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22nd October 2015 Al watches UFO Power UP at Acacia Hills NT

27th July 2015 Strange Unknown Captured at Crab Claw Island NT

17th June 2015 Object caught on camera by Al out Acacia Hills NT
10th May 2015 UFO caught on Camera in Acacia Hills NT
10th November 2014 UFOS still flashing about in Acacia Hills
31st August 2014 Darwins rural area excites Al with Numerous sightings
9th June 2014 Al gets interviewed by Peter Maxwell Slattery Show

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UFO Activity scale in the Northern Territory




This is just one of a list of brillant crop circles formed over the last 5-10 years CLICK HERE


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UFO caught on Camera out Acacia Hills NT way by Al on the 9/5/15


Alan Ferguson with Chris & Mary Rodwell

ACERN is a resource and support network for all
those with Close Encounter experiences.
Mary Rodwell the principal has included a new program named
ABC - Acern Buddy Connect
So if you have had an experience and need someone to talk to please get in contact with
Graeme Bartlett graeme.h.bartlett@gmail.com

I ,Alan Ferguson are proud to be the Northern Territory Arm of this excellent Network where we care
And listen to your experiences!




Alan and Wippa from Nova FM 100.9 doing some ufo spotting last year! The boys from upstairs didn't arrive that night ...much to the dismay of the troup from Nova but the next night it all happened, see the Hot Goss section




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