming to be slightly fatter in the middle while still being aerodynamic.
It also seemed to have some protruding instruments on the underside and a bulbous part on which the rear white light was attached.
This was particularly difficult to see due to the color of the craft, which seemed to be blacker than the sky around the object and seemed very slick as it made my eye slip off it constantly and seemed to blur the outline so that it blended into the sky.
It was sort of like waving a magnifying glass in front of you while you're looking at the sky and it bends the light. The lights were the only reason it was easy to track.
The lead object had come into view first followed by the second so they each moved independently; however once settling into a very close single-file formation [about 2 of these craft could fit end to end between them] they flew in perfect formation flying west at a relatively slow speed for the remainder of the sighting.
They were only flying maybe a couple hundred feet in the air, and not too far in the distance, but throughout the whole pass there was complete silence from these things. No propeller noise, jet sound, or humming at all.
But strangely this is the weirdest part. Just as the lead vessel was beginning to drop altitude and was approaching some trees which would obscure it from behind me in the opposite direction was the sound of what I feel was multiple jet engines.
I've been to many airshows and this sounded exactly the same as a small number of jets doing maneuvers at a fairly high altitude. I couldn't see anything at all when I looked for them though, no beacon lights or commercial traffic at all.
20 seconds after first hearing the jets I looked back at the UFOs. The lead vessel simply vanished before reaching the trees.
Its lights went out and the dark fuselage was simply gone. The second UFO, however, was still there for about 10 seconds and I was watching it closely since I didn't know if the first UFO vanishing had been a trick of the eye.
It maintained its original course and speed and sure enough upon reaching approximately where the lead vessel had been, it too vanished. [It is important to note that in the west there was still some light from the setting sun, so it's not like the craft simply turned off its light beacons and flew off.]
The lights on the ship went dark immediately but watching the second UFO its outline remained there for a tiny amount of time as well before just vanishing completely.
After this I still heard the jets pass straight over me in the direction where the objects had vanished before coming about and circling a few times before heading south and fading away.
Again I never had a visual contact on any of these jets, although several other people who were listening also agreed that it couldn't be a commercial jet.
Immediately after this event while I was trying to figure out what happened was when I connected this with another strange thing I had seen in the same location a few weeks earlier when again, two UFOs of the same profile appeared at about the altitude but maybe a bit further away.
However during this sighting they were flying at speeds far greater than what they displayed March 17 and to me seemed impressive speed at that distance for a military fighter to match.
One came in from the West diving at about a 30 degree inclination, while the second came from the East diving at about a 45 degree inclination.
They appeared to be at approximately the same distance from me and their flight paths crossed perfectly both of the crafts missing by what seemed like a couple meters.
At the bottom of the dive one craft vanished still going very fast while the other made an 80 degree course correction and continued flying at the same speed.
That's basically it, I haven't been back there for a while so I haven't seen them again, but I'll definitely be looking.


4th July 2011 - Many people have dismissed recent reports of UFO sightings over London with a scoff, wondering how another sucker can be taken in by a hoax or a simple mistake.
However, it turns out the Federal Bureau of Investigation took these incidents a lot more seriously.
Documents recently added to the FBI's online reading room, the Vault, detail the period between 1947 and 1954 when "a rash of sightings of unexplained flying objects (UFOs) swept America," according to the website.
Visitors can peruse a virtual library of photocopied letters describing government investigations into reports of extraterrestrial encounters.
Partially redacted memos on paper bearing the official heading of "Office Memorandum United States Government" describe a "silver object streaking across the sky" that disintegrated into a "long pillar of gas" suspended in the sky, or mention how a "bluish white flaming object was observed at a height of one thousand feet or more over Philadelphia, proceeding from a Northeasterly to a Southwesterly direction."
There are also news reports capturing the public fascination and widespread belief in otherworldly visitors; a headline on a lead newspaper story reads, 'Flying Saucers' Reported From 39 States, But Seem To Be Concentrated Here.'
The memos also track a sense of incredulity and frustration by the part of FBI agents assigned to the task. Agents describe feeling slighted by the work delegated to them by the newly formed U.S. Air Force.
"It is my understanding from recent Bureau instructions that we are to assist the Air Force Intelligence personnel in the investigation of flying disc incidents," one memo reads.
The author later adds that FBI has been enlisted to track down "all the many instances which turned out to be ash can covers, toilet seats and what not," asks that the FBI not be asked to conduct investigations "which are not important and are almost, in fact, ridiculous."
Another letter adds to that point, pointedly stating to a superior that "I cannot permit the personnel and time of thie organization to be dissipated in this matter."
See the FBI Vault's UFO files.


1st July 2011 - TIMNATH -- Three circular, translucent craft in triangle formation were observed moving west for a period of 15 seconds on May 26, 2011. I was standing outside when I saw what appeared to be a faint shooting star moving toward me at high speed maintaining a constant altitude with no sound. As an air traffic controller, I've spent twenty years observing aircraft and they passed directly overhead at 8,000 feet and 1500 knots. The three circular craft were in a perfect triangle formation, and made absolutely despite their fast speed and passing directly overhead.
They were translucent, and displayed the night sky on the bottom of the craft. The only reason I saw the craft is because they were glowing orange due to their speed and proximity to the ground. They had no lights of any kind typical to other aircraft. I watched them approach from the east, pass overhead, and head west. I believe it was three separate craft. Thanks to UFO Casebook and Ken Pfeifer MUFON


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